Thursday Sep 26, 2013

Oracle RightNow Curriculum Update: Part I

Oracle Cloud products are constantly being rejuvenated to improve functionality, add new features and respond to changing customer needs.  The hands-on Oracle University training that accompanies these products needs to keep up with these software releases as well in order to be effective.

With all of the changes to the software and training, choosing which course to enroll in can be challenging!

This is the first in a two-part series that is intended to help you confidently select the appropriate Oracle RightNow courses to further your product expertise and make an impact on your organization.

· Part I focuses on training for developers and business users. 
· Part II focuses on training for administrators.

RightNow Curriculum Training

Due to the rapid pace of RightNow software releases, Oracle University does not include a release number in the course titles for this product line. Instead, we make sure that the courses listed on our website are appropriate for all customers running the latest release of our product, unless otherwise noted.

The latest release of our curriculum has recently undergone major restructuring and course renaming. This can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re looking for an older course title; however, we’re confident that the current curriculum includes many improvements that will enhance your learning experience and provide the training you need.

RightNow Training: Pick the Format that Works Best for You

RightNow courses are offered as traditional Classroom Training and as Live Virtual Classes delivered over the Internet. Some courses are also available in our new Training On Demand format. This recorded format gives you access to top instructors in a sophisticated streaming video of a complete course, which includes lectures and training labs.

RightNow Developer Training

  • RightNow Customer Portal Cloud Service Customization for Developers (2 days): This course teaches you how to customize and extend the RightNow Customer Portal website. It covers both look-and-feel customizations as well as changing or extending page content by adding pre-written widgets, customizing existing widgets or writing new functional component widgets from scratch.
  • RightNow Integration and Customization for Developers (3 days): This course replaces RightNow Customer Portal for Developers and teaches you the core knowledge needed to begin integrating data from RightNow CX with other systems. Get introduced to add-in development using the RightNow Desktop Add-in Framework. Prerequisites: Object-oriented programming, C#, .Net application development. Knowledge of SQL and relational databases would also be helpful.

Functional RightNow Courses

  • RightNow Outreach & Feedback (3 Days): This course teaches System Administrators and Marketers how to use RightNow CX as the engine for targeted mailings, marketing campaigns and consumer surveys. 

  • RightNow Analytics (2 Days): RightNow Analytics allows analysts to extract key information related to all CX components so you can develop performance strategies based on collected data. This course covers key analytics administration topics for the latest generally available version of RightNow CX. Prerequisites: basic understanding of relational databases and some RightNow CX Analytics experience.

Retired RightNow Courses

RightNow Marketing & Feedback - Replaced by RightNow Outreach & Feedback

Curious about the entire RightNow curriculum? Explore Oracle University's available Oracle RightNow Training.

-Keith Ackley, Senior Practice Manager, Oracle University

Tuesday Sep 17, 2013

September 2013 Oracle University Round-Up: New Courses & Certifications

We are keeping busy here at Oracle University, rolling out many new courses this September. Here are some highlights.

PeopleSoft Release 9.2

Lots of new training is now available for your PeopleSoft Release 9.2 Human Capital Management, Financial and Supply Chain solutions. 

Financial Management

Human Capital Management

Supply Chain Management

RightNow - get up to speed on your RightNow CX Cloud Services with these updated courses.

Taleo - the new Taleo Recruiting application includes new features and additional functionality.

New Training for Oracle Utilities

Getting Started with Oracle Database 12c

Oracle Database 12c training and certifications are developed in collaboration with Product Engineering. View our new Oracle Database 12c Curriculum Video to learn more.

New Training for Operating Systems, Virtualization & Oracle Systems

Oracle Solaris Training

Oracle Linux Training

Oracle Virtualization Training

Hyperion Training 

Featured Certification

Enroll in training courses to build your knowledge, earn well-respected certifications and gain an edge in the job market by standing out from your peers. We love hearing from you, so please send us your comments!

-Oracle University Marketing Team

Wednesday Sep 11, 2013

Cloud Application Foundation – The #1 Application Foundation Across Conventional and Cloud Environments

Is your company looking to:

  • Introduce new products faster?
  • Reduce costs?
  • Increase productivity?

Cloud Computing Can Help You Meet these Goals

Oracle’s Cloud Application Foundation provides a unified platform across conventional and Cloud environments, which helps companies deliver next generation applications, simplify operations, accelerate time-to-market, lower total cost of ownership and derive more value from their application infrastructure.

On July 11, 2013 Oracle released Cloud Application Foundation 12c.

We made significant enhancements to key products, including Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, the #1 application server across conventional and cloud environments, and Oracle Coherence 12c, the industry’s leading in-memory grid solution.

Oracle University is your source for training on Oracle’s industry-leading application server product line and next generation application grid products. Oracle University Application Server and Infrastructure training helps you develop the skills that will allow you to:

  • Increase the performance and scalability of your organization’s applications and services.
  • Simplify deployment and accelerate time-to-market.
  • Reduce the time required to develop internet applications.

View video to learn about Oracle's Application Server & Infrastructure Training.

Enroll in Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and Oracle Coherence 12c Training Today

  • Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration II - This course teaches you how to perform important Oracle WebLogic Server 12c administrative tasks. It is the continuation of the Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I course.

  • Oracle Coherence 12c: New Features - This course covers the new product features and enhancements added with the release of Coherence 3.1 and Coherence 12c. It is intended for the developer familiar with Coherence 3.6

Visit to view all Application Server and Infrastructure courses and certification details.

-Jerilyn Stiles, Oracle University Principal Curriculum Product Manager

Tuesday Sep 10, 2013

Instructor Insight: Automatic Data Optimization in Oracle Database 12c

With today's constant challenges of evolving data over time, administrators need to track how and whether this data has been accessed.

With Oracle 12c Automatic Data Optimization (ADO), administrators can track metrics at the segment or block level and react with a preferred automatic optimization. The administrator can choose to optionally compress if there hasn't been any access for some time and also potentially move the data to an archive area of storage.

Information Lifecycle Management Policy (ILM)

With your organization's Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) policy, the data can be separated in various ILM categories and reside in different tablespaces and datafiles. Some are highly active and provide the greatest performance access, while the older/archived data - residing in storage where it isn’t accessed as frequently - can be stored at lower cost.

Achieve SLAs and Performance Goals

With the different ADO policies, you as the administrator can achieve your SLAs and performance goals. Explore ADO policies and more by enrolling in Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators. This course is available in our Training On Demand, Live Virtual Class or Classroom Training format.

-Christopher Andrews, Senior Principal Instructor, Oracle University

Friday Sep 06, 2013

Maximize Your Taleo Cloud Application Investment through Training

Your objective is to get the most out of your Oracle Taleo Cloud application investment, right?

This happens when your employees use and optimize the application on the job on a daily basis and requires that learning go beyond the initial training event. It continues past project “go-live,” and is iterative and continuous.

Oracle University Taleo Training

Oracle University understands your need to leverage your Oracle Taleo Cloud investment. Depending on your training requirements, we design Taleo training solutions so you’re consistently expanding your knowledge and skills. There is ample opportunity to try, practice, use, explore and gain business productivity from the Taleo application.

Experiencing these benefits begins with ensuring your teams have the right-sized training solutions they need to complete business tasks quickly and efficiently.

Requirement: How do I deliver Taleo training across the globe to thousands of recruiters and hiring managers, in different time zones, in different languages?

1) Train-the-Trainer Program

Train your local staff to deliver the training. Our education consultants provide expert coaching and guidance to teach you the most effective way to deliver Taleo training. This training is supplemented with our own professional training materials for both instructors and students.


  • Gain greater control over your own training rollout and schedule.
  • The upfront investment pays for itself after the first 20 students are trained.

2) Courseware and Tool Kits

We make our professional training materials available to you to support your Taleo application training events. Each Tool Kit provides core participant materials in an editable, soft copy format. This format let you tailor the content to your needs and includes a Student Session Guide with hands-on exercises, job aids and more.


  • Courseware includes a Leader’s Presentation Guide with instructor notes to facilitate the training, a training agenda and more. No need to start from scratch; leverage pre-built into courseware and templates.
  • Our education consultant can customize the standard course materials, according to your configured application, accelerating your training rollout.

3) Custom Elearning

Deploy highly-interactive elearning by role, custom-tailored to your business processes. Elearning is available in See It, Try It and other modes to reinforce learning.


  • Users can access training 24 x 7.
  • Training can be deployed at workstations, kiosks and/or on mobile devices.

Interested? Call your local Education Sales Rep or Education Sales Consultant to discuss training solutions that fit your needs.

-Lynn Viduya, Oracle University Practice Director

Oracle University is THE trusted provider of quality, expert Oracle training & certification. All training is delivered by our Elite global team of Oracle experts and made available in multiple learning formats for anytime, anywhere training.

Delivery methods include:
- Traditional classroom,
- Live Virtual Class,
- Oracle Learning Subscriptions,
- Training On Demand.

For buying confidence all our training is backed by the unique 100% student satisfaction guarantee.

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