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Intuitive Learning: Effective Change Management from Afar

Damien Carey
Senior Vice President, Oracle University

Our reliance on technology has become more pervasive and necessary to manage and maintain employee performance remotely. With employees working from home for the foreseeable future, organizations and their IT leaders have been increasingly investing in communication, productivity, and learning software to meet the needs of their remote workforce – creating a new challenge: how do you successfully introduce and implement multiple new software solutions to employees working remotely?

Under normal circumstances, an average of 70% of change programs fail to achieve their goals – digital adoption platforms (DAP) can greatly reduce this rate of failure. DAPs are SaaS solutions designed to accelerate software adoption and help employees learn how to use new digital solutions smoothly and swiftly.

DAPs can transform a cumbersome adoption process into an effective and natural way to manage change. How? DAPs can integrate into a company’s solution to provide step-by-step guides as employees move through the company’s processes. This ability to integrate into the normal flow of work incites change almost imperceptibly. The use of smart, intuitive learning tools can mitigate the loss of a physical work environment without compromising adoption.

The best DAP solutions take elements from the SaaS toolbox like tooltips, bots, and interactive guides, and power them with usage data and AI-based capabilities. The result – smart adoption solutions that can be personalized for individual employees, to fit their needs by role and provide a transparent learning experience.

Oracle’s own DAP solution, Oracle Guided Learning, was developed with organization-wide change management in mind. Oracle customers lean on Guided Learning to design custom in-application guidance aligned to business processes that effectively shape employee behavior. Guides are presented to the users based on their role, when and where they need it, making change an organic process rather than a forced one.

Effective change has become even more critical, with many employees being required to work from home for the first time with the added complexity of learning new processes to support the remote structure. Oracle Guided Learning makes it possible to effectively communicate these changes whether it be with smart tips & pop-ups, disabled elements, step guides, visual cues, and more to lead tens of thousands of employees through any transition. 

Modern learning and change management is all about meeting employees where they naturally spend their time. As organizations increasingly rely on a remote workforce, maintaining business continuity and driving change management from afar will continue to remain a top priority. If your organization is seeking solutions to support this change, a strong DAP strategy might be exactly what you need. 


About the Author:

Damien Carey, Senior Vice President of Oracle University, leads the foremost global IT education and certification provider for Oracle solutions. Damien is passionate about life-long learning and empowering businesses and professionals to achieve more through education and enablement. Throughout the course of his 25-year tenure at Oracle, Damien has continuously reimagined how education is created and delivered to ensure its effectiveness and ability to keep pace with shifting world norms and rapidly changing technology. Damien remains vigilantly focused on providing innovative, modern, digital education that is designed to seamlessly integrate with a learner’s daily life so they can learn without constraint.


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