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Learn by Doing through Oracle Guided Learning

Gretchen Bulan
Senior Marketing Manager

Written by: Lauren Gelfound, Senior Marketing Manager, Oracle University

“Embedded Learning,” commonly referred to as process-based learning, is both supplementing and, in some cases, replacing the use of traditional training approaches employers have relied on in their organizations.

The largely popular, in-application step-by-step guidance is an informal way to build up a strong acumen and develop expertise through an approach that goes beyond 'hands-on' experience.

Well-established industry experts and researchers have all sung the praises of this type of informal training, with compliments to its powerful and highly efficient methodology.

With the advancement of mobile phones, and other smart devices, it is our responsibility to embed learning wherever we can, most importantly in the work environment where we're continuously asking our teams to do more with less, and to work smarter not harder.


Oracle Guided Learning screenshot

Oracle Guided Learning screenshot


Benefits of Oracle Guided Learning

In modern business, offering only traditional training environments would be like handing a new employee a pencil and a notepad in today’s technology-centered world, and then expecting modern results.

Modern tools like Oracle Guided Learning provide just-in-time training for Oracle Cloud applications, ensuring that no matter how many students need to be trained, or where they are located, they are going to learn by actually performing the work.

See the benefits of Oracle’s Guided Learning Solution in the brief video below to understand how this tool can help simplify and accelerate cloud adoption among users.



Embedded training is becoming a necessity

  • The modern learner expects a digital experience that matches their unique method of absorbing content.
  • Guided Learning opens the door for an individualized experience and an approach that allows the student to be their own teacher.
  • Through interaction with features like pop-up instructions, links and executive videos, users learn naturally as they navigate the cloud application.

Oracle Guided Learning provides an efficient and scalable platform that enables your users to learn by doing.

This learning tool can be customized to fit your organization’s policies and processes to create a unique and effective user experience that leads to successful adoption of Oracle cloud technologies.


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delivers in-application guidance that drives instant user productivity,
reduced costs and increased employee satisfaction, and updates
with each cloud release.

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