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Graph Server and Client 20.3 is now available

Jayant Sharma
Sr. Director, Product Mgmt

A new release of Graph Server and Client (version 20.3) is now available.

Download it from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud 

or from the Graph page on oracle.com. 

New features and enhancements include:

  • PGQL plugin for SQLcl: Issue PGQL queries from SQLcl.
  • RDF Server: Enables a SPARQL endpoint without dependency on third party libraries. Issue SPARQL to Oracle or other RDF sources. Manage Oracle RDF content.
  • Synchronizer API: Keep graphs in the Graph Server (PGX) and the database in sync.
  • Updated OCI Marketplace image: A Weblogic license is no longer required.
  • Graph Server Authentication: Use the database as an identity provider.
  • Updated PL/SQL packages: Removes the MAX_STRING_SIZE = EXTENDED requirement.

Further details can be found in the documentation. The user guide for the PGQL plugin for SQLcl is available here.  

Note: The new Graph Server (PGX) authentication model is a breaking change and is mandatory for all deployments. 

There will be a series of blogs posts on each of the key enhancements or new features over the next few weeks. That is, there will be a blog post on the functionality and usage of each of the following:

  • The new Graph Server authentication and authorization model.
  • The PGQL plugin for SQLcl
  • The Sychronizer API
  • The RDF Server




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