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Learning by Falling off Your Bike? End-User Adoption in the Cloud

Toine De wit
Principal Education Consultant

In today’s always-on culture, classical training courses are sub-optimal for end-user adoption.

Even when we do find the time for dedicated learning, most information we receive is forgotten soon after delivery.

Time and again it has been found that 70% of skills imparted during classroom training are lost within thirty days if not immediately put into practice.

Such rapid attrition of skills becomes costly when a company is moving to the Cloud. Thousands of end users in different roles must master one or more SaaS applications.

  • Every minute end users spend formally learning a routine that cannot be quickly applied is wasted. So is every minute they spend figuring out how to complete a task back at their desks.
  • Every ticket logged to solve an issue multiplies those minutes, and adds frustration for good measure. If only there was a better way to get end users up and running.
  • What truly helps end users is ladling out bits of information, as and where needed,  to prevent them from making mistakes and nudging them toward mastering something new.

Think back to when you learned to ride a bike.

You did not prep with a manual, or did you? But you did not learn by falling off all the time either, right?

You learned by doing, step-by-step.

This is how we learn best―when we grapple with a task and in doing so, master it gradually.

So, while mastering how to ride a bike, you want to slowly gain balance and confidence and avoid falling off. Now that’s where your training wheels come in.

Wanted: Cloud Training Wheels

Back to business:

  • About 70% of corporate learning is done on the job.
  • On average, 20% is learned through interactions with others.
  • 10% of corporate learning happens through formal educational events.[i]

At work, we don’t need a reference library; we need the specific information that helps us complete the task at hand.

We need to learn on the job, just enough, just in time. This is all the more true with SaaS applications, where fast user adoption is key to corporate success.

Now if the IT industry can move hardware and software into the Cloud, surely we can also move end-user adoption into the Cloud, no?

And as we do that, can we address issues of retention and efficiency as well? Where are the training wheels for end users in the Cloud?

Look Ma, no hands!

Just-in-time learning, as delivered through Oracle Guided Learning, exemplifies how Cloud concepts help Oracle SaaS end users master new processes.

A smart user adoption tool is embedded directly into the Cloud application, providing guided walk throughs to help experienced and novice users quickly navigate unfamiliar routines.

This type of learning is so effective because it allows users to find the right information, specific to their role and task, wherever they may be in the application.

Guided Learning whisks the employees through the process before they have time to be distracted. Even if a task is interrupted, the process guidance can be taken up again and followed to the end.

What’s more, this end-user adoption solution is updated with every next Cloud release so that users effortlessly migrate to the next version. In other words, as the bike grows bigger, so do the training wheels.

20,000 training wheels at work

Or better: make that 10,000 Cloud end users mastering SaaS with Guided Learning.

A major European telecommunications company recently upgraded its ERP and HCM systems to the Cloud for 10,000 end users in multiple locations, and enabled Guided Learning.

The result? A tenfold acceleration of adoption rates and employees who are happy to work with the new technology―not an easy feat.

The need to master new skills against a background noise of constant distractions is here to stay. With Cloud technology, which is continuously renewed and pushed out to end users, that need will only intensify.

With solutions like Oracle Guided Learning, we can manage the day-to-day end-user adoption, as well as the bottlenecks that might occur with the release of new Cloud versions.

Customer satisfaction and feedback confirm that for SaaS end users, just-in-time in-app learning is the new paradigm.

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