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New Oracle Learning Subscription Teaches You How to Eliminate Data Silos for Better Analysis and Faster Decision-Making

Diana Gray
Sr. Principal Curriculum Product Manager

If you ask anyone in IT whether data silos are a serious business problem, the answer is going to be yes. Having different types of data in multiple places within an organization inhibits insight and prevents cooperation and collaboration that are so critical in today’s competitive landscape.

Oracle offers a suite of on-premises data integration technologies that provide an active integration platform for seamless batch and real-time integration, data replication, and data quality assurance. These technologies deliver an operational layer of data that supports business processes and sharing of data.

The Oracle on-premises data integration technologies include Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle GoldenGate, and Oracle Enterprise Quality Manager.

Learn How to Stamp Out Data Silos

What’s the best way to learn how to use these Oracle products to achieve an integrated data environment? By purchasing the Oracle Data Integration Learning Subscription.

You’ll learn how to efficiently take advantage of the full power of Oracle data integration technologies.

This subscription gives you access to content 24/7 for a full year, and provides over 130 training modules and 150 hours of comprehensive technical training.

All lessons are presented by Oracle expert instructors. You learn by watching and reading the lessons, and by practicing your new skills in a virtual computing environment that accurately mimics real-life implementations and environments.

Integrate Your Organization's Disparate Data

This training will help you understand how to integrate your organization’s disparate data across heterogeneous databases to facilitate sophisticated analysis and faster decision-making. You will learn how to implement best practices when administering and using the software.

Browse some of the courses that are included in this subscription:

Take Advantage of Built-in Oracle Certification to Validate Your Expertise

Earning an Oracle Certification helps you build a sense of trust with current and future employers that you can perform the job. Global companies are looking to hire experts they can trust. Become certified in Oracle GoldenGate 12c and Oracle Data Integrator 12c, as this subscription includes a chance to take a related certification exam.

Get a FREE preview of Oracle Data Integration Learning Subscription to see how to make your data silos a thing of the past. 

Questions about this Oracle Learning Subscription? Contact us to learn more.

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