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Increase Your Development Effectiveness! Get Modular with Java SE 9 Training

Diana Gray
Sr. Principal Curriculum Product Manager

Modularity was established in Java SE 9, so learning about modularity will be applicable to developers moving to Java SE 9 - and to ongoing future releases.

Java SE 9 modularity offers developers new tactics for creating modular and maintainable applications.

With Oracle’s New Java SE 9 course, Java SE: Exploiting Modularity and Other New Features, Java developers not only learn about the benefits of modularity; they'll also learn about the designs needed to construct modular and dependable applications.

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The Java SE 9 Module system lets developers create and support collections of information and large applications by providing Java program components. These allow more flexibility and security when developing applications.

Learn how to use the module system to design applications with explicit dependencies and encapsulation at the JAR level, ensuring more reliable configuration, improved security and enhanced performance.

You'll also get a chance to experiment with new features that ease development. These include convenience methods that make your code more readable and succinct, and JShell, an easy way to test code snippets and APIs.

The following topics will be introduced in the course to help you when working with the Module System:

  • Projects Before Modularization
  • Module-info.java: Introduction
  • Creating a Truly Modular Project
  • Compiling Modular JAR Files
  • Accessibility Between Classes
  • Readability Between Modules
  • What Is Readable from the Competition Module?
  • The Effects of Exporting

Develop the skills you need to increase efficiencies throughout your development lifecycle.

Explore Java SE: Exploiting Modularity and Other New Features training.

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