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New Oracle Autonomous Database Training

Jim Vonick
Senior Product Manager

The Oracle Autonomous Database is the world’s first autonomous data management in the cloud to deliver automated patching, upgrades, backups, and tuning - including performing all routine database maintenance tasks. It’s integrated with complete infrastructure automation, so there is no need to manage compute, storage, and network capacity. 

Oracle Autonomous Database revolutionizes database management by fully automating the complete life cycle of the database.

Oracle offers two versions of Autonomous Database:

  1. Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) Cloud Service
  2. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADWC) Cloud Service

For an overview of Oracle Autonomous Database, watch the video ‘Oracle Autonomous Database: How it Works’.

Why is Oracle Autonomous Database Training Helpful? 

Formal training from Oracle can quickly help you build the knowledge and skills you will need to be successful with Autonomous Database.  In addition to understanding the key features and capabilities of Oracle Autonomous Database, training will teach you how to:

  • Provision a new ADWC or ATP instance
  • Connect to the ADWC or ATP instance using SQL developer
  • Load data into ADWC or ATP
  • Use Oracle Machine Learning with ATP instance
  • Perform administrative tasks with an ATP instance
  • Scale-up and scale down ADWC or ATP instance
  • Migrate your On-Premises Data Mart to ADWC.
  • Migrate database objects and schema from an Oracle Database Cloud Service instance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic to ADWC and ATP

What Training is Available to Help with the Transition to Oracle Autonomous Database?

Oracle University offers the following NEW courses in our Live Virtual Class (LVC) format to help you learn about and transition to Oracle Autonomous Database:

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Workshop

This course teaches you how to provision an Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service instance on Oracle Cloud that is suitable for your workload and requirements. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to learn the details of Oracle Autonomous Database. It covers both Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service and Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing.

Migrating On-Prem Data Mart to Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

This course teaches you how to migrate your On-Premises Data Mart to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud. It's ideal for DBAs working in a Data Warehousing environment who want to learn migration techniques to move data to the cloud. Learn how to quickly create departmental Data Marts using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service.

Using Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomous Database

Learn to provision and use Oracle Autonomous Database and Analytics Cloud service instances with Oracle Machine Learning. Develop the ability to perform predictive analysis of data on Oracle Cloud. This is an ideal starting point for data scientists, developers, architects, business analysts and anyone who wants to know how Oracle Machine Learning and Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform add value and transform their business.

Another smart option is to subscribe to the Data Management Cloud Learning Subscription

For a little more that the price of one Live Virtual Class, this learning subscription gives you access to all of our Oracle Data Management Cloud courses, including the Autonomous Database courses, in a high quality video format. Solidify and apply new knowledge through hands-on labs over a period of twelve months.

Learn more about the Data Management Cloud Learning Subscription.

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