Friday Jan 13, 2017

The Evolution and Future of Analytics

We live in a world where things around us are ever changing. Measurement metrics are just in time, predictive and need a lot of augmented intelligence; however, we're developing more complex mind analytics related to buying patterns. This new type of analytics can give us insight into how the customer feels and more.

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Tuesday Jan 10, 2017

Easily Migrate Workloads to the Cloud with Oracle Database 12c R2 New Features Training

With so much happening in the cloud these days, you don’t want to miss the Oracle Database 12c R2: New Features for 12c R1 Administrators TrainingNew data management capabilities enable companies of all sizes to confidently and easily migrate workloads to the cloud. Benefit from massive cloud scalability and rapid analytics that deliver faster time to insights, greater agility and real cost savings.

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Thursday Jan 05, 2017

Oracle Training Available for OpenStack

Oracle is partnering with OpenStack, which provides open source software for creating private and public clouds. OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter. Oracle University offers two courses to help you get started with OpenStack administration with Oracle Operating Systems.

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Tuesday Jan 03, 2017

Train Now to Optimize Your Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

Administration of the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance enables cost reduction. Eliminate multi-vendor integration, remove the risk of cabling, hardware or software configuration errors and reduce time needed to deploy new applications.

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Wednesday Dec 21, 2016

What's Causing the Youth Unemployment Crisis?

The problem of youth unemployment is nothing new. Since the economic crisis, it has been difficult for young people to enter the workforce. Even if the economy has shown signs of recovery, there are other factors giving students and graduates headaches: the lack of in demand skills and greater competition.

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Monday Dec 19, 2016

Get 24/7 Access to Continuously Updated PaaS Courses for 12 Months!

Oracle University developed the Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service Learning Subscription to help IT professionals, developers and business leaders integrate and connect multiple cloud and on-premises applications. Get 24/7 access to continuously updated digital courses for 12 months. Learn more >

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Wednesday Dec 14, 2016

Cloud Applications: Change Management and Training to Ensure User Adoption

The migration to cloud causes enterprises, work teams and individuals to work differently. Cloud application typically offers a more efficient workflow, streamlined access or seamless data integration; however, enterprises only realize those benefits if employees adopt new processes, which requires new skills.

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Tuesday Dec 13, 2016

FREE Oracle SaaS Webinar Series: New Features Previews for Rel 12

Get a first look at the new features for the upcoming Oracle Applications Cloud Release 12. Learn what this means for you and your organization by attending one of our free live training events. Join Oracle experts for a series of live webinars to help you start planning how to best leverage Release 12.

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Monday Dec 12, 2016

10 Things to Know about Guided Learning for End User Adoption

End user adoption is the primary determinant of success for any cloud implementationIf users don't know how to properly use enterprise applications or business processes they were designed to support, they will never realize the value of their investment. This lack of understanding makes it difficult to remain competitive in the marketplace. See how Guided Learning solves this problem.

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Tuesday Dec 06, 2016

Java EE Training - Expand Your Skills to Enterprise Applications

The Java EE platform provides an API and runtime environment for developing and running large-scale, multi-tiered, scalable and secure network applications. Here are a few Oracle University courses to consider to help you develop better enterprise applications.

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Monday Dec 05, 2016

New Training and Certifications for December - Now Available!

Take a few minutes to explore Oracle University's new and updated training and certifications. Depending on your needs and schedule, take individual courses, or purchase flexible, all digital Oracle Learning Subscriptions. Subscriptions give you access to 12 months of course content that's updated on a regular basis to keep pace with changing technology.

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Tuesday Nov 29, 2016

Metamorphosis of the Refrigerator: Why IOT Skills Are Essential for the Future

Today, we are driven by a "world of devices" that's growing every day. Every citizen and every organization is connected to multi modal devices. In the future, each of these devices will communicate. Developing IOT skills is a key requirement for future developers and architects who want to enrich applications.

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Monday Nov 21, 2016

Women and Work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum published a study concerning the dynamics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Future of Jobs highlights that fact that female talent remains one of the most underutilized business resources, either lost through lack of progression or untapped from the beginning. Learn more >

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Wednesday Nov 16, 2016

Looking for a Modern Education? Reach for the Cloud

The cloud is more than just coming of age. It is beginning to dominate all aspects of our personal and professional lives - transforming our workplace, what and how we buy, and our social interactions. But what about how we learn? Read on to learn more.

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