Friday Jun 10, 2016

Oracle Utilities - A Training Solution for Your Implementation Team

Are you transitioning to an Oracle Utilities solution? If so, expand your Oracle Utilities knowledge to ensure a successful implementation that meets your business requirements. Read on to learn how Oracle University offers a training solution that addresses these exact needs.

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Tuesday Jun 07, 2016

New Courses, Learning Subscriptions and Certifications for June 2016 - Just Released!

On a monthly basis, we offer new releases to meet your training needs. Explore Oracle University's new courses, learning subscriptions and certifications for June today! It's a great time to expand your skill set and validate your knowledge to gain an edge in the job market.

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Thursday Jun 02, 2016

Going to Oracle OpenWorld or JavaOne? Don’t Miss Out on Oracle Preconference Training!

Are you going to Oracle OpenWorld or JavaOne? Enroll in Preconference Training on Sunday, September 18th, from 8:30am to 3:30pm, with an hour break for lunch. Oracle experts take you on a deep dive into a full day of accelerated training. Read on to learn more!

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Tuesday May 31, 2016

Demand for Big Data Skills is Growing. Are You Ready?

CIO’s list of the 10 hottest skills for 2016 shows an increase in demand for Big Data skills, up from number 10 in 2015 to number 4 this year. Explore why over 36% of companies will look for candidates with Big Data training and skills during the next 12 months. 

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Wednesday May 25, 2016

New WebLogic Classes Releasing in June, 2016 – Enroll Today!

If you need to develop and deploy applications across cloud environments, engineered systems and conventional systems, get started with WebLogic training. Hands-on courses will help you develop the skills you need to work with Oracle’s #1 application server.

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Tuesday May 24, 2016

Mind the Gap - How Can Young Job Candidates Increase Employer Satisfaction?

Being young these days has a lot of perks: from access to evolving technology and free information to borderless labor markets. Despite all these opportunities, young people often find it difficult to get a job after graduating. Read on to learn how Oracle University's training and certification program can help you get hired.

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Wednesday May 18, 2016

How Training Impacts Your Cloud Business Strategy

Cloud solutions offer organizations increased operational efficiency, better business agility, tighter staff collaboration, real-time intelligence, lower total cost of IT ownership, reliability, scalability and more. Learn how Oracle University Cloud training is fundamental to experiencing these benefits.

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Monday May 16, 2016

New Courses and Certifications for May 2016 - Just Released!

Need to learn a new product, sharpen your skill set or go after a new job in the competitive tech space? Investing in hands-on, interactive training through Oracle University is a great place to start. Explore newly released training courses and certifications.

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Monday May 09, 2016

Oracle Commerce Training - Getting Started for Business Users

Are you an eCommerce manager or merchandiser tasked with using Oracle Commerce to optimize your website's customer experience to maximize online revenue? Where do you start? Instead of immediately jumping to the planning phase, we recommend Oracle Commerce training for key team members. Explore three reasons to invest in training to generate maximum impact on your site.

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Thursday May 05, 2016

A "Smart Nation" – a Vision for the Future of Singapore

As a small, densely populated country, Singapore faces two main challenges to remain competitive in the global marketplace: land scarcity and an aging population. These limitations have propelled the government to announce its intention to build a “Smart Nation” – a vision that will embed technology into the daily lives and activities of each resident.

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Tuesday May 03, 2016

How SaaS Training Vendors Meet the Needs of Today’s Learner

The rise of SaaS and the resulting business changes have deep implications for training. With the continuing proliferation of the web, more companies are adopting cloud computing solutions for business applications across the spectrum. Read on to learn more.

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Wednesday Apr 27, 2016

Learn Oracle Application Express – Based on Oracle Database and PL/SQL Technology

With Application Express training, you can learn how to design, develop and deploy beautiful, responsive, database-driven applications using only your web browser. See how you can take advantage of this fully-supported, no-cost feature of the Oracle Database and gain new skills along the way.

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Monday Apr 25, 2016

Training Available for Oracle SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud has experienced strong adoption, supporting 70+ million users, and more than 34 billion transactions each day. To support these strong adoption rates for Oracle Cloud services, Oracle University has developed a robust portfolio of offerings to help IT professionals gain the skills you need to transition to the Cloud.

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Wednesday Apr 20, 2016

Expert Instructor Insights: Troubleshooting Application Engine

Michael Duncan, Senior Principal Instructor at Oracle University, explores some of the common errors you might run into when you're testing and debugging Application Engine programs. Read on to learn more.

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