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Java EE 7 is Here! And It's Even More Suitable for the Cloud

Breanne Wilson
Senior Web Project Manager - Oracle University

We're excited to announce the release of Java EE 7! So what can you expect to see and how can this release benefit you? Let's take a closer look.

The main theme for this release has to do with the Cloud. The Java EE platform is already well suited for cloud environments thanks to its container-based model and the abstraction of resource access it entails; however, in this release, we have further enhanced the suitability of the Java EE platform for cloud environments.

Java EE 7 for Private and Public Clouds

Java EE 7 products are now able to more easily operate on private or public clouds. These products will deliver their functionality as a service with support for features like multi-tenancy and elasticity (horizontal scaling). Furthermore, this release will allow applications written for Java EE 7 to further experience the benefits of a cloud environment.

The "Skinny" on Java EE 7

Java EE 7 offers higher productivity, less boilerplate, richer functionality, more default options and HTML5 support in the form of WebSocket and JSON. Here are a few more things to note about this release:

  • Simplification:  You'll see revised and greatly simplified APIs. We have simplified and extended the range of the Java EE platform to encompass emerging technologies in the web space.
  • Productivity: Experience enhanced productivity by offloading the developer from common infrastructure tasks through its container-based model and abstraction of resource access.
  • Support for HTML 5: Take advantage of extended support by embracing WebSocket functionality, along with the ability to parse and generate a JSON structure. We're providing support for HTML5-friendly markup as part of JSF.

Enroll in Java EE 7 Training

Oracle University can help experienced enterprise Java developers make the most of the new platform with our Java EE 7: New Features course

This course provides an overview of major changes and enhancements in Java EE 7.  It's designed for experienced Java EE 6 platform professionals and simplifies the switch to the Java EE 7 platform.

By enrolling in this course, you'll get the chance to perform lab exercises and experiment with real code examples. You'll also learn to:

  • Implement the new Java API for Batch Applications, JSON and Websocket in your code(JSRs 352, 353 and 356).
  • Enable JAX-RS 2.0, EL 3.0 and JMS 2.0 Major enhancements in your code.
  • Implement the enhancements in JSF and JSP in your code.
  • Implement the enhancements in CDI and Bean Validation
    in your code.
  • Implement the enhancements in EJB and JPA in your code.
  • Describe and leverage the enhancements in the Java EE 7 platform.
  • Understand the new features for Java EE 7: JSON, WebSockets, HTML 5, JSF & Servlets.
  • Update existing applications to EE 7.

Java API for Web Sockets

Expert Oracle University instructors will also help you deep dive into the following:

  • JAX-RS and JSON-P
  • JSF, JSP and EL
  • CDI and Bean Validation
  • EJB, JMS, JPA and Batch

Questions or comments about this Java EE 7 release? We'd love to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

-Ravi Narasimhacharya, OU Curriculum Product Manager

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