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  • November 24, 2020

Oracle Graph Server and Client 20.4

The Property Graph feature of Oracle Database supports storage, query, analytics and visualization of graph data.  Graphs can be created from data in database tables, enabling new insights into your data by analyzing the connections and relationships in data.

Oracle Graph Server and Client is a separate downloadable software kit that includes several components of the Property Graph feature.   It releases four times a year and works with Oracle Database 12.2 and later.  Oracle Graph Server and Client 20.4 released in October 2020 and has several new features, notably the Python API:  

  • CREATE PROPERTY GRAPH (PGQL DDL) can now create a property graph directly in the in-memory graph server (PGX), reading data from database tables.
  • Python client for graph analytics (works with Jupyter Notebook).   A feature overview available in this AskTOM video.
  • Graph visualization tool enhancements
  • Zeppelin 0.9 support
  • Usability improvements

Cloud deployments can use the OCI Marketplace image, it works with any database cloud service, including Autonomous Database (and the free tier).  For on-premises deployment Oracle Graph Server and Client 20.4 can be downloaded from edelivery and oracle.com.   Oracle Graph Server and Client is typically installed in a separate Linux machine; for Cloud deployments the marketplace image will be installed in a compute node instance.  

For updated quickstarts please refer to the documentation.   

Learn more about the Property Graph feature of Oracle Database at oracle.com/goto/propertygraph.

Note: Graph Server and Client releases 4 times a year.   Users should upgrade when a new .y release is available.   Each x.4 release (last release of a CY) is a limited patch release.   This means security fixes and correctness bug fixes will be available as a patch for x.4 releases for 18 months.

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