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Oracle Autonomous Database - Meet All of Your Training Needs

Jim Vonick
Senior Product Manager

Oracle’s Autonomous Database is transforming data management and administration. To succeed, it's critical to fully leverage and enable your business transition to Autonomous Database, while staying up-to-date with enhancements to this service.

The Autonomous Database Cloud Services Learning Subscription is an all-digital learning solution that is ideal for cloud administrators, cloud developers, and business analysts who need to learn all about Autonomous Database.

What is the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Services Learning Subscription?

The Autonomous Database Cloud Services Learning Subscription provides 24/7 access for 12 months to a rich learning ecosystem that shows you how to migrate to, provision, load data into, query that data, and use Autonomous Database. This learning subscription covers both:

  1. Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) Cloud Service
  2. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) Cloud Service

This learning subscription enables you to:

  • Build expertise about Autonomous Database
    • Access a comprehensive set of high-quality digital training videos delivered by Oracle experts
    • Practice what you learn with hands-on labs using live cloud environments
    • Get answers to your questions from Oracle experts
  • Validate expertise by achieving an Oracle certification
  • Track learning progress at an individual and company level
  • Continuously learn to maintain and grow your skills
    • New and updated titles are regularly added to this learning subscription so you can stay current with Oracle Autonomous Database as it evolves

Rich Learning Ecosystem


What You Will Learn

This is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn about the first Autonomous Database in the market.

Formal training from Oracle University can quickly help you build the knowledge and skills you will need for ongoing success with Autonomous Database. 

The training in this learning subscription will teach you how to:

  1. Describe the key features of Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service
  2. Choose the instance type based on your workload requirement
  3. Quickly provision an Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service instance
    • Provision ATP
    • Provision ADW
  4. Connect to the cloud service instance using SQL Developer
  5. Migrate your On-Premises Data Mart to ADW
  6. Migrate database objects and schema from an Oracle Database Cloud Service instance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic to ADW and ATP
  7. Load data into and query data in Autonomous Database
  8. Use Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomous Database Cloud services
    • Create projects, workspace, reports, and worksheets in Oracle Machine Learning to Analyze and query data
    • Build Machine Learning applications with Oracle Autonomous Database  
    • Delve into the extensive library of Machine Learning algorithms
    • Explore the powerful analytics capabilities of Machine Learning
  9. Perform administrative tasks with an ATP instance
  10. Scale up and scale down resources as required
  11. Terminate an Autonomous Database instance

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