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How Companies Are Using Big Data

Breanne Wilson
Senior Web Project Manager - Oracle University

Written by Veronik Beyst, Senior Marketing Manager, Oracle University 

Today’s businesses are finding a new and important way to outperform their peers and competitors.

By tapping into Big Data - massive amounts of data that can be examined and analyzed to identify patterns and improve decisions - organizations in all sectors of the economy are:

  • Boosting growth
  • Increasing the quality of products and services.
  • Enhancing productivity.

As a Harvard Business Review article states,

“if the information most critical to your business resides in forms other than rows and columns of numbers, or if answering your biggest question would involve a ‘mashup’ of several analytical efforts, you’ve got a big data opportunity.”

How are organizations using Big Data opportunities to compete and innovate?

An Post - Ireland's National Postal Service 

An Post is using a Big Data and Analytics platform to manage millions of daily transactions and facilitate new postal services. The
platform is reducing time to value on the company’s data capital, combating fraud, and enabling business analytics to define, monitor, and drive business improvements.

Moving to a Big Data strategy allowed the postal service to deliver a real-time overview of their entire operations.

This enabled automatic consolidation of data, involving millions of daily transactions from 1,100 post offices.

They were able to rapidly analyze and respond to an evolving market, using data mining and predictive analytics, to increase the value of customer service offerings. Read more.

NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA)

The NHSBSA is a special health authority for the Department of Health for England, needed to gather insight from data to identify cost
savings, recognize and prevent fraud, and reduce costs.

By going to a Big Data solution and deploying an analytics infrastructure, the department was able to achieve massive cost savings, reduce fraud and processing errors, and measure employee satisfaction in more detail.

Plus, they were able to leverage existing data to improve overall business and productivity. Read more.


CaixaBank is a leading Spanish retail bank and insurer, wanted to integrate data from bank branches, ATMs, and internet and mobile banking to gain a complete understanding of customers.

They also wanted to manage and analyze massive amounts of diverse data from both external and internal sources to discover information, trends, and patterns, regardless of data source or format.

A Big Data solution gave the bank the ability to find new data patterns and correlations, uses, and transformations.

Armed with a complete, unified view of all internal and external data relevant to the bank’s business needs - including institutional reports, information sources, quality assurance data, security data, standardization data, IT applications, business structure data, and
analysis results - the bank was able to optimize resources, saving time and costs
. Read more.

These examples demonstrate the benefits of harnessing the power of Big Data. It helps you deliver better value to customers, while growing and thriving in the global economy.

By doing so, companies achieve new levels of competitiveness, greater efficiency, and higher productivity.

Learn more about the big picture on data. 

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