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  • September 7, 2018

Empower End User Adoption and Accelerate Your Supply Chain with Oracle SCM Cloud Training

Dany Dinu
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In today’s fast-paced and tightly integrated business world, each and every delay in the supply chain creates knock-on effects which can end up seriously disrupting your operational success, impacting your bottom line. 

To minimize delays and other hiccups, many companies are turning to advanced platforms such as Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud to streamline and automate processes.

With these platforms and services implementations comes a new way of working, new skills to learn, and new processes to master to reap the full dividends of the latest technologies.

Unless all technical and functional employees who interact with your new system are properly trained, small mistakes can sometimes also have widespread knock-on effects, causing delays and confusion further down the line.

For example, if your implementation project team is not fully versed in the system’s capabilities, this can lead to kick-off delays, and result in a deployment which is not fully optimized for your specific business processes.

Similarly, if your end users are unfamiliar with a particular new process step, supply chain targets can be missed, costs increased, and reporting data skewed.

How can you ensure smooth implementation and adoption?

To minimize delays in both the technical deployment and future supply chain operations, staff training must be at the heart of your technology project.

But with your diverse and multi-functional employees requiring different training at different times and frequencies, how can you ensure everyone gets the training they need?

Oracle Cloud Training

Oracle University's Cloud training is at the forefront of modern learning, helping you excel in a world of rapidly fluctuating technology platforms and services.

Oracle has developed a range of learning programs suited to individual job roles throughout the whole Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud lifecycle.

From system integrators, technical professionals, and administrators right through to your end user community, Oracle University training ensures that each staff member hits the ground running and maximizes the productivity of your supply chain.

Oracle University courses are delivered in different modalities to suit the learning styles and time constraints of your individual employees.

  • Some staff may learn best in a face-to-face group training environment away from the office
  • Others prefer learning through digital courses in shorter chunks
  • Still others need ad hoc knowledge refreshment directly at the point of use; for example, when setting up an inventory item

Take the Best Cloud Computing Courses Online

In addition to Oracle University classroom-based courses, Live Virtual Classes and Training On Demand, Oracle offers two digital learning solutions designed to support and ensure an optimized, problem-free cloud deployment - with rapid user adoption: Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions and Oracle Guided Learning.

Evolve Your Skills with Each Release through Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions

These subscriptions provide year-round access to a vast range of high-quality video content, targeted towards your system integrators, project team members, power users, and system administrators who need to understand everything there is to know about Oracle SCM Cloud.

The learning subscription format provides your functional and technical leaders with the flexibility to learn at a time and place of their choosing, repeat courses as needed, schedule lab environments, and interact with Oracle instructors.

For professionals requiring accreditation, the cloud learning subscription also includes one free certification exam voucher. When you're ready, you can take and pass one of many Oracle Cloud Certification exams to prove you have expertise that's in demand.

Learn How to Use Oracle SCM Applications through Embedded Guided Learning

As an always-available educational tool that sits directly in your Oracle SCM Cloud application, Oracle Guided Learning provides just-in-time support to your end users during each process step.

Because employees learn at the point of use, Oracle Guided Learning significantly accelerates adoption and is ideal for bringing large numbers of users across different supply chain departments rapidly up to speed.

Guided Learning is also beneficial for user acceptance testing, new hire onboarding, and for those employees who may only use the system periodically.

Oracle University Guided Learning

As a fully-embedded learning coach, it ensures that all your users are productive from go-live, that they never get stuck on a task, and that your business-critical supply chain never stops.

To learn more about how Oracle University learning solution can maximize your technology investment, check out our webcast replay on Supply Chain Management Cloud Training.

About the webcast presenter

Lori Burke is an Enterprise Learning Strategist with Oracle University. Lori has been working with customers to accelerate the adoption of Oracle's applications and technology through learning for nearly 20 years.

Oracle University is committed to your supply chain success. With the right learning solution in place, you can be sure of an optimized, on-schedule technology deployment, and a fully functional user community right from the get-go.

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