IT Innovation | December 16, 2014

Oracle’s Journey to Customer Centricity

By: Stephanie Spada


Oracle got deadly serious about customer-centricity in 2004.
Back then we were famous for our database products, were just wrapping up the
acquisition of PeopleSoft and quickly expanding our applications business. Our approach since has been two-pronged,
consisting of acquiring new technologies through many further acquisitions and expanding
internal R&D efforts to broaden the company’s “solution footprint.”

The aggressive pace of acquisitions, starting with PeopleSoft,
meant that we really had to look at putting very specific customer retention
measures in place, with an eye toward pleasing customers who were accustomed to
a different sort of relationship with their technology provider. Our goal was -
and still is - to incorporate customer feedback into every facet of our
operations. We created (and acquired) better tools to help us listen to our
customers in a more comprehensive and consistent fashion, capturing both
structured and unstructured input through a variety of methods, including:

  • Web surveys,
  • Focus groups,
  • Executive advisory boards,
  • Individual customer interactions, and Marketplace studies

With the voice of the customer as our foundation, we have
built a closed-loop ecosystem that systematically takes feedback and then
analyzes, prioritizes, and propagates that feedback across the company. That
then drives actions to address the feedback from its root causes, communicates
back to customers what we’re doing, and ultimately asks customers if what we
have done helps them to be more successful. In the end, if our customers are more
successful in implementing technology to improve their business, then we retain
those customers – hopefully delight them – and drive more business for Oracle.

If you’d like to find out more about Oracle’s journey toward
customer-centricity check out the chapter
from a recently published book I had the pleasure to be a part of, called Ruthless Execution by Amir Hartman.

With the holiday season and the end of the year right around the corner, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our customers.  I hope this conversation helps you understand how Oracle's focus on your satisfaction drives our efforts.  Your success is our success.