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Continue to Learn - PaaS Curriculum Provides You with New Skills for Cloud Services

Diana Gray
Sr. Principal Curriculum Product Manager

Written with Help from Daniel Milne, Principal Curriculum Product Manager

Preview this All-Inclusive Oracle PaaS Learning Subscription with Updated Content

Typically when you purchase an online course, you set aside some time to go through the lessons, perhaps take a test and mark the course as having completed it - referring back to it only if something comes up on your job when you need clarity. With the Oracle Platform as a Service Learning Subscription, you can choose from over 20 channels of different Cloud Services. Content is continually being added or changed to provide you with the added value of knowing you are getting the latest information.

Are You A Developer? An Administrator?
Here are just some of the recent additions to the PaaS Learning Subscription.

To get started, Cloud Administration lessons were recently added to the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) channel. Our expert instructor will provide you with an introduction to Oracle Cloud and walk you through Account Administration, Identity Domain Administration and Service Administration. This channel has content on additional IaaS topics as well, such as Storage and Compute to lay the foundation for your Cloud environment.

With the Mobile Cloud Service channel, you will quickly learn how to use the tools you need to support the Mobile Development Services that mobile apps require.  You can likewise gain the skills you need to define and implement new APIs. You start your learning with the Overview of Mobile Cloud Series and progress to topics you can use to get started with Mobile Cloud and then onto specialized content created for new and custom APIs.

With the Developer Cloud channel, you will learn the essentials of the Oracle Developer Cloud Service and discover how you can utilize the content to develop, collaborate and display applications with Oracle Cloud. Developers can take advantage of learning about the following topics and more:

  • Integrating Eclipse OEPE
  • Integrating with JDeveloper
  • Integrating NetBeans
  • Working with Version Control
  • Issue Tracking and Assignment
  • Merging Requests
  • Leveraging the Project Wiki
  • Introducing Agile Tools
  • Continuous Integration with Hudson
  • Building and Deploying Applications
  • Project Administration

Overall, the PaaS Learning Subscription is a great way to gain new skills and access lessons to help you when working with the IaaS and PaaS Oracle Cloud Services. When you sign up for this learning subscription, you will be able to go through the content for an entire year and use it as a continual reference as you move through the various Cloud services.

Please take the time to preview the Oracle PaaS Learning Subscription to discover all of the Cloud Services included in this subscription that can help both the administrator and developer gain new skills on Oracle Cloud PaaS and IaaS services.



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