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20 Oracle Database 12cR2 Questions Answered

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Interested in further details on this topic? View full webinar recording here.Q&A from Oracle Database Application Containers webinar with Joel Goodman

Oracle expert instructor Joel Goodman held a free live webinar for database administrators interested in keeping up with the latest enhancements in Oracle Database Application Containers on February 2nd. This interactive session focused on using Application Containers in 12c R2 to support cases when multiple departments or organizations use the same application.

With over 1,000 registrations globally, the webinar was also an opportunity for database administrators to raise questions and get their answers from the source. If you missed the session, here are the top 20 questions answered by Oracle instructor and webinar speaker, Joel Goodman.

20 Oracle Database 12cR2 questions answered

Q: Is the backup and restore plan for application containers the same as the pluggable database method?

A: All the PDBs within the application container can be backed up at the same time with RMAN.

Q: Does In-memory require a separate license cost?

A: Yes, In-memory does require a separate license cost.

Q: What is the effect of Oracle Golden Gate and Oracle RAC on Oracle 11g R2, upgraded to Oracle 12c R2?

A: Oracle 12c R2 has RAC and Grid Infrastructure and many new features, and Golden Gate is supported as well.

Q: With a new release every year, is there an implication on licensing?

A: All license costs must be discussed with the Oracle Account manager. You can search for your local contact on the Oracle contact page.

Q: Can you send the link for the Database Upgrade Learning Subscription, along with the details of the cost?

A: Have a look at the Database Upgrade Learning Subscription

Q: Can you tell me why you use different application groups and have multiple application pdbs in that group?

A: Typically, each separate application in the same Container Database is installed in its own Application container. And each separate use of that application by a different department or company would have a separate application PDB in the application container.

Q: Will CDB's become the future?

A: Eventually, Oracle databases will only support the multi-tenant architecture.

Q: Can we migrate multiple stand-alone databases which belong to one application to a single application container?

A: Yes, but that would require consolidating the several databases into one either before migration to the application container, or to import the databases separately into the application root.

Q: How many container databases can we create in a single database?

A: 252 PDBs aside from PDB$SEED in 21.1 and 4096 in 12.2.

Q: Are Oracle University courses going to change every now and again?

A: Yes, but the learning subscription will be more agile andwill  have content far sooner than the courses will.

Q: What is the maximum number of pdb apps that are supported per each application root?

A: There is no limit.

Q: How is writing on app_child containers being handled? Is there some kind of overlay storing only for the changed blocks?

A: This is all transparent. The application is written just as it would be in a non CDB.

Q: Can we clone the application container and make them across PDB?

A: Yes, you can do this by cloning the PDB.

Q: What is the limit of CDB, App-container, PDB in a single server?

A: There is no limit for CDBs on a server. In 12.2, there is a maximum of 4096 PDBs per CDB. Since each Application container requires a root and at least one more PDB, the limit for Application containers is lower.

Q: Does the enterprise package in Oracle Cloud support multi-tenant?

A: No, this requires either the High Performance or the Extreme Performance Package.   

Q: Can you apply several application patches to an application container?

A: Yes, but only one at a time.

Q: What is the prize for Oracle certification?

A: Different people get certified for different reasons. It could be a job requirement, or to get it on their CV for a job search, or for personal satisfaction. Have a look at the Certification Success Stories page.

Q: Can I have one PDB at release 1, and a second PDB at release 2?

A: There is only one instance, so all containers are effectively on the same version and release.

Q: Is the alert log the same for all pdbs in a cdb or application container, or are they different? I am referring to the application release of the course.

A: There is one alert log for a Multi-tenant Container database.

Q: Are there certifications for Oracle Developers, as opposed to DBAs?

A: Yes, but not in the Oracle Database Upgrade Learning Subscription. If you want to receive regular updates around this topic, you can subscribe to the Oracle University Developer newsletter. More information has been published in last months’ issue.

Interested in further details on this topic?

View full webinar recording here.

About Joel Goodman, Global Technical Lead, Oracle University

With over 40 years' experience in the computing industry, and 22 years in Oracle DBA technology, Joel Goodman is currently the Global Technical Lead for Oracle Database Certification Exam Development at Oracle.

He is a frequent conference speaker, covering a variety of advanced DBA topics, including RAC, DataGuard, Cloud Computing with the Oracle Database, Data Warehousing, Performance Tuning Partitioning, Exadata and Multi-tenant. Joel also assists Oracle University with curriculum creation by providing Quality Assurance during course development.

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