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Optimize Cloud Learning with Rich Analytics and Improved User Experience

Jim Vonick, and Amit Kumar - Sr Director Oracle Guided Learning Product Management & Delivery

An incredibly rich release of Oracle Guided Learning capabilities is now available. From a sleek and smart new widget to a truly mobile experience, Oracle Guided Learning once again differentiates itself as the leading digital adoption platform for Oracle SaaS Applications.

Here are the highlights:

  • The Mobile Experience – create and deliver guides for your teams on mobile
  • Analytics Dashboard – learn more about application usage and time spent completing business processes with the new Business Intelligence dashboard and reports
  • Better Content Experience create and manage your content more easily with new filters, classification and a smoother content management experience
  • Self-Service Editor – easy to build and manage Oracle Guided Learning content development with new development interface
  • Smart New Widget – the newly designed, intuitive widget can be customized to match your SaaS Cloud design and remembers user location preferences
  • Automatic Video Generation – our popular Step Guides can now be automatically converted to videos

Here is an Overview of Features and Enhancements:

Set up Guides to Support Employees on Mobile Devices

Create mobile-specific content and deliver it to mobile user only. This will allow your users to keep learning and access supportive content when they are away from their desktop.  

The unique integration between Guided Learning and Oracle Fusion applications ensures that Guided Learning renders true on mobile devices. 

Oracle Guided Learning offers three different types of guides suitable for mobile devices:

  • Smart Tips are used to provide key information about a particular field that needs to be completed

  • Messages provide a “just-in-time” mechanism to communicate with users

  • Process Guides provide instructions for completing a business process


Understand and Optimize Cloud Learning with Business intelligence

Our new analytics capabilities are very comprehensive, and offer in-depth view and analysis of the way your organization is using Oracle Guided Learning. With 3 new dashboards and multiple .csv reports, you will be able to identify usage patterns, discover which guides are more successful and where compliance needs some boosting.

Modules and reports include:

  • Guide activation and completion
  • Guide engagement – how many users clicked Next/played video/opened document and so forth
  • Active users
  • Top users on a certain guide
  • How much time did users spend on a certain guide
  • Usage trends

Oracle Guided Learning Analytics

Create and Manage Your Content More Easily

As part of our efforts to give content creators and learning teams more control over the content they deliver to their people, we've enhanced our content interface to help increase your productivity.

  • Content classification: you can now classify your guides and other learning content by products, roles, training type, and other groups. This helps users orient themselves in the widget, and encourages browsing to find other content in the same topic-group.


  • Filters to easily manage content: content creators can now segment and find guides more quickly and easily with new filters. These filters allow segmentation by desktop/mobile, guide status, training type, Fusion product, and Fusion module.


  • Improved content creation experience: we’ve simplified the content creation process by adding guide types and shortening the process. You can now also create Beacons and Smart Tips directly in the platform.

Add Your Own Organizational Content and Policy Documents

You can now add your own documentation, online files, and policies to Oracle Guided Learning, where they can be accessed by search through the widget, or pushed to employees using the segmentation of your choosing. For example, if your company has updated your 'Working from Home' policy, you can now deliver it to all employees as the first thing they see when they next log in.


Enjoy the Intuitive Widget that Learns your Location Preferences

We re-designed the Oracle Guided Learning widget to be more functional and elegant. The widget can be minimized and employees can move it on the screen and out of their way as they work. The widget remembers each employee’s preference and will appear at the same place when Guided Learning restarts.



The widget can now also be customized to match the your SaaS Cloud design, or look and feel of your company brand.

Streamline Support Content with Automatically Generated Videos

One of Oracle Guided Learning’s more popular features is the Step Guide. The Step Guide provides a step-by-step view of a complete process presented as a series of screen-captures. It is a favorite with users, because it allows them to preview a process before executing a task or operation within an Oracle application.  It is also a great memory refresher for users who have already viewed the guide and only need a reminder of specific steps.

Step Guides can now automatically be converted into a video format. This is especially helpful for users who prefer watching a video to scrolling through screenshots.

Simply and Securely Configure Oracle Guided Learning for Oracle Fusion Applications

You can now configure Oracle Guided Learning from within Oracle Fusion Applications. This provides a higher level of control of your Guided Learning application that results in simplifying the setup, management, and upgrades to Guided Learning.


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