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Performing spatial analyses on Latitude, Longitude data in Oracle Database

Jayant Sharma, and David Lapp

Many applications use GPS coordinates and other location information that is published as a pair of Longitude and Latitude or X and Y values. A frequent question of late on various forums has been: "We have the locations of our sites in a table with Latitude and Longitude as separate columns. How do we find sites that are say within 10 miles from a given site?".

This post shows how to do that, and other spatial queries, using function-based indexes and spatial operators in an Oracle database. 

First, let's create a table and insert some data into it. 

Note: The following SQL statements were executed using SQLcl 

-- create a table of PRESCHOOLS
Create table preschools (
Id number, 
Name   varchar2(64),
Longitude  number,
Latitude  number) ;
-- insert some sample data  Insert into preschools values(1, 'CS Montessori', 103.871862, 1.35067551);
Insert into preschools values(2, 'Dayspring',  103.898939, 1.41490187);
Insert into preschools values(3, 'Divinity', 103.890186, 1.33249633);
Insert into preschools values(4, 'Dreamkids', 103.903339, 1.30438467);
Insert into preschools values(5, 'Elite Learning', 103.697497, 1.34435137);
Insert into preschools values(6, 'Evelyns', 103.701169, 1.3461552);
Insert into preschools values(7, 'Grace House', 103.816386, 1.29430568);
Insert into preschools values(8, 'Gracefields', 103.824479, 1.30058938);
Insert into preschools values(9, 'Hanis', 103.93705, 1.37406387);
Insert into preschools values(10, 'Iroha', 103.880829, 1.30800945);
Insert into preschools values(11, 'Jenius', 103.883566, 1.37757028);
Insert into preschools values(12, 'ACES', 103.953599, 1.37714073);
Insert into preschools values(13, 'Artskidz', 103.831883, 1.37880334);
Insert into preschools values(14, 'Banyan Tree', 103.87539, 1.37792345);
Insert into preschools values(15, 'Brainy Bunch', 103.891524, 1.32313886);
Insert into preschools values(16, 'Buttercups', 103.788347, 1.30535122);
Insert into preschools values(17, 'Callidus', 103.845963, 1.35760846);
Insert into preschools values(18, 'Bethel', 103.886673, 1.32176645);
Insert into preschools values(19, 'Bibinogs', 103.810676, 1.32313886);
Insert into preschools values(20, 'Barker Road', 103.834489, 1.31918222);
-- commit; commit;

Now we can perform the necessary steps to

  1. Define a function which returns an SDO_GEOMETRY instance constructed using the Longitude and Latitude values for a preschool.
  2. Insert the metadata needed for using spatial operators and indexes.
  3. Create a function-based index.
  4. Execute spatial queries.

Step 1 is to define a function that accepts a preschool name and returns an SDO_GEOMETRY instance which is the location of that school.

-- define the sch_name_to_geom(name) function create or replace function sch_name_to_geom(aName in varchar2)
return sdo_geometry deterministic is
lon number;
lat number;
if aName is not null then
execute immediate
'select longitude, latitude from preschools where name=:1'
into lon, lat
using aName;
RETURN sdo_geometry(2001,
sdo_point_type(lon, lat, NULL),
exception when OTHERS then RETURN NULL;
else RETURN null;
end if;
show errors;

Step 2 is inserting the necessary metadata into the USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA view. This is needed for creating spatial indexes and using the spatial operators in queries. 

insert into user_sdo_geom_metadata values('PRESCHOOLS', 'STUDIO_HOL.SCH_NAME_TO_GEOM(name)',
sdo_dim_array(sdo_dim_element('Longitude', -180, 180, 0.5),
sdo_dim_element('Latitude', -90, 90, 0.5)), 4326);

-- NOTE: This example was done in STUDIO_HOL schema. Replace that with your specific schema/user

-- i.e. '<your_schema>.SCH_NAME_TO_GEOM'

Step 3 is create a function-based spatial index using SCH_NAME_TO_GEOM()

create index sch2geom_sidx on preschools(sch_name_to_geom(name)) indextype is mdsys.spatial_index_v2; -- query the spatial index metadata view to verify it was created 
select table_name, index_name from user_sdo_index_info ;                   TABLE_NAME                   INDEX_NAME 
____________________________ ____________________________ 
            PRESCHOOLS                   SCH2GEOM_SIDX                

Now we can perform some spatial queries. 

Find preschools that are within 5 Km of the 'Iroha' school. 

Select name, id from preschools where sdo_within_distance(sch_name_to_geom(name), sch_name_to_geom('Iroha'), 'distance=5 unit=km')='TRUE' and name <> 'Iroha';
NAME                ID 
________________    _____ 
Dreamkids           4  
Brainy Bunch        15 
Divinity            3 
Bethel              18 
CS Montessori       1 

-- Return the distance in KM too

Select name, id, sdo_geom.sdo_distance(sch_name_to_geom(name), sch_name_to_geom('Iroha'), 0.5, 'unit=km') DistInKM from preschools where 
sdo_within_distance(sch_name_to_geom(name), sch_name_to_geom('Iroha'), 'distance=5 unit=km')='TRUE' and name <> 'Iroha';

NAME              ID            DISTINKM 
________________  _____ ___________________ 
Dreamkids          4   2.53701589337829 
Brainy Bunch       15   2.0531435455936 
Divinity           3    2.90097770539312 
Bethel             18   1.65438174282452 
CS Montessori      1    4.82218375759093 

Find the 4 nearest schools to the 'Barker Road' school. 

select name from preschools where
sdo_nn(sch_name_to_geom(name), sch_name_to_geom('Barker Road'), 'sdo_num_res=5 sdo_batch_size=10')='TRUE' and name <> 'Barker Road';

Grace House    

Note that 5 preschools are returned by the sdo_nn() operator but we omit the 'Barker Road' itself school so the final result is 4 nearest preschools.


Now let's also get the (as the crow flies) distance of these preschools. 

select name, sdo_nn_distance(1) distInKM from preschools where
sdo_nn(sch_name_to_geom(name), sch_name_to_geom('Barker Road'), 'sdo_num_res=5 sdo_batch_size=10 unit=km', 1)='TRUE' and name <> 'Barker Road';

NAME            DISTINKM 
______________  ___________________ 
Gracefields      2.3383253177357 
Bibinogs         2.68602143954703
Grace House      3.4096128337165 
Callidus         4.43670650377725 

And there we have it.


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