Tuesday Jul 30, 2013

JD Sports Fashion Chooses Oracle Exadata Database Machine to Leverage Fact-Driven Merchandising and Outperform Competitors

JD Sports Fashion plc. is a leading retailer of branded sportswear and fashion wear with 900 stores and online business across a number of retail locations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, and Spain. The company owns many top brands, including Mckenzie, Carbrini, and The Duffer of St George, and sells many limited edition and exclusive designs from Adidas Originals and Nike.

JD Sports is growing fast — organically and through acquisition — and revenue increased almost 20% in 2011. The company wanted to maximize profitability in the competitive sports and fashion wear retail market by matching inventory to demand, identifying best sellers, tracking success of promotions, and being first to market in a fashion-driven business with typically short product life spans.

The goal was to enable 100 buyers, 120 merchandisers, business analysts, and country, regional and branch managers to analyze up-to-date revenue, margin, like-for-like sales, running averages and variance against plan for each of JD Sports’ 400,000 live stock-keeping units (SKUs) from any location. JD Sports wanted to scale analytical abilities to handle anticipated doubling of data volumes from 4 terabytes in 2012 to 8 terabytes in 2015 and growth in user numbers while increasing performance.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine was chosen over IBM for its lower acquisition costs, dramatically higher performance, quicker time to value and faster return on investment. The company ran proofs of concept for SQL reporting, OLAP reporting and batch processes on both platforms. JD Sports was able to build the OLAP cube four times faster using Oracle Exadata Database Machine than with IBM x Series.

"Oracle Exadata beat IBM hands-down for performance in every category,” said Barry Loftus, head of business intelligence and application development, JD Sports Fashion plc. "The combination of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle OLAP, and Oracle Exadata Database Machine gives us the insight and agility to continue outperforming competitors as we expand our footprint throughout Europe”.

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Tuesday Jan 15, 2013

Oracle Retail Exchange: Daily Review of Activities on Tuesday, 15th January

The Oracle Retail Exchange (REX) began early this morning with a unique store experience at the UGG Australia store at 600 Madison Avenue, New York, part of the Deckers Outdoor business. Delegates heard about the journey Deckers is taking to develop a globally consistent consumer-direct operating model that unifies the customer experience across all touch points, streamlines operations, drives sales and improves profitability. The group learnt how Deckers is using Oracle Retail Point-of-Service, in addition to Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management and Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization.

The second morning of Customer Showcases started with Dimitrios Bairaktaris, General Manager Merchandise and Logistics at Coles, who presented on the Easy Ordering project undertaken to achieve operational efficiencies across Coles' 741 stores across Australia. The implementation of Oracle Retail solutions, which completed last year, has optimised replenishment processes and improved inventory management and availability to deliver more strategic and tactical decisions across the business. Bairaktaris also divulged how Coles has recently leveraged upgrades of Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting and Advanced Inventory Planning, as well as the use of Oracle Exadata to improve analytics and identify further operational efficiencies for the business.

The next Oracle and Customer Showcase session focused on the changing role of Oracle Retail Consulting (OCS) in supporting customer deployments in EMEA, with a focus on the grocery retailer Ahold. Jeremy Spencer, Regional Vice President Consulting, Oracle Retail EMEA led the session, with support from Mario Torres, Head of Delivery, Oracle Retail EMEA Consulting; Andre Weigandt, CEO and Founder, Weigandt Consulting.

The presentation covered the range of service offers provided by Oracle Retail and, with reference to Delivery Ownership engagements, how OCS works with partners, such as Weigandt Consulting, to provide a cost-effective deployment approach combining the strengths of Oracle and the SI community. Marion Marees, Program Manager Retailbox Core, Senior Business Consultant, Ahold IM Europe provided her insight into how OCS has worked with Ahold in Europe to support the design of Ahold’s iBox transformation programme, which recently implemented Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management and Oracle Retail Store Solutions.

A Grocery roundtable enabled our grocery customers and prospects, including Morrisons, Panda and Konzum, to convene for animated discussion on the issues facing one of the most competitive retail sectors and where opportunities for growth and differentiation can be found.

After spending time at the NRF Big Show, or participating in one of several store tour programmes to see further examples of best practice retailing around New York, attendees are now set to come together for an exclusive event at the American Museum of Natural History, where Mike Webster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Retail, will introduce new research entitled “The Evolution of Experience Retailing”.

See the press release for more details on this global research which examines the views of consumers on the global marketplace and what this means in terms of meeting their needs, to help retailers to define their strategies and key business imperatives and enable them to compete more effectively.

Access the research now and understand the results gathered. You can download a range of resources including a comprehensive whitepaper.

Monday Jan 09, 2012

Guide to Oracle Retail Platforms

In this video, Antony Wildey explains the different Oracle Retail hardware platforms designed to run Oracle Retail's industry-leading software: Exadata, Exalogic and Exalytics.

To find out more about Oracle's hardware offerings in the retail space, go to http://www.oracle.com/globalretail

Thursday Jan 05, 2012

What is 'Big Data'?

In this video, Antony Wildey from Oracle Retail explains what Big Data is, and why effective management of data is vital to retailers in gaining actionable insight into how to improve their business. It includes how Oracle can help businesses to use data from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and use sentiment analysis seamlessly to provide insight on product demand.


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