Friday Feb 21, 2014

February 2014 Oracle University Round-Up

If you’re like most of us, you’re interested in finding ways to save money. This month we have released new Oracle Training and Certification packages that can save you up to 20%.

These discount packages are new this month:

We also have many new training courses. Here’s a sampling.

PeopleSoft 9.2 and PeopleTools 8.53 - More Training

We continue to release PeopleSoft and PeopleTools courses to meet your business needs.

Oracle Sales Cloud - New Training Now Available

Prepare your team to implement, customize and reap the benefits of Oracle Sales Cloud applications.

Primavera Unifier (Skire) - New Training On Demand Courses

The following Primavera Unifier (Skire) courses are now available in our Training On Demand format. Get access to courses taught by top Oracle instructors when it fits your schedule - whenever you want, wherever you want.

Siebel - New Open UI Training

Learn how to use the new browser-independent framework to customize Siebel client-side application logic and rendering using standard web development techniques.

New Oracle GoldenGate 12c and Oracle Hyperion Training

Oracle Database 12c New Releases

The list of courses for Oracle Database 12c continues to grow. Here are some new courses and an update on certification.

Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration - learn to use Oracle Data Guard to protect the database against planned and unplanned down times.

Oracle Database 12c Certification

Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professionals (OCP) can upgrade to the new Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional certification by taking a single exam, "Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c" (1Z1-060). This is an opportunity for candidates certified on earlier versions of the databases to upgrade to the latest version with only one exam.

We look forward to hearing from you in the comments section and hope to see you in class!

Thursday Feb 20, 2014

Developing Java Apps for Embedded Devices

By Tom McGinn, Java Curriculum Developer 

The buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow.

It's not hard to see how the proliferation of intelligent devices has become a natural part of our digital world. Nearly everyone carries an intelligent device in the form of a smart of feature phone, but did you know by the year 2020, there will be more than six connected devices per person?

These devices will:

  • Make our cars more efficient and reliable.
  • Monitor our homes and work places.
  • Keep track of shipments and other assets.
  • Remotely manage utilities and infrastructure and more.

Oracle Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) Embedded 

Oracle Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) Embedded is the proven platform for these devices, allowing developers to leverage their existing skills, while creating applications that take advantage of micro controllers and sensors.

By enrolling in Java ME Embedded: Develop Applications for Embedded Devices, a new Oracle University course, you can learn how to write embedded applications that read and write to peripheral devices, including: analog sensor devices, switches, LEDs, pulse sensors, inter-integrated circuits and much more.

This focused, two-day course also helps you develop the skills to manage data collection and distribution, including the Application Management System (AMS), Generic Connection Framework, logging, network and file I/O and record management storage.

Jump into the Internet of Things today!

Wednesday Feb 19, 2014

PeopleSoft 9.2 Human Capital Management Training for Success

By Jim Vonick, Senior Product Manager, Oracle University

Training should be a part of your PeopleSoft 9.2 Human Capital Management implementation plan. This holds true for both upgrades and new implementations.

Why Enroll in PeopleSoft 9.2 Human Capital Management Training?

  • Training helps you develop the skills and knowledge needed to ensure a smooth, rapid and successful implementation of your PeopleSoft applications in support of your organization's HCM processes.
  • Hands-on courses offer you step-by-step instruction for implementing, using and maintaining your applications.
  • You'll develop an understanding of the application and configuration options so you can make better decisions during your implementation.
  • Training can also help you identify any additional development work that may be necessary to customize your applications. 
  • You'll know how to ensure integration between different modules within your overall business process.

Who Needs PeopleSoft 9.2 Human Capital Management Training?

Project team training is critical at the start of a new implementation, including configuration training on the core application modules being implemented. Courses vary based on your role in the implementation and ongoing use of the application.

Oracle University's PeopleSoft 9.2 training is designed for these job roles:

· Configuration or functional implementers

· Implementation consultants (including Oracle partners)

· Super users

· Business analysts

· Financial reporting specialists

· Administrators

PeopleSoft 9.2 Human Capital Management - Available Training 

Oracle University offers over 20 courses for PeopleSoft Human Capital Management applications. Accelerated courses, which include content from two courses, are recommended for more experienced team members. 

Watch this short video to see an overview of all available PeopleSoft training. 

Some of the available courses include: 

New Features and Delta Courses

·   PeopleSoft HCM Solutions Rel 9.2 New Features

·   PeopleSoft HCM Rel 8.9 to 9.2 Delta

·   PeopleSoft HCM Rel 9.0 to 9.2 Delta 

Core Training Courses

·   Introduction to PeopleSoft for HCM Rel 9.2

Functional Training Courses

·   PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9.2 

·   PeopleSoft Benefits Administration Rel 9.2

·   PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions Rel 9.2

·   PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2

·   PeopleSoft Absence Management Rel 9.2 

·   PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management Rel 9.2

North America Specific Courses

·   PeopleSoft Payroll – Canada Rel 9.2 

·   PeopleSoft Payroll – US Rel 9.2 

·   PeopleSoft Base Benefits – Canada Rel 9.2 

·   PeopleSoft Base Benefits – U.S. Rel 9.2 

·   PeopleSoft Time and Labor – North America Rel 9.2

North America Accelerated Courses

·   Intro to PeopleSoft/HR/Benefits Accelerated – Canada Rel 9.2 

·   Intro to PeopleSoft/HR/Benefits Accelerated – US Rel 9.2 

Browse Oracle University’s entire selection of PeopleSoft 9.2 Human Capital Management training courses to learn more.

Tuesday Feb 11, 2014

Oracle University Learning Paths Help You Get Where You’re Going

-Written by the Oracle University Marketing Team

Does figuring out which training course to take sometimes feel like walking through a maze? Any journey goes more smoothly when you know where you're headed.

Oracle University offers learning paths that map to different job roles. These easy-to-follow roadmaps help you decide which training makes the most sense for you now, and for your where you're aiming to go. 

Learning Paths Recommend Specific Courses to Build Your Skill Set

These learning paths help you select a recommended sequence of training courses designed to maximize your skills. As you become more and more proficient and progress down the learning path, you'll acquire a skill set that not only helps you more effectively complete tasks in your daily job; you'll also become more marketable when interviewing for new opportunities

  • Courses early in the learning path cover fundamental concepts and baseline skills.
  • Later courses deep dive into more advanced, expert-level topics.
  • By keeping a learning path in mind as you plan your educational activities, you can easily determine which courses will best meet your requirements based on your current skill level.

Develop Advanced Skills & Create New Career Opportunities

Ready to accelerate your career growth?

Invest time elevating your skill set through training with expert Oracle University instructors. Earn well-respected credentials of expertise through our certification program to stand out to current and future employers.

Explore Oracle University's training and certification offerings today to see which learning path is right for you.


Oracle University is THE trusted provider of quality, expert Oracle training & certification. All training is delivered by our Elite global team of Oracle experts and made available in multiple learning formats for anytime, anywhere training.

Delivery methods include:
- Traditional classroom,
- Live Virtual Class,
- Oracle Learning Subscriptions,
- Training On Demand.

For buying confidence all our training is backed by the unique 100% student satisfaction guarantee.

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