Friday Jul 18, 2014

A World Cup Lesson For Retailers

Congratulations to Germany - winners of the ultimate football prize!

Last Sunday's World Cup final saw Germany win THE football accolade for the 4th time - and we now want to take lessons from Germany's success and apply them to the retail world! 

Just like World Cup successes, truly outstanding retail experiences are achieved by businesses that align their systems, people and processes and work together with a goal of creating exuberant, delighted fans (otherwise known as customers). Keep your eye on the prize, and your minds open to your customers' needs.

You can learn more about how to make your fans/customers happy with Oracle Retail's latest study.

World Cup Lesson For Retailers

Tuesday Jun 24, 2014

The New Retail Democracy: Results For Germany

Today we release Oracle’s New Retail Democracy global research results for German consumers. Oracle surveyed 500 consumers in nine countries around the world, commissioning leading market research firm RedShift Research to undertake the research.

Highlights from the German consumer research include:

  • 58% of consumers say that availability of product is more important to them than price
  • 73% of consumers what access to origin of product information when food shopping
  • Only 5% of German consumers believe in the value of sharing personal data to receive personalised promotions or information
  • 63% of consumers prefer to purchase in-store
  • 59% of consumers say it is important that retailers adopt new technologies to improve the shopping experience, compared to 82% of consumers globally
  • 25% of consumers wanted click & collect globally, but only 7% of German consumers were interested in the option

Specific German consumer results and insights can now be accessed at

Findings from the global research, as well as from other countries surveyed as part of the New Retail Democracy, are also available.

Infographic: Are Retailers Providing The Shopping Experiences German Consumers Want?

Monday Jun 25, 2012 GmbH announces integration of ZVT payment terminal interface with Oracle Retail Point-of-Service

In our latest guest post, Sascha Kraatz, Developer Oracle E-Business Suite of announces the development and integration of its ZVT payment terminal interface with the Oracle Retail Point-of-Service solution. GmbH, which runs Oracle Retail Point-of-Service (ORPOS) in its 13 retail stores in Germany (see press release), has developed and implemented a Java-based interface for integrating the ZVT payment terminal with ORPOS.

Through the combined support of payment service provider, easycash GmbH, and Ingenico GmbH, Germany´s leading payment terminal provider, has become the first organisation to create this new automated solution for the Oracle Retail Point-of-Service, which has eliminated input errors that could occur with manual payment terminals and is localised for the German market.

Ingo Stober, head of retail business at confirms: “With this solution, we can speed up the payment process, reduce manual errors and enhance the customer experience in our stores”. GmbH is a member of the Otto Group and one of the leading multichannel retailers for toys and other kids products in Germany. Customers can choose from over 100,000 attractive products, starting with items for expectant mothers or basic baby equipment to items for school children and beyond. In 2006, the first of 13 retail branches was opened.

If you would like to find out more about this solution, please contact the head of Oracle E-Business Suite Development at, Mr. Ralf Schmilewski, or leave a comment below.

Wednesday Nov 16, 2011

Willy Rotstein at the Oracle Retail Industry Forum

In the video below, Willy Rotstein from Oracle Retail talks about the success of the Oracle Retail Industry Forum that took place in Berlin in October.  Willy talks about the main discussion topics at the forum and summarises the thoughts of the retailers that attended the forum.  The forum was an excellent way for retailers to come together and discuss the challenges of the industry and share experiences in developing solutions to those challenges.


Tuesday Oct 25, 2011

World Retail Congress in Review

Last month’s World Retail Congress in Berlin was an exciting event for Oracle Retail.  As I’ve shared on this blog previously,  Mike Webster SVP and GM of Oracle Retail  presented the results of our Digital Natives research project to a packed auditorium at the ‘Retail Consumer in the Year 2025’ session on Tuesday morning. 

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Wednesday Oct 05, 2011

Digital Natives Demand a Better Multi-Channel Experience

In an earlier blog post we announced that we were surveying over 1,500 young consumers and would be publishing the results at World Retail Congress in Berlin.  Mike Webster from Oracle presented the results to a busy room at the conference last week and the results have been hugely popular both with retailers and with the press. 

You can download a white paper of the results at for your own perusal, and please see the official press release below for the key information.  If you're interested in looking at the raw data then please get in touch. 

Digital Natives Demand a Better Multi-Channel Experience, Reveals Oracle Research

Price, Product, Choice, Promotions and Technology are Key to Creating a Winning Shopping Experience

Redwood Shores, Calif. – September 27, 2011

News Facts
Oracle’s latest research on the future of retail in 2025 according to the digital native generation born after 1980, reveals that the shopping experience of the future needs to be connected, fit-for-purpose and always available.
Oracle commissioned the survey in July 2011 to examine the views of digital natives to current shopping needs and their expectations of these needs in 2025 as they come of age, interviewing 1,514 young consumers between 19-23 years from the UK, Germany and France.
Results revealed that digital natives love to shop but they are discerning, wanting differentiated products, pricing and services based on their preferences, to interact with retailers when and how it suits them, and for this experience to be seamless and connected whatever channel they choose.
Technology is the key to expediting the shopping experience, whether in-store to facilitate a sale, or using online channels to research and compare price, promotions and choice, suggesting that retailers must optimize their operations in support of customer priorities and operate in a connected 24/7 environment.
German consumers are the most internet savvy using online channels to shop and research more than their international counterparts, while British digital natives are more likely to use self-service technologies in stores, and in particular are keen to be given the opportunity to do so in fashion stores.
Findings also reveal that stores remain the channel of choice for digital natives and will remain critical to the shopping experience of the future, which has meaningful impact for bricks and mortar retailers.
When it comes to online shopping however, this group prefers pure-play internet retailers over multi-channel retailers who have expanded their businesses online, illustrating that the latter must continue to invest in developing their multi-channel strategies from an organizational, operational and technical perspective to meet the growth of online commerce.
Price is the most important purchasing criteria for this group and is perceived to remain so in 2025 along with promotions; and while product range is also a key motivator, brand appears to be less important than price, range and assortment.
Retailers appear not to be targeting this group correctly with personalized promotions, indicating that there is opportunity for retailers to make better use of actionable insight and create a winning shopping experience for all.
A whitepaper titled: ‘The Future of Retail: Through the Eyes of Digital Natives’ providing key findings and analysis on the results is available to download at:
Key findings of the research were announced by Oracle® Retail’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mike Webster, at a session on The Retail Consumer in the Year 2025 at the World Retail Congress in Berlin today.

Supporting Quote

“This research presents a number of interesting findings for retailers outlining considerable opportunities,” said Mike Webster, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Retail. “To drive long-term growth, retailers need to provide superior experiences that consumers are demanding. The research supports the importance of creating a solutions platform that provides a connected multi-channel shopping experience.”

Notes for Editors

to The Future of Retail: Through the Eyes of Digital Natives survey were generated from 1,514 European consumers aged between 19 and 23. The two-part survey covering retail today and perceptions and expectations of retail in 2025 was conducted using Redshift Research in July 2011 using its online consumer panel. The study compiled online responses from 506 respondents in the UK, 503 in Germany and 505 in France.

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Tuesday Oct 04, 2011 Selects Oracle Retail Point-of-Service to Support its Growing Store Network

Last week we announced that German retailer selected Oracle Retail Point-of-Service.  This was timed particularly well with our activity at the World Retail Congress in Berlin.  Below is the press release in full.  We're very pleased to welcome to the Oracle community.

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