Friday Feb 10, 2012

Develop Your Experience Platform through Actionable Insight

In this video, Marisa Rahman from Oracle Retail talks about the idea of Actionable Insight as part of Your Experience Platform and uses Oracle Retail Merchandising Analytics as an example of how Oracle Retail is enabling retailers to make more accurate business decisions by gathering and analysing data from both inside and outside the business.

This video was filmed at the Oracle stand at NRF Retail's Big Show 2012. To find out more about Oracle Retail's products, visit

Thursday Feb 09, 2012

Develop Your Experience Platform through Connected Interactions

In this video, Jeff Grossman from Oracle Retail talks about Connected Interactions as a part of Your Experience Platform. He demonstrates the cross-channel experience that Oracle Retail applications provide, making it easy for retailers to provide a world class shopping experience on any platform, and also transition transactions between platforms, allowing customers to shop online and buy instore, or vice versa.

This video was filmed at the Oracle stand at NRF Retail's Big Show 2012. To find out more about Oracle Retail's products, visit

Thursday Jan 26, 2012

NRF Retail's Big Show 2012 - Wrap Up Video

In this video, Vincent Barnes from Oracle Retail reports from the Oracle Retail stand at NRF Retail's Big Show on the last day to talk about how the show went for Oracle, and how Oracle's stand has helped retailers to develop a comprehensive retail experience using Customer Interactions; Actionable Insights and Optimized Operations.

Stay tuned for videos from on the stand and a review of NRF and the trends in retail that have emerged in this year's show.

Tuesday Jan 03, 2012

What's in Store at NRF Big Show 2012

In this video, Vincent Barnes from the Oracle Retail team tells us what visitors to the Oracle stand at this year's NRF Big Show 2012 will be able to experience. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday Jan 12, 2011

NRF Week - Disney Store Tour

Disney has created a real buzz at this year's NRF event. Yesterday morning we began the Oracle Retail Exchange program with a visit to the flagship Disney store in Times Square. Additionally Oracle made a key announcement with Disney  on Oracle Retail's Point of Sale implementation in 330 stores worldwide. Today   Disney's Steve Finney gave a super session on The Magic of Disney at the NRF Big Show. We also saw Disney making an exclusive news announcement about their plans for Global store openings at the Oracle trade show stand - with a little help from Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


Disney wOracle Cars.jpg Disney Stores have been entirely reinvented since the company in 2008 took ownership after previously franchising the retail arm of the business. They have subsequently been a strong Oracle partner and technology has played a key role in their re imagination of the store environment. The new Imagination stores have a 20% higher footfall and margins are up 25%.

The Disney brand is synonymous with magical and memorable experiences for children of all ages. The company is achieving a unique retail experience that delights children and shareholders alike! Technology is a key pillar in helping to deliver on both a strong operating model and a unique customer experience - the best thirty minutes in a child's day is their aim.

Steve Finney this morning said their technology has to be as reliable as a theme park ride. Store experiences are much more enjoyable when there are short waiting times and children can interact with their favourite characters through magic mirrors, mobile point of sale, touch screens and custom animations that are digitally transmitted to stores globally.

The Oracle Retail Point of Sale with iPad touch screens reduces check out times, stores customer data, ensures that promotions are delivered accurately and reduces losses. This means higher levels of guest conversion, increased availability and convenience for customers who want to check availability at other locations.

Disney is a pioneer. At NRF's 100th show, we had the privilege of learning from a retailer using technology as a creative force to drive their business forward.

Tuesday Jan 11, 2011

Retail in New York - a walk down 5th Avenue

It's the week of the NRF Big Show and all eyes in the retail industry are on New York. The Big Apple is famous for Big Retail -with a proliferation of incredibly iconic stores. The environment is exciting and familiar even to people visiting this small island for the first time. Most of us have travelled down Fifth Avenue watching movies and TV even if we have never set foot on American soil. I find it one of the most exciting retail cities in the world and I am thrilled this year to be here with so many of Oracle's International retail customers who are joining us for the Retail Exchange. The Oracle program brings retailers from all over the planet together to share ideas and be inspired by New York retail and the NRF event. The show celebrates its 100th year in 2011 and New York itself has been recognized globally as the capital of innovative retail for just as long. 

Fifth Avenue is where many global brands have placed their flagship stores, and businesses are in constant competition to set themselves apart from their competitors - both in the store and from the street.  These flag ship retail destinations present what today's customers are finding most exciting and delightful about retail. For the tourist market, they may only visit these stores once, but the impression that a trip to a flagship store leaves with a customer can last a lifetime.

 One of the stores that is currently turning heads on Fifth Avenue is Hollister, sister brand to Abercrombie and Fitch, which has filled its shop front with a massive live video (and audio) feed of surfers on the beach in California.  To complete the effect, they also have troughs of water in front of the video screens to bring the sea to the street.  And this isn't the only kind of surfing that retailers are considering today and multi-channel retail is a hot topic that all of the retailers joining the Retail Exchange are considering.


hollister.jpg The rest of the world looks to the brands along Fifth Avenue for inspiration - how they take advantage of new opportunities, how they set themselves apart from their competitors and how they keep their products fresh and desirable.

With these inspiring pioneers in New York, it's little wonder that NRF's Big Show is so popular, and that New York is viewed as one of the retail capitals of the world. It is a pleasure to be here with so many of the world's greatest international retailers.


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