Wednesday Jun 11, 2014

In-Store Innovations with Oracle Retail 14

In this latest video from our demo series filmed at the 2014 NRF BIG Show in New York, Master Principal Consultant Rachel Staniland details innovations in Oracle Retail Stores Solutions.

Oracle Retail Stores Solutions provide a brand platform and enable true multichannel retailing. The solution gives retailers improved visibility into store inventory, which both reduces store operating costs and improves the level of customer service offered in-store through store associates.

In the below video, Rachel Staniland talks about Oracle Retail’s new tablet POS, coming out the Oracle Retail 14 release, as well innovations made across Store Inventory Management and Point-of-Service solutions.

Access more information on Oracle Retail Stores Solutions.

Thursday May 02, 2013

China’s Beijing Hualian Group Selects Oracle Retail

One of China’s largest retail enterprises, Beijing Hualian Group, has chosen Oracle Retail applications in conjunction with a range of Oracle solutions to create an integrated, scalable retail platform to support its goals to optimize operations and profitably grow its business across the region.

Beijing Hualian Group will utilise Oracle Retail Merchandising, Stores and the Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System to streamline inventory, supply chain and merchandise operations and underpin its growing network of outlets, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores and commercial properties.

With Oracle Retail, Beijing Hualian aims to optimize its operations to enhance business agility and improve decisions on pricing, inventory, supply chain and transactional processes. The use of Oracle Retail Merchandise Analytics will also help provide more profitable actionable insight into the complex organisation, while Oracle Retail Category Management will align the product mix with local customer preferences.

Rising disposable incomes in China, a stable economy and increasing and rapid growth in the use of online shopping are all contributing to a healthy, growing retail industry. China’s embrace of new technologies and the consumer willingness to absorb information from every angle in support of a more complete shopping experience is virtually unsurpassed globally.

This thirst for knowledge, along with the Chinese consumers’ knowledge of product, price and brand reputation and their desire for commerce anywhere pose a considerable challenge to retailers. To combat this, retailers are looking to provide experiences that are superior to that of their competition and align them with smarter internal decisions and processes to ensure they market, interact and transact consistently across touch points.

The press release announcing this news can be found on the Oracle website.

Thursday Apr 11, 2013

Italian Co-operative Retailer Selects Oracle Retail

Unicoop Firenze, an Italian retailer operating over 100 hypermarkets, supermarkets and stores across seven provinces in Italy, has selected Oracle Retail Stores and Inventory solutions. The company is Italy’s largest co-operative retailer, and has selected Oracle Retail solutions to enhance the customer experience through the streamlining of store and inventory operations.

With Italy’s grocery market adjusting to a reduced spending power of its consumers, retailers are increasingly looking to both enhance the customer experience and streamline their processes. Italian retailers have focused on promotional sales, which accounted for 70% of total sales volumes last year. Effective promotional activities rely on effective inventory control and data to be readily available to decision makers.

Unicoop Firenze is already a user of Oracle solutions, having previously implemented the Oracle Exadata Database Machine to improve data processing, leading to improved decision making and more efficient operations. The Store and Inventory solutions will now be implemented to complement existing Oracle assets, and will unify all processes within a single solution to give greater control over assets in store.

With greater control over store assets and operations, retailers benefit from a range of efficiencies in process and time which reduces costs and allows key staff to focus on areas of true value add, such as pricing and promotions. The Oracle Retail Store Inventory management solution will enable Unicoop Firenze to prevent stock-outs and overstocking, as the solution provides in-store location level tracking on inventory. Unicoop Firenze will also benefit from having simple access to cross-store and omni-channel inventory information.

Having all data in a single platform ensures data is linked and works coherently to give a single true vision of the business – something critical in providing a genuine view of performance and inventory.

Implementation and store roll-out is expected to be completed in September 2013, with Oracle Retail Consulting providing support throughout the implementation journey.

Learn more about Oracle Retail Stores Solutions, and Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management, or read the press release.


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