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Database Developer Salaries Are Rising: Learn SQL and PL/SQL Now

Diana Gray
Sr. Principal Curriculum Product Manager

The Job market and employment trends are always changing. Learn about newly trending developer application positions and needed in-demand skills to help you know how you can advance in your career or position yourself for a new job.

In a recent Information Management article, “15 top paying applications development jobs for 2019,” David Weldon talks about top application technology jobs that run upwards of $200K per year based on information posted in the Robert Half Technology has published its 2019 Technology Salary Guide, 

  1. Mobile applications developer - $119,500 - $204,250
  2. Applications architect - $112,250 - $192,500
  3. Manager, application development - $106,250 - $183,250
  4. Lead applications developer - $104,000 - $178,000
  5. ERP technical developer - $95,750 - $162,000
  6. Cloud computing analyst - $75,500 - $159,500
  7. Project manager, application development - $93,000 - $157,500
  8. ERP technical/ functional analyst - $91,000 - $155,000
  9. CRM technical developer - $89,750 - $152,000
  10. Developer/programmer analyst - $87,000 - $148,500
  11. ERP business analyst - $84,250 - $144,250
  12. CRM business analyst - $80,750 - $137,250
  13. Business systems analyst - $78,750 - $136,000
  14. Systems analyst - $77,000 - $131,500
  15. Technical writer - $55,500 - $94,000

The 2018 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals by Robert Half reports salary information indicates that developer salaries are rising.

“In today’s talent-short market, businesses are finding ways to consolidate technology-related skills and responsibilities. In some cases, two roles are being merged into one. This comes in reaction to the level of skill available in the market and the need for a greater sense of mindfulness regarding the ‘must-have’ requirements for a technology-facing role. Likewise, highly experienced professionals are in such short supply that it’s become common practice to seek those with low- to mid-level experience in order to develop the expertise in-house."

Here are some salary ranges as identified by Robert Half:

2018 Applications Developer Salary Ranges for North America

  • Development Manager: $108,800 - $228,900
  • Applications Developer: $52,300 - $121,000

Sounds like a promising time to become an Oracle Database application developer!

To pursue this financially promising career, it's essential to learn the fundamentals of both SQL (Structured Query Language) and PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structured Query Language).

  • Learning SQL allows you to select and direct sets of data for user needs
  • To create applications, it's important to learn PL/SQL
  • SQL empowers you to apply queries to manage the database in a simplified way
  • PL/SQL offers up-to-date features like exception handling, data encapsulation, overloading, and collection types
  • PL/SQL also offers access to SQL, integration with Oracle serve,r and tools and security features

Whether you're working on premise or in the cloud, Oracle University offers a wide range of of SQL and PL/SQL courses to help you become a skilled database developer for the Oracle Database 12c R2.

If you're a beginner, these courses help you understand the basic concepts of these languages. If you're more experienced, you can benefit from learning advanced topics to further expand your skill set.

These newly released Oracle courses are also listed as recommended courses for Oracle Database application certifications:

Oracle Database developer courses:

Oracle Database developer certifications:

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  • Joe Wednesday, December 12, 2018
    Anyway the article is interesting but you do not really mention nothing specifically about Oracle database. every IT tech would love to know how the future looks like for oracle dev or Oracle dabase admin. Once again I have to compliment you for this recent info. Independent Oracle Dabase consultant
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