Thursday Nov 27, 2014

Why Your Supply Chain Needs Science

Consumers today have more than one option in completing their shopping journey. With retailers increasing the number of touchpoints available to their customers, the importance of managing their supply chain simultaneously rises. Oracle Retail’s 2014 global consumer study, The New Retail Democracy, pointed to the fact that consumers are using new ways to shop, suggesting there is a growing understanding of the value of multiple touchpoints.

In the last year, 53% of respondents of the survey for the first time made a purchase on a PC or tablet and this figure is sure to continue to grow. Retailers now have no choice but to be ready for the influx of consumers that want to shop where they want and how they want. Hence, supply chain capabilities will play a key strategic role in meeting these increasingly diverse shopping habits. With greater visibility of their supply chain and improved analytics, retailers can ensure that a greater quantity of their stock is consistently available to targeted customers whilst decreasing spending on overstocks.

Managing inventory investment using science and optimisation increases customer satisfaction, organisational profit and results in a healthy cash flow. This type of precise management helps retailers better understand and manage their supply chain capacities and constraints, anticipating and eliminating potential disruptions.

For more information on the science of supply chain management click here.

Wednesday Oct 29, 2014

Commerce Anywhere Video Scribe Series – Two More Added!

We have added two more video scribes to our Commerce Anywhere series - now available to view are our videos on Category Management and Supply Chain! 

Commerce Anywhere: Making The Right Assortment Decisions with Advanced Retail Science details the importance of assortment in regards to consumers' decisions on where to shop. Retailers need to be able to cater for the broad selection of products consumers demand - however be able to identify the best items to hold on to or discontinue when reviewing stock. 

Commerce Anywhere: Meet Customers' Flexible Fulfilment Needs highlights the importance of delivering a seamless experience for customers, allowing them to engage with retailers at the touchpoints that they find convenient. As Amazon announce the introduction of same-day delivery, retailers need to examine how they fulfil shoppers' orders.

Tuesday Jun 04, 2013

Oracle Retail Supports Australia’s Newest Home Improvement Offering from Masters

Home improvement retailer Masters completed a 13 month implementation of a broad set of Oracle Retail Merchandising, Supply Chain and Stores solutions in 2012. A new venture between Woolworths, Australia’s largest retail group, and US home improvement chain Lowe’s, Masters needed end-to-end solutions to underpin its new operation and enable it to launch in the market competitively and effectively.

As a start-up business, Masters identified Oracle Retail applications as providing the flexibility and scalability required to grow its organisation quickly. The solutions selected provided a solid foundation for the business launch, but is also supporting an aggressive expansion plan of over 100 stores over a five year period.

This video features Masters' Business Technology Manager, Warwick Jones, who shares how Oracle Retail provides both business solutions for running the backend operations and also within the store providing the point-of-service systems in place today.

Video also available at Oracle Media Network.

Further information on the Oracle Retail solutions utilised by Masters can be found on the Oracle Retail website:

Tuesday Apr 16, 2013

Oracle Retail: Supporting the Morrisons Supply Chain

Morrisons, the UK’s fourth largest grocery retailer, is undergoing a large scale implementation of end-to-end Oracle Retail solutions to streamline and improve its vertically integrated business from manufacturing through to store.

In this video, Adam Coy and Stuart Rowlings detail the process behind the selection of Oracle, the strategy taken around implementation and securing business support for the project. They also discuss the benefits Morrisons is starting to see throughout the supply chain including increased forecast accuracy, which is allowing users to focus on areas that provide value-add, such as promotions and pricing. Ultimately, Oracle Retail solutions are providing Morrisons with a single version of data and a more sophisticated system to manage its supply chain.

Adam and Stuart also reference the role the strong partnership with Oracle has played in the project success, particularly the support of Oracle Retail Consulting.

Video available at Oracle Media Network.

Further information about Oracle Retail Supply Chain solutions is available on the Oracle Retail website.


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