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Exam Preparation Advice from Oracle CX-Certified Professionals

Gretchen Bulan
Senior Marketing Manager

Professional achievement and advancement are well within reach thanks to Oracle University certification opportunities.

Oracle certification and accreditation exams are included with certain training program options at no additional cost.

Preparing to pass these exams advances your knowledge. Earning an industry-recognized credential validates your knowledge can help take your skills and your career to the next level.

Get certified to confirm to you and your employer that you've kept up to date with the latest technical and practical education for the Oracle Cloud product you use.

Achieve Cloud Success through Education and Achievement

Organizations using technologies in the Oracle CX Cloud Suite are committed to meeting and exceeding their customers' expectations for seamless, personalized and real-time experiences and service. Professionals tasked with delivering these solutions need a deep, practical and ongoing understanding of the tools available  to maintain and improve their customers' experience at all stages of the customer lifecycle.

Advanced Oracle training and certification is an important way practitioners choose to learn and validate their knowledge and skills

Since our experienced students know first-hand how to accelerate their cloud learning and reach their goals, we went directly to our sources for the inside information! 

'Certifiable' Tips to Prepare for CX Certification Exams 

So, what's the best way to prepare for an Oracle Cloud certification exam?

Experience is key, according to the CX-certified students we surveyed during this year's Modern Customer Experience event.

Below, some students who have earned Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Marketing Cloud certifications share their tips to prepare for and succeed with these challenging endeavors.

Certified Student: John PavlickBlackRock

Certification Achieved: Oracle Marketing Cloud B2B Luminary 2017

Advice and Tips: The Luminary certification is not easy to achieve. I would suggest having a solid amount of hands-on experience within the platform itself before diving into the courses. I would also suggest implementing and solving several problems for the organization before taking the courses.

You will need to do a blog post about how you used Eloqua to solve a problem and elevate your organization as well as an in platform test so I think this is important before diving into the classes and exam.


Certified Student: Rhianna Albert, eVerge Group, LLC

Certification Achieved: Service - Oracle RightNow Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials

Service - Oracle RightNow Cloud Service 2016 Technical Implementation Essentials

Advice and Tips: You really have to have done an implementation before in order to pass the test. It is a very rigorous exam and expects that you have done or been heavily involved with a full implementation. Take a class, read the manual and watch the tutorials.

More Advice from Achievers

Here are some other bits of advice from CX-certified professionals that may help you on your cloud journey:

For Oracle Service Cloud Implementation Essentials:

Get hands-on practice ...no documentation will teach what working on live implementations teach you.

Don't just "be a part" of a project, be really involved with the project. Do the bootcamps more than one time, use the community and get others' point of view to help solve your own problems. 

Communities are the best place to get started. Explore all Solved and Unsolved posts on all discussion forums. Try to find solution to every post on your own.

For Oracle Marketing Cloud Master and Luminary

The Luminary is more about the journey then the end-point. The robust requirements help you to understand all the capabilities of Eloqua. 

For someone just starting the process of getting certified, it's important to get hands-on experience; get in a sandbox instance to get to know the platform, create assets, campaigns and programs. 

Do you have your own Oracle cloud certification 'story' to share?

Tell us your story and let others learn from your experience and success!

If you are ready to advance your career and increase your value in the CX market, preparing for certification should be your next step. Using the modern tools and skills available to you, the power is in your hands to maximize the benefits of Oracle certifications.

Find out more about why you should become Oracle certified, including benefits, credentials and proven statistics related to these professional achievements. 

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