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Diana Gray
Sr. Principal Curriculum Product Manager

Oracle Certification

IT Career Certification Training for the Oracle Database

Certified Oracle Database Administrators are some of the most highly sought after IT professionals in the world!

Why should you build your
career with skills based on Oracle Database technology?

Because the world's leading companies use Oracle Database to manage critical business functions, systems and processes. 

  • Oracle Database is the number one database in the world. 
  • Over 305,000 top companies trust their critical systems to Oracle Database.
  • Oracle Database is the number one embedded database technology.

In fact, 97% of global Fortune 500 companies use Oracle software. Well-trained, highly skilled database professionals who can manage critical systems are in high demand.

Why invest in Oracle Certification?

Oracle certification exams validate your capabilities using real-world, scenario based questions that assess and challenge your ability to think and perform. 

Why is it a good practice to be current with Oracle training and

Oracle Database 12c certifications emphasize the full set of skills that DBAs need in
today's competitive marketplace.

With the 12c
release, Oracle Database is re-engineered for Cloud computing. Multi-tenant
architecture brings enterprises unprecedented hardware and software efficiency, performance and manageability benefits, along with fast and efficient
Cloud provisioning.

Take the Oracle Database Training
and Certification that is Right for You

If you're
the administrator of your organization’s database.

It's helpful to develop a strategy for your own personal needs that provides you
with growth opportunities, first-hand knowledge and accessibility to
experts who can help you along the way. 
Oracle University helps you
stay ahead of the crowd; we give you access to training courses taught by experts who understand your needs, along with related certification exams that test and validate your skills.

Becoming Oracle
certified is beneficial to your future as well as to your current
employer's future.

Certification shows an employer that you're eager for self-improvement and you're willing to take training and develop the skills to pass an exam at a
testing center. Oracle
certification exams assess your ability to perform specific
database administration tasks effectively.

The Oracle
certification program offers digital badges to those who have
become Oracle certified.

These badges are secure, web-enabled credentials
which provide the verification organizations need to recognize and
validate real achievements.

You can display your digital badge on
preferred social media sites, allowing others to identify you as a
qualified to perform a certain level of tasks.

Database administrators perform a number of tasks:

  • Selecting and installing new database
  • Administering the systems
  • Testing
  • Analyzing data
  • Establishing
    policies and procedures
  • Managing data security and integrity 
  • Monitoring

Oracle Database administrators can take training and become
certified as they progress throughout their career and become more specialized
in specific areas of interest.

We all like to rely on someone we know has the
experience to get the job done correctly – becoming certified allows you to concretely prove you have what it takes.

Becoming Oracle Database Certified 

Going through the certification process broadens your knowledge and skills by exposing you to a wide array of important database features, functions and tasks. Oracle Database certification teaches you how to perform complex activities through hands-on labs, focused study and interactive, real-world practice.

All Oracle Database 12c Certifications are listed below. When you explore the associated links, you'll find all the information you need about recommended training and corresponding prerequisite exams. These prerequisite exams give you the support you need to get Oracle certified.

If you have questions, we invite you to ask them at the bottom of this blog in the comments section. We are eager to help you accelerate
your career by making the correct choice when it comes to getting certified on
Oracle Database 12c.

Oracle Database 12c Certifications:

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  • Matthew Morris Friday, January 22, 2016

    There is one problem with your list of 12c certifications. The Oracle Database Foundations certification is *only* available to people enrolled in the an Oracle Academy course. There are a lot of people taking Database Concepts courses in university courses who are not eligible to take that exam.

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