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Further Confessions of an End User

Toine De wit
Principal Education Consultant

Further Confessions of an End User - error message

Here we go again. My summer vacation is coming up and there, at the bottom of the pile, sits my careless promise to write another post. Feelings of guilt, regret, and urgency swirl into a bitter blog Negroni* that I must mix, well… write fast. Since you’re here, why not join me for a virtual drink? See how it’s made, then sip it?

Easier said than done, as I had forgotten how to log on to our Cloud content writing tool (from which this post emanates—see image above). A vivid reminder that after two dozen years in IT, I remain the archetypal end user. My friend Kate helped me out—thanks again Kate!

A reminder also that in dealing with bumbling end users, there are two main schools of thought. There’s the academic “I’ll explain this once, so pay attention” doctrine (say, the instructions to our blog tool, which I could not find anymore). Then there’s the kindergarten invitation: “let me take you by the hand and show you where you need to go.”

At Oracle University, we have joined that second school (but do object to the name Oracle Kindergarten). Our key insight? Applications are just a means to an end. Anything sitting between end users and whatever they want to do in ‘the system’ is a waste of time. They give it two, maybe three tries, then start asking around.

This is what I did, then ended up calling Kate. Such handholding comes at a cost. As a company, you don’t want to see your staff bothered like that. Suppose you’re transitioning to the Cloud and thousands of end users need to master new processes. You’ll run out of smart people to field dumb questions. That’s where Guided Learning comes in. 

Guided Learning is Oracle University’s walkthrough solution for end users.

It allows Oracle SaaS customers to quickly deploy workflow guidance relevant to their actual implementation and localizations. Oracle University rolls out a standard library of process flows, which is then adapted to the customer’s requirements.

Further Confessions of an End User - Guided Learning Screenshot

Guided Learning pop-ups nudge the user through a process in the live application.

On top of that, Guided Learning allows customers to include company-specific content, such as policies or video messages. Task lists, which drive completion of an onboarding program, can be included as well. Moreover, Oracle University updates the content with every next Cloud release so end users stay up to date with evolving Oracle SaaS applications.

Interested? Read up on Guided Learning here.

Now at this point you may think, but hey, Toine, my company’s journey to the Cloud involves so much more than end users…I have IT staff to think of, and my business subject matter experts. I have administrators and security specialists. Smart people! I’m looking for a comprehensive, strategic approach to Oracle SaaS enablement.

You’re right, and I suggest you take a look at this insightful blog series about the bigger picture. But I’m just mixing a last-minute Negroni. And it’s about ready to pour. Here’s to summer vacation. Cheers!

* Equal parts gin, Campari, and vermouth rosso. Orange peel and ice. My wife's favorite. Bitter.


 Toine De Wit

Toine is a Principal Education Consultant for Oracle University. He joined the labor market with a degree in Liberal Arts. Since then, Baan, Infor, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle have done much to elevate him but he still feels a bit like an outsider peeking in. Now with Cloud affecting countless end users, that’s a good thing. He can relate to their experiences.


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