5 Reasons to Try Oracle University Guided Learning

April 10, 2019 | 3 minute read
Noa Dror
Oracle Guided Learning Marketing Manager
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Are you currently using Oracle Cloud applications or thinking about implementing an Oracle solution? If so, we would like to introduce Oracle Guided Learning - the leading solution in the market to accelerate cloud adoption across your organization.

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report, in modern workplace learning environments, Talent Developers are depending more on online learning solutions to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse, multi-generational workforce.

LinkedIn found the following:

  • 68% of employees prefer to learn at work
  • 58% of employees prefer to learn at their own pace
  • 49% of employees prefer to learn at the point of need

Oracle Guided Learning, in-application guidance, serves up the right guidance at the right time, making it easy for employees to navigate and learn in ways that are most comfortable for them. Let’s take a look at a 5 reasons why you should include Guided Learning as part of your cloud adoption strategy.

  1. Get Ready-Made Content

    Guided Learning comes with a vast library of ready-made guides, created by Oracle University's subject matter experts. That means you won't have to create guides by yourself, and your users will gain immediate access to the multiple guides relevant to their roles, on the Oracle SaaS applications with which they interact.

  2. Always Stay Up-to-Date with Oracle Cloud Software

    Oracle University Guided Learning is the only in-application learning solution that is always in sync with Oracle Cloud software. Guided Learning guides will be added as a new software release is published; they will always include new features, and they will always be updated on interface changes the minute these changes see the light of day. This is made possible because Guided Learning is the only Oracle Cloud learning solution developed in the same place where the product changes are planned -- Oracle Cloud.

  3. Encourage Productivity with Role-based Learning

    Perhaps the most appealing benefit of Oracle University Guided Learning – guides are tailored for roles, specific to Oracle Cloud applications. For instance, there are specific guides for HR managers working on HCM; guides for sales representatives updating their opportunities in Engagement Cloud, as well as for sales representatives who need to log expenses on HCM. In short - the guides already exist, and have been carefully developed by product experts who are closely familiar with Oracle Cloud products, as well as the wide range of Oracle users.

  4. Provide Lively, Dynamic Learning with Images and Videos

    As part of Oracle’s commitment to deliver only the most advanced technology, Guided Learning provides the option to add rich media to guides. This allows guides to include video, images, polls, forms, and any other form of rich media (“richer” than text). These colorful, dynamic additions to guides bring them alive and increase engagement for users. Guides can be customized to include content and media specific to organizations (for example: policy documents, HR notifications and so on).

  5. Reduce Support and Training Costs

    One of the greatest advantages of using Oracle University Guided Learning comes from being able to automate support. Guides can easily and swiftly replace support calls to Help Desk and IT, as they offer the same type of service: guiding users through complex or infrequent workflows and actions.

Guided Learning does not aim to replace human support altogether, rather to take the load off support representatives with help processes that can be automated and save both users and support providers the time and energy involving a help desk call, therefore reducing overall cost.

Would you like to learn more about Oracle University's Guided Learning plans? Contact an Oracle University sales representative for more details.



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Noa Dror

Oracle Guided Learning Marketing Manager

Noa joined the Oracle University marketing team when Oracle acquired Iridize. With a strong background in digital marketing, UX planning and customer strategies, Noa headed the content team in Iridize and now joins Oracle as a resident Guided Learning and content expert. 

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