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Oracle Guided Learning Remains Unchallenged. Here’s Why

Lawrence Jelley
Vice President, Global Cloud Education Sales Consulting

As VP of Cloud Education Sales Consulting for Oracle University, I am often asked: “Why is Oracle Guided Learning a better digital adoption platform than the competitors?”

Because the market is becoming saturated with companies offering various solutions, it has become quite confusing. Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to share what I tell potential customers who ask me that question:

Oracle Guided Learning is the only digital adoption platform that syncs with Oracle Cloud applications.

That means when Oracle SaaS applications are updated with each quarterly cloud release, Guided Learning is also updated. Our product team works hand-in-hand with the SaaS application product development teams to ensure our clients don’t have to “wait and see” which updates are coming and then reactively update their digital adoption platforms.

That makes Guided Learning the only guidance solution in the marketplace that is always up to date with Oracle Cloud products like ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, Oracle Sales Cloud, and so on.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Oracle Cloud Subject Matter Experts (SME) develop Oracle Guided Learning guides
  • These SMEs are informed in advance about Oracle Cloud software changes
  • Working on corporate-level schedules, SMEs upgrade the guides in readiness for the Oracle Cloud software update
  • Before release, the guides are tested for compatibility with the Oracle Cloud software 
  • Guided Learning is updated with the Oracle Cloud software update

Whereas non-Oracle guidance platforms will inevitably lag behind – external providers will only become aware of the software update when all the users find out. Only then can they begin to update their guides, change the text or adjust the guide to new elements or features.

Why this Matters for a Digital Adoption Platform

In order to understand why this is a big deal, let’s dive a bit into the technical side of guidance software: Oracle’s guides are based on the technology of selecting screen elements and then moving from one screen element to the next within the business process flow so that users are learning in the flow of their work. Screen elements can be fields in a form, buttons, menu items, links, and micro learning content like videos or pdfs of corporate process documentation – in short, any visual element the user can interact with.

These elements are often changed during a software update, especially when the update includes UI improvements. Buttons shift screen location, some fields are eliminated while others are added.

If an element is moved or deleted, the guide will not recognize it. Worse – the entire guide may be disrupted because of that change.

This is a worst case scenario, but other bugs may be created that are just as frustrating and problematic for users: tooltips pointing at wrong elements, outdated instructions, elements moved to different screens and so on.

Hence Oracle Guided Learning integration with Oracle Cloud applications eliminates these risks.

Flawless Guides in a Healthy Software Environment

In the same way software works best in the operating system it was designed for – the only digital adoption solution that is seamlessly compatible with Oracle Cloud applications is Oracle Guided Learning.


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