Grow your Skills with the 2021 SaaS Exams and Learning Subscriptions

June 24, 2021 | 2 minute read
Brandye Barrington
Sr. Program Manager
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We are excited to announce that the 2021 SaaS exams are now available. Select the exams of your choice from 45 available titles in the SaaS applications space, ranging from HCM to SCM, and CX to ERPM, including Industries. After successfully passing an exam, don't forget to showcase your skills by sharing your digital badge.

Why invest in the 2021 exams?

All 2021 exams have been validated against the newest product releases so that you can enhance your professional credibility by having skills that align to the latest product versions. Earning a certification provides a tangible proof of your expertise and helps you advance your career. If your certification expired, recertifying by taking the latest exams available also has its benefits: you show your commitment to staying current in your field of specialty and retain your competitive advantage in the IT market.

How can you take a 2021 exam?

You can invest in a learning subscription, which not only waives the cost of the exam but also provides one year unlimited access to recommended training, the ability to track your progress and continuously learn new features as they get released.

If you feel ready, you can also schedule and take the exam directly at Pearson VUE, via CertView, but note that we strongly recommended up to date training and hands on experience before attempting an exam.

What happens to the 2020 exams?

If you were planning on taking a 2020 exam we encourage you to reschedule to the new 2021 exam.

If you still choose to take the 2020 exam,  note that you won't be able to schedule or take any 2020 exam beyond June 30th, 2021. Regardless of the exam version, your credentials will remain valid 18 months after earning them. 


Get certified today and validate your mastery of Oracle solutions!

Brandye Barrington

Sr. Program Manager

Brandye is a Senior Program Manager with Oracle Certification. An experienced leader in the field of IT Certification, Brandye has been in the certification industry for nearly 20 years, helping to build, grow and adapt Oracle's world class certification program. 

Brandye's expertise spans the operational intricacies of building and managing a global certification program; providing engaging dialog and building enduring relationships with customers and industry leaders; maintaining content and communications on an ever-evolving website, support structure and social media network; and keeping the Oracle Certification audience informed on new policies and procedures as well as new certifications, exams and products that enhance their careers and provide maximum ROI on their certification investment.

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