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  • January 13, 2021

Announcing Oracle RDF Graph Adapter for Eclipse RDF4J

The RDF graph feature of Oracle Database adds a new adapter to its toolkit.   This adapter enables developers to use Eclipse RDF4J, a powerful Java framework for working with RDF data.   Java developers can now use the Eclipse RDF4J SAIL API when building enterprise knowledge graph applications using native RDF support in Oracle Database.

In addition to the Java API, the adapter supports an integration with the following Eclipse RDF4J tools:

  • Eclipse RD4J Server, which provides a SPARQL endpoint over HTTP.
  • Eclipse RDF4J Workbench, a web-based client UI for managing data and executing queries

The features of the adapter include APIs to load RDF data (bulk and incremental) into the database, query RDF graphs, and update RDF data managed by the database.

The RDF4J API will make it easier than ever for partners to integrate with the RDF graph feature of Oracle Database.

Oracle RDF Graph Adapter for Eclipse RDF4J can be downloaded from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.  Documentation is available with the product documentation.

Oracle RDF graph is used for linked open data, data integration, data sharing, and knowledge graph applications in public sector agencies, pharma, healthcare, and media companies.   Enterprises can store, manage, and query RDF graphs with the proven scalability, performance, security and reliability of Oracle Database. 


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  • Michael J Sullivan Thursday, January 14, 2021
    Congratulations! This is a nice addition to S&G.
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