Monday Sep 01, 2014

Commerce Anywhere: Meaningful Interactions With Consumers

What is Commerce Anywhere really? And more importantly, how do you implement true Commerce Anywhere in your retail business? 

Today's retailers need to blur the lines between their physical and digital presence and support modern shoppers by offering insights that transcend shopping channels. 

The first in our series of video scribes - Commerce Anywhere: Meaningful Interactions With Consumers - takes you through the retail journey of today's consumer. Learn what you as a retailer need to consider if you want to offer your customer the best experience possible, and why it is so important to make sure your systems are aligned so your customer's experience is seamless.

Monday Aug 18, 2014

New Quiz! Is Your Business Set Up For Commerce Anywhere?

We have a fun new quiz available that allows you to test whether your retail business truly delivers commerce anywhere!

(How do we define commerce anywhere, you ask? Have a look!)

The quiz assesses how your retail business is set up across the four pillars we believe are essential in providing your customers the shopping experience they require. It will allow you to understand how you need to align your systems in order to succeed at commerce anywhere.

A few questions we ask: Do you individualize the shopping experience for each customer? Do you empower your business users with the right tools and insight, so they in turn can serve your customers better? Is your platform flexible and does it, for example, support both B2C and B2B business models from a single solution?

Take the quiz now and find out!

Thursday Feb 06, 2014

New Video Case Study: Oracle & M.Video – Working Together to Create a Seamless Customer Experience

M.Video is a leading Russian retailer of consumer electronics, with 280 stores across 120 cities in Russia. The company retails over 20,000 products and accessories and is known for its outstanding customer service level. M.Video is the first and only publicly traded company in its sector.

In the below video, M.Video CIO Chris Mangham outlines how Oracle Retail has supported the company during a period of growth and development in offering a Commerce Anywhere experience to its customers, allowing interaction across multiple channels. Mangham discusses the situation that led M.Video to upgrade its IT infrastructure and the reasons why Oracle was chosen as an ideal partner to support the business' growth.

Wednesday Aug 07, 2013

Latin American Retail Conglomerate Falabella Improves Customer Experience with ATG Web Commerce

Chilean multinational retailer Falabella leverages Oracle’s ATG Web Commerce solution on its e-commerce sites in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia, as well as their Sodimac brand in Chile.

“There are very few e-commerce resources in Latin America,” says Julius Odian, Vice President of Development at Falabella. The company faced challenges with its previous platform, which he describes as “ancient”.

ATG Web Commerce enabled Falabella to expand into new markets, such as Peru and Colombia. Odian also stresses the importance of having Oracle as a partner in the region.


“ATG provides us with a modern e-commerce platform,” says Odian. The solution allowed Falabella to improve the customer experience for shoppers online – simplifying the checkout process and adding functionality such as the one-click checkout.

Falabella now has flexibility around promotions and the ability to scale with the growth of the company, Odian says. Additionally, the company has improved its communication around shipping, and for the first time is able to communicate precise shipping arrival times.


In the below video, Julius Odian describes the benefits ATG Web Commerce has brought to Falabella's e-commerce operations.

This video can also be viewed at the Oracle Media Network.

Monday Jul 15, 2013

UK’s River Island Selects Oracle Retail Planning

River Island, a leading UK-based fashion retailer, has selected Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization solutions to support its strategy for Commerce Anywhere and international expansion.

River Island will use Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning, Oracle Retail Assortment Planning and Oracle Retail Item Planning to establish more consistent and accurate planning processes that manage its current and future planning and life-cycle requirements.

River Island, which has a global portfolio of over 300 stores with multiple web, franchise and wholesale operations wanted to improve planning across all channels to better support its growing business.

By capitalizing on Commerce Anywhere and cross-organizational collaboration capabilities, River Island expects to better understand merchandise performance throughout the business, using this insight to drive more profitable inventory investment decisions and improve the customer experience.

With a consolidated view of planning, River Island can reconcile all merchandise, financial, item and assortment plans to business targets, improve accuracy and optimize in-season inventory, sales and margin performance, including exception management.

River Island has recognised Oracle Retail solutions as being highly flexible and scalable, and as built on deep fashion retail expertise. Oracle Retail solutions support the needs of River Island’s growing Commerce Anywhere international fashion retail business across its various operational models.

The press release announcing this news can be found on the Oracle website.

Monday Jun 17, 2013

Quiz: Customers Are Looking for More... Are You Delivering?

Delivering a positive online customer experience is more critical today than ever before. With the marketplace becoming more global, consumers now have the power to shop from a wider range of retailers.

A disappointing web experience can seriously harm your business: The Oracle Retail research - The Evolution of Experience Retailing – showed that consumers are not tolerant of retailers who fail to meet their expectations. Only 39% of survey respondents were willing to give a retailer a second chance and over half (53%) switched to a rival retailer straight away.

Given these findings, retailers are having to re-consider how they conduct their business on the web. The customer experience is now defined by the consumer - but are retailers recognising this?

To help you understand whether your website is truly optimised, Oracle Retail has launched an interactive quiz, which looks at whether your site is making use of the top 10 features that increase attraction, decrease bounce, and ultimately drive customer conversion.

Complete the quiz and gain insight into what improvements you can make to provide a more successful customer experience.

Take the quiz now…


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