Thursday Oct 01, 2015

Oracle Training: New Courses for October - Just Released

At Oracle University we strive to offer training on Oracle's most recent product releases. Each month we release new courses to make sure our training portfolio is current. Here's Oracle's top new courses for October.

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Thursday Sep 24, 2015

Transitioning to Oracle Sales Cloud - A Recipe for Minimizing the Impact to Revenue

Is your organization about to implement Oracle Sales Cloud, but you're concerned about downtime and lost productivity during the transition that could impact bookings? Here are some useful tips to facilitate the transition and minimize any negative impact to revenue.

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Friday Sep 18, 2015

Transition to the Cloud with Oracle Database 12c

Are you looking to migrate to Oracle Database 12c? Great news: we can offer training courses designed to help expand the skill-set and expertise of any database administrator managing consolidation in data centers, database operations and engineered systems. For a full Database Cloud Service experience, view the recently released Oracle Cloud Learning Subscription.

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Monday Sep 14, 2015

Oracle ERP Cloud - A Learning Solution for Your Entire Team

Is your organization implementing one or more Oracle ERP Cloud applications? Are you unsure whether you or your team should consider training for these applications? Or do you even know if there's any training available that's right for your team? Oracle University has just it made it easy for you.

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Friday Sep 11, 2015

Oracle Training: New Courses for September - Just Released

At Oracle University we strive to offer training on Oracle's most recent product releases. Each month we release new courses to make sure our training portfolio is current. Here's Oracle's top new courses for September.

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Monday Sep 07, 2015

Oracle Big Data Fundamentals – An In-Depth Course Review

Oracle Big Data Fundamentals is a re-designed, 5-day course that provides lessons grouped into five Modules. This training is designed to convey Oracle's 3-phase strategy on how to work with, and leverage, Big Data as an Oracle customer.

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Tuesday Sep 01, 2015

Oracle Database & Java Cloud Services Interactive Workshops – a Creative Learning Approach for moving to the Public Cloud

Great news! An entire Oracle team created self-study interactive websites, each of which showcases multiple steps you can use to move to the Public Cloud, leveraging Oracle Cloud Services, so that you can get back to what you do best – innovating on your job!

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Wednesday Aug 26, 2015

5 Tips: How to Plan Training for Your ERP Implementation

Including change management as a part of your ERP implementation strategy will help accelerate adoption and reduce risks. Ease the transition process for impacted teams and make them more likely to embrace new processes. Here are 5 tips on how to prepare for your ERP training plan.

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Friday Aug 21, 2015

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Training is Now Available for Customers wanting to Start Learning about this New Engineered System

The 'Oracle Private Cloud Appliance: Overview' Seminar introduces essential concepts for administration and operation of the virtualization environment, hosted by the Private Cloud Appliance helping you manage Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Get the training you need today!

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Monday Aug 17, 2015

Oracle Solaris Curriculum and Certification Guide - Let Us Help You with Your Career

The 'Oracle Solaris Curriculum and Certification Guide' illustrates’ the various learning opportunities offered by Oracle University, from which you can choose to tailor your own learning path. Read the article to learn more.

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Wednesday Aug 05, 2015

Oracle Training - New Courses for August – Just Released

At Oracle University, our goal is to offer training on Oracle's most recent product releases. Each month we release new courses to make sure our training portfolio is current. Courses can typically be taken in the classroom or online. Check out Oracle’s Top New Courses for August.

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Monday Jul 27, 2015

Oracle Retail 14.x Training

Have you ever wondered if training is available for your Oracle Retail 14.1 and 14.0 solutions? Do you need to learn how to configure, administer, manage and use your Oracle Retail applications? Oracle University offers over 20 courses that span the Oracle Retail product set in several convenient formats.

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Wednesday Jul 22, 2015

Embracing the Cloud? Don’t Overlook the Importance of Training

Lack of training is often cited as a serious obstacle to successful transition to the cloud. In Sept.2014, a survey by IDC discovered that 56% of respondents from European IT departments have trouble finding qualified staff to support cloud projects, and 61% struggle to provide employees with the skills they need to work with cloud service providers.

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Thursday Jul 16, 2015

Learning Solutions for Oracle HCM Cloud Applications

Many organizations are transitioning to Oracle HCM Cloud applications in order to leverage the benefits of cloud technologies to help find and retain the best talent and to increase global agility. When implementing your HCM cloud applications, don't overlook that your staff need proper training to ensure the successful adoption of your applications.

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