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Jean Ihm
Product Manager, Oracle Spatial and Graph

Recently, several helpful learning resources on using graph technologies have become available.  Check out these videos and blog posts!

Videos and replays

AskTOM Office Hours Introduction to Property Graphs – February session replay:  https://youtu.be/e_lBqPh2k6Y  An intro to property graph use cases and features with a demo in this developer-oriented series.

Oracle Code Los Angeles session videos:

  • Property Graph 101 – Dan Vlamis, Vlamis Software – https://youtu.be/qaQO-mW6lFs  A great introduction to property graphs from Vlamis.

  • Analyzing Blockchain and Bitcoin Transaction Data – Zhe Wu, Oracle – https://youtu.be/w8OEVobyhFE   Zhe explains how graph databases can be used to gain insight into blockchain/bitcoin transaction data.

ODTUG Webinar recording:  Property Graphs 101: How to Get Started with Property Graphs on the Oracle Database –  Arthur Dayton, Vlamis Software https://youtu.be/QSj0zOjOAWI 
Arthur shows step-by-step how to use Oracle Database to take HR data in standard relational tables, convert them to Oracle’s property graph format, and perform graph visualizations and analysis to view relationships in the data.

More Spatial and Graph videos on our YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZqBavfLlCuS0il6zNY696w

Blog posts & presentation slides
Intro to Graphs at Oracle by Michael Sullivan, Oracle A-Team 
A great intro to Oracle’s graph technologies, covering both RDF semantic graphs and property graphs on Oracle Database and Oracle Big Data platforms.

GDPR and Analytics – Data Lineage on Steroids ITOUG presentation by Gianni Ceresa - https://speakerdeck.com/gianniceresa/gdpr-and-you-the-nightmare-of-ba

Blog post by Gianni Ceresa on https://gianniceresa.com/
An end-to-end example of graphs in Oracle Database using OE Sample Schema

Spatial and Graph Summit at Analytics and Data Summit, March 19-22, 2018
Slides are available at https://analyticsanddatasummit.org/schedule/ (currently for registered attendees only)



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