Wednesday Apr 02, 2014

The New Retail Democracy - The Infographic

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Tuesday Mar 25, 2014

Arcadia Chooses Oracle Retail to Support International Business

British multinational retailer Arcadia Group has invested in Oracle Retail solutions in order to create a platform to help optimise retail operations and support its developing international business. The group comprises a number of brands - TopShop alone operates over 300 stores in the UK in addition to flagship stores around the world, and ships to over 100 countries.

The retailer’s strategic investment comes in an effort to develop its core merchandising operations to better meet customer demand in its 2,507 owned stores and 600 international franchised outlets across 36 countries.

Arcadia Group selected Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization, Oracle Retail Merchandising Operations Management and Oracle Commerce solutions. Arcadia Group will now gain visibility to inventory management and tracking through the entire supply chain, while the Oracle Commerce platform will enable customers to dynamically explore Arcadia brands online.

Arcadia Group is committed to making retail operations efficient and effective, supporting international growth and delivering an exceptional customer experience across all of its brands, worldwide.

Sir Philip Green of Arcadia with Mike Webster of Oracle Retail

Arcadia Group CEO Sir Philip Green with Mike Webster, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Oracle Retail.


Monday Mar 17, 2014

Making Waves: Australian Online Retailer SurfStitch

The sun has finally crept up on London skies – ending the mildly depressing era of constant raindrops with a rather glorious weekend. It’s good to remember that while we have been drowning in water, surfers in Australia are having a lot more fun with the element.

Enter SurfStitch, Australia’s leading online surf and fashion retailer that has made a name for itself being a one-stop-shop for anything surf & fashion – carrying brands like RipCurl, Quiksilver, Billabong and Volcom.

"It all began in a backyard shed, where a few enthusiasts came together to lament the sad state of surf supplies in Australia, and dream up a better solution,” said SurfStitch co-founder Justin Cameron in an interview with The Australian in 2011. Launching as Australia’s first online retailer for surf and fashion in 2008, SurfStitch is now the largest ecommerce surf wear retail website in Australia.

Thanks to both an extensive offering and fantastic customer service, the company has experienced such rapid growth that it is now expanding operations in Europe, and looking to break into other areas of fashion.

The Oracle Commerce Platform supports SurfStitch in their growth spurt, having converted more of the average daily 30,000 unique visitors into buyers, generating larger orders and promoting more repeat visitors. It has also enabled SurfStitch to personalize and target offers, cross-sell merchandise and extend its commerce and merchandising operations.

“SurfStitch prides itself on delivering the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction,” said Lex Pedersen, Director, SurfStitch. “As a pure-play business, we have to get our ecommerce offering right, in order to deliver on our promise both for our brands and our customers. Oracle Commerce enables us to provide an engaging and relevant experience that keeps our customers coming back.”

SurfStitch’s success was recognized at the 2012 Online Retail Industry Awards in Australia, where it won Best PurePlay Retailer, Best Site Optimization and Design and Online Retailer of the Year.

Monday Mar 03, 2014

Molton Brown Launches Mobile Websites

British luxury skin-care company and London’s “bath, body & beauty connoisseurs” since 1973, Molton Brown, have products distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company plans to drive growth through the launch of mobile enabled commerce websites, which provide an enhanced and consistent buying experience for its customers.

KAO Group, owners of Molton Brown, has successfully launched mobile enabled websites across multiple regions including North America, Europe, Australia and Japan using Oracle Commerce.

The company’s target of delivering an engaging, virtually seamless and personalized experience to each customer is achieved through the Oracle Commerce solution, which is helping to generate increased conversion rates, improved order value, and ongoing customer loyalty.

“The launch of our mobile websites signals another step in our strategy for providing a truly seamless omni-channel experience for our customers,” said Tanay Taank, Director, KAO Group. “In this project, Oracle has demonstrated an expertise in delivering a best-in-class solution, with a rapid time-to-market implementation, accelerated by the Reference Store, within our desired budget.”

Thursday Feb 20, 2014

Case Study: Mr Price’s Story – Transforming A Business Across Africa

Mr Price Group is a South African retailer of apparel, homewares and sportswear and one of the fast growing retailers in the country. The business is seeing rapid growth not only in South Africa but internationally, with Mr Price’s global online offering and opening of further stores in other African countries.

Mr Price implemented the Oracle Commerce solution to support its multi-channel ecommerce offering, going live in 2012. The launch of its online store turned Mr Price into a multi-channel retailer, giving customers access to the complete range of Mr Price products, which previously had only been available in stores.

In this video, Andrew Kenny, Deputy Managing Director of Mr Price Group, talks about how Oracle Retail has supported the retailer through a period of growth and development, and how Oracle Retail Merchandising solutions have allowed the retailer to operate across multiple countries. He also looks at the impact on the customer in terms of the experience enjoyed through multiple engagement channels.

Monday Feb 17, 2014

New Video Case Study: METRO GROUP – Planning Solutions for a Russian Cash and Carry Business

METRO GROUP is a German based retail organisation, working across 180 countries around the world, through 2,200 outlets and employing 265,000 people. Brands include METRO Cash & Carry and MAKRO, the world's market leader in cash & carry, Media Markt and Saturn, Europe' s leader in consumer electronic retailing, Real hypermarkets and Galeria Kaufhof, the system leader in the department store business.

When METRO GROUP needed a new planning solution to improve non-food operations and make the business more customer driven, they selected Oracle Retail to support operations in Russia, where METRO Cash & Carry has seen huge growth.

In this video, Mark Stutzer, Head of Process Management - Merchandising at Metro Systems, discusses how Oracle Retail has supported the retailer in offering Commerce Anywhere omni-channel retailing and how Oracle will support the business as it continues to grow.

Thursday Feb 13, 2014

ORIF Europe 2013 Presentation Video: Keynote by Kate Ancketill, GDR Intelligence

We were delighted that Kate Ancketill, CEO & Founder of GDR Intelligence, delivered the keynote address at the Oracle Retail Industry Forum 2013 in London. GDR Creative Intelligence researches, analyses and showcases key retail trends. In her presentation, Kate Ancketill shared her thoughts on the future of retail.

The session focused around transformative retail, looking at how the store as a concept will develop to move beyond the transaction, will instead personalise the experience for consumers and localise to accommodate the community around them. The session showcased a number of examples of this, and looked ahead at the journey of the store.

Tuesday Feb 11, 2014

ORIF Europe 2013 Presentation Video: Frank Lord, Oracle Retail

Frank Lord, Vice President at Oracle Retail, presented ‘Enabling Commerce Anywhere’ at the Oracle Retail Industry Forum 2013 in London. The modern consumer wants to shop any time and any place, through multiple channels, and retailers need to facilitate this to offer the customer experience that is being demanded.

In his session, Frank Lord reviewed current market trends, looking at expected future growth and what this means for retailers. He then discussed requirements for the delivery of Commerce Anywhere in terms of the technology solutions retailers have in place, and how these must work as one through real-time integration to provide a seamless customer experience.

The session closed with a look at Oracle commitment to innovation, demonstrated recently by the launch of Oracle Retail 14, which was announced at the NRF Big Show in New York, in January.

Monday Feb 10, 2014

New Video Case Study: Groupe ERAM - The Story So Far

Groupe ERAM is a major European fashion retailer with brands focused on clothing and footwear for men, women and children. The €1.7 billion French retailing group, which employs 12,000 people, owns and operates three footwear manufacturing sites in France and distributes its products via stores and brands including Gémo, Eram, Tati, Texto, TBS, Heyraud, Mellow Yellow, France Arno, Bocage, Fabio Lucci and Giga Store. The group has 1650 shops and an online presence.

With Groupe ERAM looking to create a mullti-site ecommerce platform for its shoes and apparel brands, the company opted for Oracle Commerce solutions to support their development and growth. The company wanted a single platform to operate multiple integrated commerce sites.

By using Oracle Commerce, Groupe ERAM will be able to deliver personalised, relevant and connected experiences to its multi-channel customers.

In this video, Marie-Aurore Canton, Head of Customer Marketing and Digital, outlines the challenge faced by Groupe ERAM, the experience of working Oracle Retail and how the customer experience has been affected.

Friday Feb 07, 2014

ORIF Europe 2013 Presentation Video: Andrew Kenny, Mr Price

Andrew Kenny, Deputy Managing Director at Mr Price, discussed the retailers’ journey with Oracle Retail at the Oracle Retail Industry Forum in London, 2013. Kenny looked at the role Oracle solutions have played in the expansion of the business through South Africa, and then internationally.

Mr Price Group is one of the fastest growing South African retailers of apparel, home- and sportswear. The business is expanding internationally, with stores opening in other African countries as well as Mr Price’s online offering serving customers worldwide.

In his session, Andrew Kenny discussed the retailer’s international multi-channel and multi-currency expansion project, and how this was supported by Oracle Commerce, taking the company into the future of retail.

Thursday Dec 12, 2013 Powering the Personalisation Experience Through Endeca Search

Marriott International is one of the world’s leading hospitality companies, operating over 3,700 properties around the world, and bringing in over $12billion in revenue each year.

The company utilises Oracle Endeca on to deliver a personalised experience to its customers, and as a result has seen a number of business benefits. These have included the ability to scale easily and increased website performance. The team behind the website have also been able to easily roll out new projects to meet business needs.

In this video, Tim Streightoff, Director of IT for, discusses how the company currently uses Endeca Search to power the personalisation experience on as well as using the Endeca Search and Faceted Navigation within its primary booking path.

The video is available on the Oracle Media Network.

Oracle Endeca Commerce enables companies to deliver a personalised and consistent customer buying experience across all channels–online, in-store, mobile, or social.

Tuesday Oct 29, 2013

Saudi Arabian Retail Distribution Business Ajlan & Bros Selects Oracle Commerce

Ajlan & Bros has selected Oracle Commerce in a bid to improve its customer engagement capabilities and drive its expansion plans. The large Middle Eastern retail distribution business, which specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of clothing across the Middle East, is seeking to expand its operations, which consist of a distribution network of more than 7,000 points of sale and represent more than 15 international brands. The business is aiming to build brand awareness globally with an interest in the European and American markets.

Choosing Oracle Commerce will provide Ajlan & Bros with the capability to optimize each customer engagement, which will help to increase cross-channel promotion and improve a unified online, mobile and social experience for customers. The company will be able to leverage Oracle Commerce’s advanced marketing and personalization capabilities, with enhanced integrated search and content management functionality across its channels.

The selection of Oracle Commerce followed an extensive evaluation of competitor solutions, with Oracle selected due to the solutions strong capabilities in cross-channel ecommerce and customer experience management, as well as a solid track record of maintaining best practice.

Press release: Ajlan & Bros Selects Oracle Commerce to Support Expansion Strategy

Friday Oct 11, 2013

French Retailer Groupe ÉRAM to Expand and Accelerate Online Business with Oracle Commerce

Groupe ÉRAM has chosen Oracle Commerce to support its initiative of creating a multi-site ecommerce platform for its shoes and apparel brands. With 1,650 stores across brands such as Eram and GEMO, Groupe ÉRAM wants to extend its operations through a next level ecommerce strategy.

By selecting Oracle Commerce, the retailer will be able to take advantage of a single platform to operate multiple integrated commerce sites. Groupe ÉRAM will roll out Oracle Commerce across 7 brands, ahead of a wider deployment, creating new ecommerce opportunities for some brands and replacing legacy open source solutions for others, which have lacked the scalability, flexibility and functionality necessary to support the group’s ecommerce ambitions.

The deployment of Oracle Commerce will help Groupe ÉRAM deliver a Commerce Anywhere customer experience through a personalized, relevant and connected interaction. The retailer will be able to promote more targeted offers to drive cross- and up-sell opportunities and improve conversion rates, while the single platform will help to keep the costs in check.

Press release: Groupe ERAM to Expand and Accelerate Online Business with Oracle Commerce


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