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Enhancing User Experience in Oracle Cloud Applications

Walking through the Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco entrance as a first-time attendee, my immediate reaction was to be struck by the sheer enormity of the event. Working in the Oracle EMEA Region, I had taken part in organizing large events before, including Oracle OpenWorld London 2019. It is great to see growth of Oracle OpenWorld events in London, Dubai, Singapore, and Sao Paulo now on the Oracle calendar. Oracle is a truly global organisation and the expansion of OpenWorld shows how Oracle is providing marquee events for its clients globally.

Oracle OpenWorld presented a unique opportunity for me to present and define enablement solutions to Oracle clients who are moving to the cloud, as well as clients already working with Oracle cloud products looking for advanced learning solutions.

I also had a chance to present two theatre sessions on how Oracle Guided Learning enhances user experience and drives user adoption of Oracle Cloud products. I would like to share the essence of these sessions with Oracle University readers, as I believe customers working with Oracle CX Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud will benefit from it in their day-today work with these products.  

Improve ERP Cloud UX James Bingham-Wallis OOW session

A slide from the Oracle Open World session on Improving User Experience in Oracle ERP and CX Cloud


KPI’s Defined by Oracle CX Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud

Clients implementing and running Oracle’s CX Cloud or ERP Cloud solutions have selected the Oracle Cloud application because they intended to make specific improvements in their organizational processes. Let’s take a look at a few of the KPI’s which Oracle CX Cloud and ERP Cloud clients are looking to gain:

Improvements in staff productivity

  • Better data quality
  • Improved reporting
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Lower employee turnover 

In addition to those, Oracle ERP Cloud customers are also interested in these KPI’s which are specific to ERP Cloud modules and needs:

  • Shorter payment processing time
  • Lower resolution costs
  • Decreased time to close books


Oracle Guided Learning - beacon

An Oracle Guided Learning feature - the flashing Beacon


Enhancing the User Experience with Oracle Guided Learning

With these KPIs in mind, Oracle Cloud customers are looking for solutions to help users achieve their tasks quickly and more efficiently. Enhancing the customer experience in this context would mean accelerating search-to-action, and enabling users to find solutions themselves rather than depending on usage manuals or support.

Oracle Guided Learning provides in-application step guidance and key business information to employees on the fly. Employees are learning in the flow of work, engaging with Oracle Guided Learning every time they need a quick answer. It is a rapidly deployed; context based learning solution that syncs with Oracle Cloud software. These features make it possible for Oracle Guided Learning to compliment Oracle CX Cloud in providing employees all the tools required to complete their day-to-day tasks as defined by the business and business rules.

Use Case: Data Entry

Let’s take a standard use case in a large organization: a sales representative is entering a new opportunity in Oracle CX Cloud, or assigning a service request. Oracle Guided Learning not only provides step-by-step guidance, it also provides access to an organization’s own business policies and process information, for example: additional information on the sales cycle or service request assignment rules for the employee to immediately be able to reference.

The user experience is an important component of how comfortable users are with their software, ultimately driving successful Cloud adoption. Meeting user’s needs, as varied as they are, can go a long way in helping to boost productivity and helping users master their work tools. If you are coming to Oracle OpenWorld London 2020, drop by the Oracle University booth and learn more about Oracle Guided Learning. 


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