Top 10 Oracle Self-Study Training Courses for July 2014

By Cindy Taylor, Oracle University Senior Education Consultant for Self-Study Products

Summertime is here.

For many of us, that means catching up on projects and tackling other items on our list while it's a bit quieter around the office. With this in mind, we thought the timing was just right to share our latest top 10 list of Self-Study Courses. 

Self-Study is the perfect supplement to other Oracle training and can be downloaded for offline viewing so you could even take your training from the beach...if you wanted to that is. 

Top 10 Self-Study Courses

10.  Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g: Manage Clusterware and ASM 
9.    Oracle BI 11g: Introduction to End User Tools
8.    R12.x Oracle Subledger Accounting Fundamentals
7.    Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I Release 2
6.    R12 Oracle Using and Maintaining Approvals Management
5.    Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I
4.    Oracle BI 11g R1: Build Repositories
3.    Oracle BI 11g R1: Introduction to System Administration
2.    Oracle BI 11g R1: Create Analyses and Dashboards
1.    Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators

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I can't find any specifics about what you get with a self-study course. General statements about studying on the beach tells me nothing about what I'll get for over $1700. I've searched all over the Oracle U site and I can't find anything that specifically lists what you get with each training package. To me it appears that you either don't want to be held accountable for students disappointment at the actual package, or you want us to speak to a salesperson who will try to convince us to purchase a more costly package.

Posted by guest on August 05, 2014 at 11:35 PM PDT #

Thank you for your interest. I'd like to share a link that talks about the different training options we offer:
This link is available from the Self-Study page off of our website under the "Why Choose Oracle University" link from the Help box. I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect with the Self-Study Course. If I may, I'd like to provide additional information on this self-paced offering. The Self-Study course is a downloadable media so you have the option to save a copy on your desktop or laptop for complete portability. This medium is designed to supplement a live instruction equivalent offering. As with self-paced options, there are limitations. While its a full course offering, there is no Student Guide or materials you can print. However, it's easy to search using keywords if you need to drill down on specific topics. We also don't recommend using this media as an alternative to an instructor led course partly because this medium does not provide access to instructors for Q&A. The self contained course is designed to help uncover knowledge gaps, so you can come to class prepared with questions that you can leverage the expert instructor for answers...a great way to personalize your training. There is truth in that a pricey package is not always the best. Our Education Managers are trained to help customers find the best possible solution for their individual training requirements - it may surprise you, engaging an education expert may be your best option. I hope you give us a try and see what we can do for you.

Posted by Kate on August 13, 2014 at 07:33 AM PDT #

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