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Oracle Guided Learning Significantly Accelerates Cloud SaaS Adoption

Lawrence Jelley
Vice President, Global Cloud Education Sales Consulting

As we all race to embrace digital transformation and its inherent benefits, we need to consider the impact on the organization and how to educate, empower, and support our employees throughout their transformational journey.

As such, what’s required is a focus on change and user adoption.

Throughout my 25+ years’ experience, change can evoke excitement, nervousness, or a little of both. While we say business is business and it’s not personal, change can impact our employees to varying degrees.

Now, let’s apply that to your enterprise applications. You’ve decided to migrate to the Cloud -- maybe not everything -- but you are starting on your digital journey. Whether you’ve already selected an Oracle application or are considering one: you want the best solution, with minimal disruption and maximum ROI – as fast as possible.

How to Minimize the Impact of Change

Oracle University’s primary goal is to help you quickly realize the benefits of your new Cloud application. We do this by bringing together the industry’s leading experts in education, product development, and application knowledge to provide our customers with current, multi-modal learning tools and content.

We enable not only the fundamentals of Cloud, but we also empower you with the skills and knowledge to leverage the full benefits that Oracle Cloud applications have to offer today and with every future Cloud release.

Oracle Acquires Iridize to Strengthen its Capabilities

We believe that in order to make it easy to use SaaS applications from day one, the best solution is to deliver in-application guidance that helps employees complete their day-to-day tasks and business processes, driving immediate competency and productivity.

In the past, Oracle relied on third parties to round out its guided training solution. With the realization that this just was not enough, we reviewed the market, evaluating several applications, and confirmed that Iridize was one of the most advanced in-application enablement solutions in the market. 

An Israeli company established in 2010 and boasting clients like Visa, DHL, and Xerox, Iridize was a pioneer of guided learning technology. Oracle’s own global sales teams had in fact been using Iridize when Oracle University decided to take things further.

In October 2018 Oracle finalized the acquisition of Iridize and our new Guided Learning offering was launched shortly after. This offering now provides Oracle Cloud SaaS Application customers with an intelligent and innovative way to educate and enable their users in the Cloud.

As a result, Oracle Cloud University gained the most advanced Guided Learning technology in the market, leapfrogging the established and emerging competition with a deeper, smarter, and harmonized product for Oracle SaaS.

Now, with our combined brain trust, technological expertise, and expanded product development team, we are delivering a solution unmatched in the market today – Oracle Guided Learning.

The Future Looks Bright

Oracle University’s new and improved Guided Learning solution offers in-application guidance to accelerate your Oracle Cloud SaaS adoption.

As a result of Oracle Guided Learning, an organization’s digital transformation can be embraced with confidence as you easily transition your workforce to the Oracle Cloud. You can now immediately bring your users up to speed with SaaS processes across time zones, languages, and roles in a predictable and measurable manner.

Your employees will enjoy instant productivity and feel current with each Cloud release. Organizationally, you experience reduced support and enablement costs and with the confidence to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Oracle Guided Learning is the unmatched answer to Oracle Cloud adoption.



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