Tuesday Feb 03, 2015

WEBINAR - Feb. 25th: TOMS - Delivering One for One™

We have told you about the wonderful things TOMS are doing before. TOMS is well-known for their One for One™ movement, providing people in need with a pair of TOMS shoes or eye care with every corresponding purchase made.

Now, Hilda Fontana, TOMS' Global Vice President Digital Direct to Consumer Web Development, is presenting a webcast discussing how TOMS plans to deliver its One for One™ initiative to new markets and meet global demand for an expanding product line that is constantly refreshed with new colors and styles.

Over the past 24 months, TOMS has launched Oracle Commerce-driven sites in six countries: the US, UK, Canada, France, the Netherlands and Germany. The Oracle platform helps TOMS personalise the customer experience by delivering relevant content and recommendations to customers, providing faster, easier checkout and a more visual, content-rich shopping experience with integrated ratings and reviews.

Hilda will present the TOMS story in a 30-minute webcast, and will discuss:

  • The impetus for seeking a new Commerce solution
  • The selection process and determining partner of choice
  • Best practices and recommendations based on real-world experience
  • Results of the Oracle Commerce solution including high-level KPIs and future considerations

Make sure you join us on Wednesday, February 25th at the following time:

PT (Los Angeles):      9:00
ET (New York):         12:00
GMT (London):         17:00
CET (Berlin):             18:00


Monday Feb 02, 2015

Australian Pharmacy Chemmart Triples Average Order Size

We love seeing our customers do well. Last week, Australian Chemmart Pharmacy announced it tripled its average order size and has seen a significant increase in the sale of high value items by extending its business online with the Oracle Commerce solution.

Chemmart Pharmacy attributes this incredible increase in sales to customers having access to a wider range of products online as well as a better understanding of each item’s availability. This strikes a perfect chord with the findings of our New Retail Democracy research last year which showed that choice and availability were key consumer concerns.

In order to extend its localised approach, Chemmart Pharmacy developed an innovative, decentralised e-commerce model that allows each pharmacy to manage its online store, including range and pricing of prescription items, ensuring revenue is directed back to each store, rather than head office. This focus on localising the customer experience is resulting in a significant adoption of click and collect: over 40% of their customers chose to fulfil their purchases in this way.

For more information click here.

Chemmart Pharmacy

Tuesday Jan 06, 2015

John Lewis Warns on Black Friday, Highlights Importance of Store

Yesterday in an interview with the BBC, John Lewis managing director Andy Street questioned the benefits of the Black Friday sales frenzy for the UK retail market. The famous US shopping event, which traditionally takes place the day after Thanksgiving, could have a negative effect on the Christmas sales period as well as put retailers’ back end operations, such as online deliveries, under pressure, he says.

Black Friday definitely became ‘a thing’ in the UK this year. On Friday the 27th of November, shoppers across the country pushed their way into stores in pursuit of the hottest deals – some more vigorously than others. Whether this type of sale brings out the best in humanity is an entirely different question - from a retail perspective, the results stood out: John Lewis reported its biggest trading week on record, with sales up 22% on last year.

Sales in the week of Black Friday outpaced the week of trading in the run-up to Christmas for John Lewis. The overall total sales in the five weeks to Christmas fell by 1.4% compared to 2013. Online purchases rose by 19% in comparison with 23% in 2013, suggesting Black Friday did indeed play a role in the fall.

However, these figures in no way suggest that Britons’ shopping habits are shifting away from the high street, as suggested by the Daily Mail. Black Friday highlighted the importance of the store (or how not to behave in one), and Andy Street believes that “the role of the shop is absolutely critical in providing the online sales.” In fact, click-and-collect represented 56% of online sales, overtaking home delivery, and pointing to the significance of the store in both online and offline sales.

The lesson we need to take from these statistics is that the key to driving retail sales lies not in one channel, but in the convergence of all. Andy Street believes having a store presence is key to winning internet customers, as they would often browse products in store before placing an order online. Or, as proven, purchase online but pick up in store. The experience of visiting a store and being able to feel and try products will not go out of fashion, however an increasing number of options and convenience means consumers don’t HAVE to decide on a purchase right away. Commerce anywhere, in our definition, is being able to blur the lines between a consumer’s digital and physical shopping journey.

"My personal hope is that this is the high water mark for Black Friday”, said Andy Street. “I don't think we can put the genie back in the bottle but do we need to stoke that fire anymore? I personally hope not," he added. It will be interesting to see how UK retailers respond to Andy Street’s warning. Already, googling “Black Friday” results in a message from Argos encouraging you to sign up to their email list to make sure you don’t miss out on 2015 Black Friday deals – crafty!

What do you think? Do we need Black Friday in the UK? 

Friday Nov 28, 2014

Black Friday with Very.co.uk

On this Black Friday, while you are all looking for the best deals online or in store, have a look at what it's like to be a Very.co.uk customer! This video explains how the multi-brand digital retailer Shop Direct fulfills the order you may be placing today and gives you a view from both the customer's and HQ team's perspective - starring Shop Direct's very own Head of Ecommerce, Paul Hornby.

Shop Direct and Very.co.uk are powered by Oracle Commerce solutions, which are providing the right insight for the team at HQ to anticipate what the customer wants, and allow them to present relevant products and offer information to customers while they shop. Shop Direct want their customers to feel that their shopping experience is personal to them! 

In order to do so, the Shop Direct team conducts experiments in their UX lab, rapidly testing and evaluating different methods of improving and personalising their customers’ online shopping experience. Their consistent effort to improve user experience enables shoppers to browse the online retailer’s huge product ranges with ease, selecting, purchasing and arranging delivery of their perfect product.

Happy shopping everyone!

Tuesday Nov 19, 2013

TOMS Uses Oracle Commerce to Drive International Expansion Strategy

TOMS is well-known for their One for One™ movement, providing people in need with a pair of TOMS shoes or eye care with every corresponding purchase made. The brand features numerous styles and colors in footwear, and has seen increasing popularity amongst consumers worldwide, both online and in stores.

To support its rapid business growth and international expansion, TOMS is using Oracle Commerce to personalize its online customer experience by delivering relevant content and recommendations to customers, providing a faster, easier checkout and a more visual, content-rich shopping experience with integrated ratings and reviews.

TOMS required the agile, scalable B2C eCommerce environment provided by Oracle Commerce, as it forms a vital part of its strategic initiative to deliver the One for One™ message to new markets and supports global demand for an ever expanding product line. The brand also benefits from the use of the Oracle Commerce integrated translation features, which has automated the translation process and simplified expansion into new markets dramatically.

Read the full press release: TOMS Drives International Expansion with Oracle Commerce

Tuesday Oct 29, 2013

Saudi Arabian Retail Distribution Business Ajlan & Bros Selects Oracle Commerce

Ajlan & Bros has selected Oracle Commerce in a bid to improve its customer engagement capabilities and drive its expansion plans. The large Middle Eastern retail distribution business, which specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of clothing across the Middle East, is seeking to expand its operations, which consist of a distribution network of more than 7,000 points of sale and represent more than 15 international brands. The business is aiming to build brand awareness globally with an interest in the European and American markets.

Choosing Oracle Commerce will provide Ajlan & Bros with the capability to optimize each customer engagement, which will help to increase cross-channel promotion and improve a unified online, mobile and social experience for customers. The company will be able to leverage Oracle Commerce’s advanced marketing and personalization capabilities, with enhanced integrated search and content management functionality across its channels.

The selection of Oracle Commerce followed an extensive evaluation of competitor solutions, with Oracle selected due to the solutions strong capabilities in cross-channel ecommerce and customer experience management, as well as a solid track record of maintaining best practice.

Press release: Ajlan & Bros Selects Oracle Commerce to Support Expansion Strategy

Friday Oct 11, 2013

French Retailer Groupe ÉRAM to Expand and Accelerate Online Business with Oracle Commerce

Groupe ÉRAM has chosen Oracle Commerce to support its initiative of creating a multi-site ecommerce platform for its shoes and apparel brands. With 1,650 stores across brands such as Eram and GEMO, Groupe ÉRAM wants to extend its operations through a next level ecommerce strategy.

By selecting Oracle Commerce, the retailer will be able to take advantage of a single platform to operate multiple integrated commerce sites. Groupe ÉRAM will roll out Oracle Commerce across 7 brands, ahead of a wider deployment, creating new ecommerce opportunities for some brands and replacing legacy open source solutions for others, which have lacked the scalability, flexibility and functionality necessary to support the group’s ecommerce ambitions.

The deployment of Oracle Commerce will help Groupe ÉRAM deliver a Commerce Anywhere customer experience through a personalized, relevant and connected interaction. The retailer will be able to promote more targeted offers to drive cross- and up-sell opportunities and improve conversion rates, while the single platform will help to keep the costs in check.

Press release: Groupe ERAM to Expand and Accelerate Online Business with Oracle Commerce

Monday Jun 17, 2013

Quiz: Customers Are Looking for More... Are You Delivering?

Delivering a positive online customer experience is more critical today than ever before. With the marketplace becoming more global, consumers now have the power to shop from a wider range of retailers.

A disappointing web experience can seriously harm your business: The Oracle Retail research - The Evolution of Experience Retailing – showed that consumers are not tolerant of retailers who fail to meet their expectations. Only 39% of survey respondents were willing to give a retailer a second chance and over half (53%) switched to a rival retailer straight away.

Given these findings, retailers are having to re-consider how they conduct their business on the web. The customer experience is now defined by the consumer - but are retailers recognising this?

To help you understand whether your website is truly optimised, Oracle Retail has launched an interactive quiz, which looks at whether your site is making use of the top 10 features that increase attraction, decrease bounce, and ultimately drive customer conversion.

Complete the quiz and gain insight into what improvements you can make to provide a more successful customer experience.

Take the quiz now…

Tuesday Jun 19, 2012

Interview with Koen Aben, Supply Chain Director of WE Fashion

We recently spoke to Koen Aben, the Supply Chain Director of WE Fashion, who gave us some insight into how Oracle supported the international fashion retailer through the completion of a large scale integration project across its 340 European stores. Koen explains the reasoning behind the project which was to create a common retail foundation and to integrate and align working processes to drive insight and enable continued growth. It is always good to hear from someone of Koen’s experience who can articulate the benefits of partnering with the right company for such an extensive project as this.

Koen explains that a crucial element of such a project is to unify business applications into a common platform, adding that for successful growth, retailers really need to achieve enterprise-wide alignment. At the start of the three year project, WE Fashion’s application platform was fragmented impacting the company’s ability to support sustained growth. In light of this, WE Fashion invested in its processes, systems, teams and partnerships to build the needed retail foundation. Now after successfully completing the project, the basis is in place to ensure that growth is unimpeded.

In the video, Koen Aben highlights some of the factors necessary for the success of the project as:

  • Having an understanding that the process of creating a growth platform for a company is a long journey
  • Accepting that during a lengthy project such as this, there will be high and low points experienced within the project team and the business, but that the relationship with your partners is crucial to the success of the project.
  • Having the correct team in place will prove to be the “lynch –pin” of any successful project

Oracle supported Koen and his team in implementing this project, and is recognised for the role it played during this development in partnership with the company. On his experience with working with the Oracle team, Koen points out that in the critical situations, Oracle was there to ensure that the right people were in place whenever needed and this was key to ensuring the project’s success. Since Oracle is one of the few providers that can offer an enterprise-wide retail platform, our best practice approach is key to connecting interactions throughout the business to enable insight and optimise operations.

This is a great example of a large scale international retail project, where the true success of its completion is reflected in how proud the company is about what has been achieved, and the fact that results are already being seen.


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