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Learning to Beat the Competition with Exadata

Kate Farrow
Senior Marketing Manager

There’s a good reason why your organization invested in Oracle Exadata.

Was it the need for faster analytics, increased operational cost savings, or accelerated deployment? Was it because of Exadata’s extreme performance and reliability, scalability, or optimized storage? Was it all of these and more?

Whatever the tactical reasons, your company’s ultimate aim in purchasing Oracle Exadata was to increase its competitiveness.

In the race to the top of your industry sector, however, it takes more than technology alone to succeed. It takes people - well-trained, well-qualified people.

Fast-tracking Your Exadata Investment

Compare it to entering a motor car race. To be a serious contender, it’s certainly a good idea to invest in a powerful new sports car from a proven brand - built with all the latest technologies and trimmings.

However, if your driver is unfamiliar with its controls and capabilities, then it’s unlikely he’ll be lifting the winning trophy.

For optimum results, your driver must fully understand all the features and characteristics of the new vehicle: its weight and dimensions, acceleration capability, endurance, and, not least, the responsiveness of the brakes and steering wheel.

Take Oracle Exadata Training

For your Exadata investment, this means gaining a deep understanding of your new machine’s architecture and key capabilities.

By taking specialized Oracle Exadata training - with high-level content delivered by Oracle experts - you’ll be off to a flying start.

A Winning Team, through Individualized Learning

The competition is tough. To be sure of victory, you’ll need more than a high-performance car and a well-schooled driver.

You’ll need a team of specialists who can optimize the car for your particular racing strategy: someone to tune the engine, someone to manage electronics, someone to monitor the vehicle’s in-race performance - and a pit crew to change the tires at just the right moment.

Each must understand the vehicle according to their own area of expertise.

Similarly, your IT team - database, network, and storage administrators - will want to know how to configure, monitor, and optimize Oracle Exadata specifically for your business, according to each person’s job role.

With Oracle University training, you can select the Oracle Exadata learning path(s) particular to your own professional function.

You will find learning paths for these 5 roles:

  • Database administrator
  • Linux system administrator
  • Solaris administrator
  • Oracle network administrator
  • Oracle storage administrator

In addition, Oracle University offers flexible training formats that suit all learning styles and working schedules, including:

With Oracle University, you can choose the winning combination.

Staying in Pole Position

The only way to continually improve your performance is to keep learning.

As your car speeds around the track, only by continuous learning can you shave those vital seconds off each lap, outmaneuver your competitors, and adapt effectively to the changing weather and racing conditions.

Oracle Learning Subscriptions - 24/7 Learning for 12 Months

Oracle University offers Learning Subscriptions that enable you to improve your skills all year round.

By learning what you need, when you need to, from anywhere, and at any time, you will be always enhancing your performance - and ready to rapidly respond to shifting operational needs and business climates.

If you manage a number of Engineered Systems, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle Servers and/or Storage Solutions, the Oracle Systems Learning Subscription is an ideal choice.

It is a portfolio of high-quality digital training videos with corresponding lab environments which you can request whenever needed - helping you stay unswervingly ahead of the competition.

Showcase Your Expertise from the Starting Grid to the Checkered Flag

Having gained this new knowledge and associated skills, you will want to validate them to yourself and your employer. You can do this through official Oracle Exadata Certifications.

Think of them as advanced motor-racing qualifications which are proof of your team’s excellence - and which are emblazoned on your car so that all spectators know who to put their money on.

Ready and waiting on the starting grid, you sit in the cockpit of your finely-tuned Oracle Exadata Database Machine, backed by a well-trained, well-qualified team.

You hear the smooth purring of your powerful engine. You briefly look across at your competition - and flash them a confident smile - before the lights turn green and you accelerate out of their sight.

Ensure that you get the best performance from Oracle Exadata.

Contact your Oracle University Account Manager or your local Oracle University Service Desk for advice on and assistance with your personal training path.

Be the first to take the checkered flag. And enjoy your lap of honor.

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