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Oracle Graph Server and Client 20.1 is now available for download

Jean Ihm
Product Manager, Oracle Spatial and Graph

By Melliyal Annamalai, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Oracle Graph Server and Client 20.1, which includes property graph features for Oracle Database, is now available for download

Oracle Graph Server and Client 20.1 is a software package that works with Oracle Database.   It includes the in-memory analytics server (PGX) and client libraries required to work with the Property Graph feature in Oracle Database.  The package simplifies installation and provides access to the latest graph features and updates.   New Property Graph features in Oracle Graph Server and Client 20.1 include:

  • Support for working with Autonomous Database
  • New PGQL DDL to create a Property Graph from data in database tables
  • GraphViz: Lightweight, single-page web application to visualize graphs
  • New PGQL query features and algorithms:
  • TOP k CHEAPEST path queries
  • Compute High Degree Vertices
  • Create Distance Index
  • Limited Shortest Path (Hop Distance)
  • All Reachable Vertices/Edges
  • In-memory graph representation optimized for reduced memory usage and faster performance
  • Improved software packaging

Oracle Graph Server and Client works with Oracle Database 12.2 onward.

Download is available on edelivery.oracle.com and oracle.com.    Download and try it out by following install instructions in section 1.2 of the documentation.    Oracle Graph Server and Client is typically installed in a separate Linux machine; for Cloud deployment this would be a compute node instance.    Sections 1.6 and 1.7 include additional useful information for getting started, and section 1.9 includes a quickstart.

The Property Graph feature supports storage, modeling and analysis of data as graphs in Oracle Database.   Graphs are a different way of looking at data.  They enable data to be modeled based on relationships and connections between data entities.  Graph algorithms are designed specifically to analyze relationships in data, making possible additional data insights not easily discovered using other methods.   With graph analytics you can explore and discover connections and patterns in social networks, IoT, big data, data warehouses, and complex transaction data for applications such as fraud detection in banking, customer 360, and smart manufacturing.  

Learn more at oracle.com/goto/propertygraph.

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