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  • April 19, 2018

Deploy and Manage Pluggable Databases in the Oracle Public Cloud

Andreea Clair
ECEMEA Marketing Manager

Written by Eugene Simos, Oracle University Expert Instructor

Using the DBAAS facility to create or migrate Oracle pluggable databases to the Oracle Cloud is a straightforward operation.

In this post we will explore the possibilities to create pluggable databases on a DBAAS instance, and import /clone an encrypted pluggable from another database which is running as an IAAS VM simulating an “on site” configuration.

For this purpose, a DBAAS service has been created to the Oracle Cloud.

In a previous post, we used the cli command to provision such an instance. For this simple case, manual steps from the Cloud Console have been performed to create the following setup:

As we need to access a remote db for the cloning scenario, a firewall rule has been set up for the DBAAS listener as:

This initial provisioning has created the following dbaas layout:

The fist pluggable pdb is created as follows:

The next step is to configure the encryption set keys and test the new pluggable configuration:

Check the value of the created TDE key with our pluggable:

Now create a new pluggable from “scratch”:

Creating a new TDE key is resolving the encryption issues:

For the next step, we will clone an encrypted pluggable from a remote site to our DBAAS instance:

The encrypted pdb is created; however, it is in restricted state:

There are violations related to different patch levels between the source and the target cloned db:

The violations are corrected with the following script:

Set up new TED keys:

Connect as an existing user to this pluggable and execute a simple request from the encrypted tables:

The creation of a new pluggable needs an update to the tnsnames.ora of the dbaas instance:

About the Author:

Eugene Simos is based in France and joined Oracle through the BEA-Weblogic Acquisition, where he worked for the Professional Service, Support and Education for major accounts across the EMEA Region. He worked in the banking sector, ATT and Telco companies giving him extensive experience on production environments. Eugene currently specializes in Oracle Fusion Middleware, teaching an array of courses on Weblogic/Webcenter, Content,BPM /SOA/Identity-Security/GoldenGate/Virtualisation/Unified Comm Suite) throughout the EMEA region.

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