Tuesday Jan 15, 2013

Oracle Retail Exchange: Daily Review of Activities on Tuesday, 15th January

The Oracle Retail Exchange (REX) began early this morning with a unique store experience at the UGG Australia store at 600 Madison Avenue, New York, part of the Deckers Outdoor business. Delegates heard about the journey Deckers is taking to develop a globally consistent consumer-direct operating model that unifies the customer experience across all touch points, streamlines operations, drives sales and improves profitability. The group learnt how Deckers is using Oracle Retail Point-of-Service, in addition to Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management and Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization.

The second morning of Customer Showcases started with Dimitrios Bairaktaris, General Manager Merchandise and Logistics at Coles, who presented on the Easy Ordering project undertaken to achieve operational efficiencies across Coles' 741 stores across Australia. The implementation of Oracle Retail solutions, which completed last year, has optimised replenishment processes and improved inventory management and availability to deliver more strategic and tactical decisions across the business. Bairaktaris also divulged how Coles has recently leveraged upgrades of Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting and Advanced Inventory Planning, as well as the use of Oracle Exadata to improve analytics and identify further operational efficiencies for the business.

The next Oracle and Customer Showcase session focused on the changing role of Oracle Retail Consulting (OCS) in supporting customer deployments in EMEA, with a focus on the grocery retailer Ahold. Jeremy Spencer, Regional Vice President Consulting, Oracle Retail EMEA led the session, with support from Mario Torres, Head of Delivery, Oracle Retail EMEA Consulting; Andre Weigandt, CEO and Founder, Weigandt Consulting.

The presentation covered the range of service offers provided by Oracle Retail and, with reference to Delivery Ownership engagements, how OCS works with partners, such as Weigandt Consulting, to provide a cost-effective deployment approach combining the strengths of Oracle and the SI community. Marion Marees, Program Manager Retailbox Core, Senior Business Consultant, Ahold IM Europe provided her insight into how OCS has worked with Ahold in Europe to support the design of Ahold’s iBox transformation programme, which recently implemented Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management and Oracle Retail Store Solutions.

A Grocery roundtable enabled our grocery customers and prospects, including Morrisons, Panda and Konzum, to convene for animated discussion on the issues facing one of the most competitive retail sectors and where opportunities for growth and differentiation can be found.

After spending time at the NRF Big Show, or participating in one of several store tour programmes to see further examples of best practice retailing around New York, attendees are now set to come together for an exclusive event at the American Museum of Natural History, where Mike Webster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Retail, will introduce new research entitled “The Evolution of Experience Retailing”.

See the press release for more details on this global research which examines the views of consumers on the global marketplace and what this means in terms of meeting their needs, to help retailers to define their strategies and key business imperatives and enable them to compete more effectively.

Access the research now and understand the results gathered. You can download a range of resources including a comprehensive whitepaper.

Monday Jan 14, 2013

Oracle Retail Exchange: Review of Activities on Monday 14th January

This year’s Oracle Retail Exchange (REX) opened on Sunday night with a welcome reception hosted by Mike Webster, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Retail and attended by over 130 customers and prospects from around the world. The Oracle Retail Exchange programme, which runs alongside the NRF Big Show in New York, includes a series of best practice presentations and roundtables from Oracle’s retail customers, along with visits to leading New York retail outlets, and access to a number of other networking and discussion events.

Day two began with the first in our series of Customer Showcases with a presentation from Simon Russell, Director Retail Operations Development of John Lewis, the UK's largest department store retailer with 39 stores, and an online and catalogue business which is consistently ranked one of the top online shopping destinations in the country.

Russell shared details on the omni-channel journey that John Lewis has been on and the part the Oracle ATG Commerce solutions is playing in that journey. He also discussed the strategic approach to selecting the solution and why it was the best fit in future proofing the business in terms of managing developments around mobile web technologies, social media and search functionality.

The second Customer Showcase was presented by Chris Mangham, CIO of M.Video, Russia’s largest consumer electronics retailer and the first and only company in its sector in Russia to be publicly traded. The company started operations in 1993 in Moscow and runs more than 280 stores in 120 Russian cities, as well as 17 online sites.

Mangham, along with colleague Ray Fowler, talked about M.Video’s focus on the customer experience and ensuring that customer interactions are engaged across its web, call centre, mobile and social channels, referencing the role that Oracle Commerce has played in creating a strategic platform to deliver a personalised and consistent experience across all touch points. Take a look at the Oracle release announced today with details on M.Video’s Selection of Oracle Commerce Solutions to Support Growth and Develop a Complete Customer Experience.

A roundtable discussion followed these customer presentations focused on department store retailing, where attendees, including those from Axstores, Myer, Computer Plaza, John Lewis and M.Video, discussed the issues facing their particular industry in the current retail environment.

After spending time at the NRF Big Show, Oracle Retail Exchange attendees then gathered for dinner at 21 Club in New York, grouping into Commerce, Planning or Merchandise communities, providing further opportunities for delegates to better understand the Oracle Retail and Oracle Commerce solutions and share best practice with their peers.

The day will end later tonight with the “Red Hot Party” at 230 FIFTH, offering one of the best views of New York in the heart of Midtown.

Join the Oracle Retail Exchange LinkedIn Group for details of future events, and news about today’s REX activities including Oracle’s Evolution of Experience Retailing global consumer research, set to be launched tomorrow evening.

Thursday Jan 10, 2013

“The Evolution of Experience Retailing” set to be launched next week

Next week during our Oracle Retail Exchange event in New York, Mike Webster Senior Vice President and General Manager, will unveil new global research from Oracle Retail, during a VIP reception at the American Museum of Natural History on Tuesday 15th January.

Oracle recognises that the pace of change in the global marketplace is unprecedented. The view we have is that consumers are now in charge, demanding the provision of commerce anywhere, the benefits of the competitive marketplace and the latest technologies to enhance their shopping experiences. This is the age of the individual that wants every retail interaction to be ‘good for me’, to be defined and dictated by ‘my’ preferences.

To substantiate these views, Oracle undertook a global survey in August 2012 looking at the views of consumers in Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, Russia, the UK and USA about the global marketplace and what this means in terms of meeting their needs. The findings of the research entitled ‘The Evolution of Experience Retailing’ will help retailers to define their strategies and key business imperatives and enable them to compete more effectively in an increasingly powerful consumer-led world.

This new research explored the views and expectations of consumers on:

  • Attitudes and preferences around shopping globally and locally
  • Which retail attributes matter to consumers
  • Getting the most from interactions with retailers
  • Understanding what service, experience and personalisation mean to consumers
  • The importance of service, experience and personalisation in the shopping process
  • Consumer reactions to poor retail experiences and service
  • Use of mobile and social media in the shopping process
  • The factors that drive consumers to make decisions around shopping with particular retailers
  • Acceptance and interaction with the global marketplace
  • The imbalance in the retail market and how traditional retailers are competing effectively or otherwise in the global landscape

Further details regarding the Evolution of Experience Retailing research will be announced on this blog over the coming week. Visit again, or subscribe to our blog RSS feed to receive future posts.

You can also join Oracle Retail online communities to hear what your peers have to say about the research and for details of how to download it following the launch.

Tuesday Jan 08, 2013

It’s Oracle Retail Exchange 2013 next week!

Oracle Retail is once again running the Retail Exchange programme next week alongside the NRF Big Show in New York. This invite only event brings together a select group of retailers, providing access to a unique set of events specifically designed for an international audience, ensuring attendees get the very most from the BIG Show programme as well.

Oracle Retail Exchange gives retailers the chance to network, learn and share ideas with an exclusive group of senior business and IT executives, alongside the Oracle Retail executive team. Attendees will hear from leading retailers on how Oracle solutions support their businesses.

This year the following retailers will be presenting:

  • Simon Russell, Director Retail Operations Development, John Lewis: Oracle Commerce: Supporting the Omni-Channel Journey at John Lewis
  • Chris Mangham, CIO, M.Video: Developing a Complete Customer Experience with Oracle Commerce
  • Dimitrios Bairaktaris, General Manager Merchandise and Logistics, Coles IT: Optimising Replenishment at Coles to Improve the Customer Experience
  • Jeremy Spencer, Regional Vice President Consulting, Oracle Retail EMEA; Marion Marees, Program Manager Retailbox Core, Senior Business Consultant, Ahold IM Europe; Mario Torres, Head of Delivery, Oracle Retail EMEA Consulting; Andre Weigandt, CEO and Founder, Weigandt Consulting: The Changing Role of Oracle Retail Consulting in Supporting Customer Deployments in EMEA, with a focus on Ahold
  • Frederieke Ubels, Manager IT Innovation, bol.com: Oracle Commerce – Supporting Growth, Customer Service and Market Share at bol.com

In addition, delegates attend exclusive events, networking dinners and store showcases at some of New York's most celebrated venues.

One of the event highlights is the VIP reception at the American Museum of Natural History, where Mike Webster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Retail, will unveil new global research entitled ‘The Evolution of Experience Retailing’  from Oracle Retail. Further details will be announced in due course.

If you are interested in learning more, please join our Retail Exchange LinkedIn Group, where we will post event updates and details of “The Evolution of Experience Retailing” research following its launch on 15 January.

Watch our video “What's in store for Oracle Retail Exchange 2013, New York”.

Tuesday Dec 18, 2012

Why Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management?

Lara Livgard, Director of Oracle Retail Strategy, explains why retailers should choose Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management (MOM), sharing the benefits of the solutions and showcasing customer examples.

MOM is a highly proven solution supporting over 275 live customers across the world across a range of vertical markets, through its flexible, modular architecture.

The robust functionality and scalable nature of the MOM solutions provide the platform to support retail growth through acquisitions, international expansion and the addition of new formats, assortments and channels.

Access this video on our YouTube Channel.

Take a look at the Oracle Retail website for more information on Merchandise Operations Management.

Thursday Dec 06, 2012

Oracle Retail Consulting and the Implementation Process, with Maria Porretta

Maria Porretta, Engagement Director, discusses Oracle Retail Consulting and its involvement in the implementation process and how it supports customers to maximize their ROI in Oracle Retail solutions.

Maria explains the wide range of factors customers need to consider when preparing to implement Oracle Retail, from the solutions being utilized to the current IT infrastructures and available resources of the end user. Oracle Retail Consulting ensures a smooth and efficient process by working with customers from design right through to final implementation, and continues to work with customers to ensure they get value from their software investments and further extend investment in Oracle Retail solutions.

Access this video on our YouTube Channel.

Further information is available on our website regarding Oracle Retail Consulting.

Wednesday Dec 05, 2012

The Simplicity of the Oracle Stack

For many retailers, technology is something they know they need to optimise business operations, but do they really understand it and how can they select the solutions they need from the many vendors on the market?

Retail is a data heavy industry, with the average retailer managing thousands of SKUs and hundreds of categories through multiple channels. Add to this the exponential growth in data driven by social media and mobile activities, and the process can seem overwhelming. Handling data of this magnitude and analyzing it effectively to gain actionable insight is a huge task, and needs several IT components to work together harmoniously to make the best use of the data available and make smarter decisions.

With this in mind, Oracle has produced a video to make it easier for businesses to understand its global data IT solutions and how they integrate seamlessly with Oracle’s other solutions to enable organisations to operate as effectively as possible. The video uses an orchestra as an analogy for IT solutions and clever illustration to demonstrate the value of the Oracle brand.

Watch the video now

To find out more about how Oracle’s products and services can help retailers to deliver better results, visit the Oracle Retail website.

Thursday Nov 29, 2012

Are your merchandise systems limiting growth? Oracle Retail's Merchandise Operations Management could be the answer

In this video, Lara Livgard, Director of Oracle Retail Strategy, introduces Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management (MOM), a set of integrated, modular solutions that support buying, pricing, inventory management and inventory valuation across a retailer’s channels, countries, and business models.

MOM is the backbone of successful retail operations, providing timely and accurate visibility across the entire enterprise and enabling efficient supply-chain execution driven by plans and forecasts. It's modular architecture facilitates tailored and high-value implementations, giving retailers the information they need in order to offer a quality customer experience through a truly integrated multi-channel approach.

Further information is available on the Oracle Retail website regarding Merchandise Operations Management.

Monday Nov 26, 2012

An introduction to Oracle Retail Data Model with Claudio Cavacini

In this video, Claudio Cavacini of Oracle Retail explains Oracle Retail Data Model, a solution that combines pre-built data mining, online analytical processing (OLAP) and dimensional models to deliver industry-specific metrics and insights that improve a retailers’ bottom line.

Claudio shares how the Oracle Retail Data Model (ORDM) delivers retailer and market insight quickly and efficiently, allowing retailers to provide a truly multi-channel approach and subsequently an effective customer experience. The rapid implementation of ORDM results in predictable costs and timescales, giving retailers a higher return on investment.

Please visit our website for further information on Oracle Retail Data Model.

Thursday Nov 22, 2012

Sam's Story: It's About Life

Oracle recently released a video illustrating how Oracle products and services impact people every day of their lives. This overview demonstrates just how many different industries rely on Oracle’s world-leading technology solutions to gather and process data, enabling them to engineer systems together in the cloud and in the data centre.

Watch Sam's story here

The video explores how Oracle solutions are impacting the retail, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical and travel industries. Through the central character, Sam, this video highlights how cross-industry solutions like collaboration software, data processing and business intelligence platforms can improve business performance, reliability and flexibility; lower the cost and complexity of IT implementation and management; and deliver greater productivity, agility and better business intelligence.

To find out more about how Oracle’s products and services can help you to deliver better results, visit www.oracle.com/retail

Friday Nov 02, 2012

Introducing Oracle Retail Mobile Point-of-Service

Oracle recently announced the introduction of Oracle Retail Mobile Point-of-Service, a mobile extension to the Oracle Retail Point-of-Service (POS) used by many retailers internationally. Oracle Retail Mobile POS offers wide ranging cost and efficiency benefits by allowing staff resource to be used more effectively whilst also reducing spend associated with fixed POS solutions.

For retailers utilising Oracle Retail Stores Solutions, additional benefits can be realised. Oracle Retail Mobile POS works with these solutions to allow store personnel to check in-store inventory, access product information and specifications, and perform tasks such as the printing or emailing of receipts and the activation of gift cards.

 As Oracle Retail Mobile POS is an extension of Oracle Retail Point-of-Service, retailers can benefit from seamless integration with existing systems, simple upgrade procedures and seamless delivery across the business. However, the solution’s scalable and flexible architecture also supports multiple mobile operators and systems, so retailers are not locked into particular vendors.

As well as being popular with retailers, Mobile POS has also proved to be well liked by consumers as it facilitates improved customer service levels. Retail staff are able to spend more time with consumers on the shop floor, access requested inventory information, and perform tasks that would traditionally have needed to be completed at a fixed cash register.

Additional information can be accessed on Oracle Retail Point-of-Service or read the press announcement Oracle Introduces Mobile Point-of-Service for Retailers.

Wednesday Aug 15, 2012

Interview with Jorge Delgado from Dinosol

We were very priviledged recently to speak to Jorge Delgado - Director of Supply Chain at Spanish convenience store group DinoSol - about how the business is using Oracle Retail applications to improve their supply chain planning and management.  Jorge also discusses the technology challenges facing a large-scale European grocer.

If you would like to find out more about the Oracle products and services that Dinosol uses, read the press release here.

Click here to find out more about Oracle Retail products and services.

Monday Jul 16, 2012

Oracle Retail Customer Analytics - Better understand your customer

In this blog post, Claudio Cavacini from Oracle Retail gives us an insight into Oracle Retail Customer Analytics, the latest data analytics tool from Oracle Retail to help retailers better understand their customers and what drives their buying decisions.

Oracle Retail Customer Analytics is a powerful business intelligence tool complementing Oracle Retail Merchandising Analytics, which was launched last year and created to enable retailers to better organise and understand merchandising data, providing visibility to item and store performance, inventory turn, sales and profit trends, and potential out-of-stocks.

Oracle Retail Customer Analytics uses the same intuitive approach to visualising data but draws on customer behaviour, adding a new dimension to Oracle Retail's industry-leading actionable insight solutions. For example, a merchandiser can see purchasing trends in different demographic groups or see what items are regularly bought together by customers, and use those insights to deliver more effective stock management, recommendations and store design both in store and online.

Today, retailers are notoriously “data-rich but information-poor.” Over the years they’ve accumulated millions of rows of data involving sales, inventory, suppliers, customers, promotions, employees and more, but fail to fully utilise this data to make more informed decisions.

Key functional BI opportunities exist both with the “buying” and the “selling” sides of retail, and involve managing both “top-line” and “bottom-line” concerns.

And especially today, knowing both customers and consumers and basing store selection, product assortments, pricing and promotional decisions on a deep understanding of those customers is something that EVERY retailer wants.

With Oracle Retail Customer Analytics, hundreds of different data sets can be combined to create unique dashboards specific to the user - whether these be category managers, merchandise managers, buyers or pricing analysts, and allowing them to quickly access the data relevant to them and act on the insight provided. Claudio's introduction to Oracle Retail Customer Analytics offers several examples of the metrics, with dashboards and reports being set up to answer specific questions. For example:
'How are my products selling across various customer demographics?' - A retailer can choose which demographic attributes are important to them and see sales broken down by those attributes, including income, household makeup, area of residence, etc.
'What are my top product affinities?' - That is, when the retailer promotes a certain category, is there another category that experiences a corresponding increase in sales? A retailer can then use this information to improve promotional activities.

With Oracle Customer Analytics, Oracle offers best-in-class business intelligence tools with retail-specific expertise that are optimised to run on Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud. This means these tools are designed to deliver the extreme performance and scalability required to accommodate high data volumes common to retail environments without sacrificing depth or speed of analysis.

With Oracle Retail Analytics, our intention is to bring this stack and our deep retail knowledge together in a cohesive solution that is built for retail, and offers actionable insights from storage to scorecard, covering enterprise-level BI needs, yet in a manner that is complete, open, integrated and dedicated to retail.

If you'd like to find out more about Oracle Retail Customer Analytics, visit the Oracle Retail site.

Monday Jun 25, 2012

myToys.de GmbH announces integration of ZVT payment terminal interface with Oracle Retail Point-of-Service

In our latest guest post, Sascha Kraatz, Developer Oracle E-Business Suite of myToys.de announces the development and integration of its ZVT payment terminal interface with the Oracle Retail Point-of-Service solution.

myToys.de GmbH, which runs Oracle Retail Point-of-Service (ORPOS) in its 13 retail stores in Germany (see press release), has developed and implemented a Java-based interface for integrating the ZVT payment terminal with ORPOS.

Through the combined support of payment service provider, easycash GmbH, and Ingenico GmbH, Germany´s leading payment terminal provider, myToys.de has become the first organisation to create this new automated solution for the Oracle Retail Point-of-Service, which has eliminated input errors that could occur with manual payment terminals and is localised for the German market.

Ingo Stober, head of retail business at myToys.de confirms: “With this solution, we can speed up the payment process, reduce manual errors and enhance the customer experience in our stores”.

myToys.de GmbH is a member of the Otto Group and one of the leading multichannel retailers for toys and other kids products in Germany. Customers can choose from over 100,000 attractive products, starting with items for expectant mothers or basic baby equipment to items for school children and beyond. In 2006, the first of 13 myToys.de retail branches was opened.

If you would like to find out more about this solution, please contact the head of Oracle E-Business Suite Development at myToys.de, Mr. Ralf Schmilewski, or leave a comment below.

Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

Luxottica Delivers an Elevated Customer Experience

Luxottica Group is a global leader in premium, luxury and sports eyewear with nearly 6,250 stores worldwide. The Group’s strong brand portfolio comprises ten house brands including Oakley, Ray-Ban, Percol and Arnette, and 20 licensed brands such as Bulgari, Chanel and Versace.

In January at the Oracle Retail Exchange in New York, Luca Del Din, Luxottica Group’s IT Manager – Global Retail Demand and Integration and Irven Cassio, Digital Experience Director for Luxottica Retail introduced our REx delegates to their flagship Sunglass Hut store on Fifth Avenue. This store showcase provided the opportunity to explore this fantastic retail space incorporating the store’s interactive retail concept, the Sunglass Hut Social Sun station. I invite you to hear from Luca and Irven as we explore some of the innovative technologies and concepts that Luxottica deployed in this store and how these deliver an elevated customer experience.


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