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Announcing Oracle RDF Graph Server and Query UI

Oracle Graph Server and Client 20.3 includes a new RDF graph feature: Oracle RDF Graph Server and Query UI.   This feature provides REST services and a Query UI for rapid development of a SPARQL endpoint that can be used to query RDF graphs in Oracle Database. 

The REST API enables communication with Oracle Database to create, update, and delete RDF graphs, rule bases, and entailments managed in Oracle Database.   The REST API can also be used for loading data, creating indexes, and other data management operations. 

RDF Graph Server eliminates the need for third party libraries (such as Apache Jena) to create a SPARQL end point.  The RDF Graph Server can be deployed in an application server like Oracle WebLogic Server.

The Query UI is a Oracle JET based client for building application webpages that query and display RDF graphs.  It supports queries across multiple data sources.  The data sources can be RDF graphs in Oracle Database, or an external data source accessed by a SPARQL endpoint URL, such as DBpedia (https://dbpedia.org/sparql), enabling federated query across internal and external data sources.

Oracle RDF Graph Server and Query UI is supported for use with RDF Graphs in Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Database cloud services, Oracle Exadata, and on-premise databases.  In Oracle Cloud it can be deployed in a compute node using the OCI Marketplace image, for easy install.  The RDF Server can then connect to a Oracle Database service to access RDF graphs in the database.   For on-premise systems, visit the Oracle Graph Server and Client downloads page and download 'Oracle Graph Webapps.'  This includes orardf-20.3.war, and the rdf-docs directory which contains the documentation.  You will need these resources to deploy Oracle RDF Server and Query UI.


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