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Time Slider in Oracle Spatial Studio 20.1

David Lapp
Product Manager

Oracle Spatial Studio version 20.1 includes a new Time Slider feature to view change over time. This feature operates on map layers based on tables with a date column. Users may configure the date columns and time unit for the Time Slider.  The following describes the use of this new feature.

The Time Slider requires one or more map layers with column(s) of type DATE. In the example below, the TEMPORAL_POINTS has a column called CAPTURE_DATE of type DATE:

To use the time slider, create a layer by dragging a Dataset to a map and click the map’s Settings icon. In the Settings dialog turn on the “Show: time slider” option and click OK:

The Time Slider is now displayed and must be configured. Click on the time slider’s Settings icon to open Time Slider Settings. Each map layer having one or more DATE columns is listed. In this case we have only one. Select the date column and unit of time to be controlled by the time slider, and then click OK:

The Time Slider is now controlling display of our selected layer(s). For example, we can move the slider to see the change in our data on 4/30/20 from 6pm (18:00 hours) to 7pm (19:00 hours):

If you add additional layers having DATE columns to the map, you may return to Time Slider Settings and add columns and they will also be controlled by the time slider.

A couple of additional important points on the new time slider feature:

  • Datasets used with the Time Slider must be based on tables (not views). This means that Datasets based on analysis result or pre-defined views cannot be used with the Time Slider. We are working to relax this restriction for an upcoming release.
  • After applying Refresh Layer or Refresh All Layers the Time Slider will stop working. In this case you must save, close and reopen your Project and the Time Slider will operate normally. This issue  will be fixed in an upcoming release.

We hope this introduction has peaked your interest in trying new Time Slider feature.

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