Friday Dec 13, 2013

Kamal Osman Jamjoom: A Journey to Enable Growth

At Oracle Retail CrossTalk in Chicago in June, Thameem Rizvon, IT Director of KOJ Group, talked about how the company’s IT strategy enables this Middle East retail powerhouse to have double-digit growth each year.

Access the presentation to learn how the alignment between KOJ IT, KOJ business, and Oracle has resulted in rapid implementations, minimal customizations, and smooth change management. Because IT projects implemented at KOJ have the added complexity of being multilingual, an even closer alignment with business users is necessary.

In 2006, the KOJ Group had about 280 stores with 50 IT staff. Today, it has more than 650 stores and runs stable IT operations with just 32 IT staff. The presentation also included details on how KOJ Group rolled out Oracle Retail Point-of-Service and Oracle Retail Stores Inventory Management in over 625 stores in six countries in just 90 days.

Through the years, the KOJ Group has implemented a variety of Oracle hardware and software solutions including Oracle Retail Merchandising System, Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System, Oracle Retail Business Intelligence, Oracle Retail Application Server, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle Fusion Performance Management.

Access the presentation here.

Thursday Aug 08, 2013

IDC Retail Insights Reviews Oracle CrossTalk 2013: “Most Comprehensive Set of Products for Retailers”

Worldwide advisory services and market research firm IDC Retail Insights released a perspective report on Oracle Retail’s premier event CrossTalk, which this year took place from June 25th to 27th in Chicago. The annual event is invitation-only and targets top business and IT executives from leading cross-channel, specialty, grocery, hardline, department and discount stores from around the world. CrossTalk highlights success stories from leading retail customers, who share key strategies and best practices that have transformed the industry.

Clear vision

The IDC Retail Insights article discusses the clear presentation of Oracle Retail’s Commerce Anywhere vision delivered in CrossTalk’s keynote – which articulated how the retail portfolio, a mixture of borrowed (from the broader Oracle portfolio), bought, and built products – came together to deliver actionable insight, optimized operations, and connected interactions to a retail industry in the midst of a historic transformation to omnichannel customer experiences.

Most comprehensive set of products

“Oracle may have the most comprehensive set of products for retailers today”, writes Robert Parker, Group Vice President at IDC Retail Insights. “That breadth gives Oracle two value propositions: as a vendor of best-of-breed technologies (e.g., in narrow e-commerce, core merchandise, item planning, inventory optimization, replenishment, and allocation projects) and as a platform for major transformations by leveraging the whole product set, including back-office capabilities.”

R&D budget strength

Oracle Retail executives at the event stated that Oracle Retail enjoys a healthy amount of the Oracle R&D budget, more than the revenue of some of their best-of breed competition. “Oracle understands the importance of lowering integration costs but not at the risk of becoming a monolithic platform unable to compete on smaller-scope commerce or retail analytic projects,” writes Parker.

For access to the full document, click here.

Wednesday Jul 13, 2011

The Oracle Retail CrossTalk Experience

On June 24-26, Oracle hosted over 200 executive attendees from 95 retail organisations at Oracle Retail CrossTalk in Washington DC, bringing together Oracle’s retail customers, partners and other retail organisations to share insights into improving the performance of their organisations. This year’s event was a truly global experience with retailers China, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa, Europe, Latin America and the US gathered to hear an agenda packed with keynotes, breakout sessions, and discussion groups, supported by Oracle product roadmap and strategy sessions.

Presentation at CrossTalk 2011

What makes CrossTalk so valuable for those attending is that the agenda is led by retailers. We saw 35 customer speakers discuss their businesses, detailing challenges faced and how they have engineered their businesses for success using Oracle. From electrical giant Best Buy, to the UK’s fourth largest grocer Morrisons, to China’s fastest growing pharmacy chain SinoPharm Pharmacy, to Canada’s largest womenswear brand Reitmans, each speaker shared valuable knowledge and best practice on strategy, benefits and implementation strategies to help the audience understand how to better leverage their investments in Oracle solutions.

The key themes that came through in many of the presentations explored the different ways in which organisations are placing the customer experience at the heart of their businesses and the importance of technology in helping retailers to develop, plan and execute strategies that meet expectations and drive experiences unconstrained by channel limitations.

Retailers take many different approaches to growing their businesses – SinoPharm discussed their acquisition strategy; Euroset communicated their pricing strategy; Dinosol spoke of reinventing their supply chain; Belk shared top-down strategy to transforming the entire business – but ultimately, each retailer shares the same goal - delivering an experience to their customers to drive business across their channels and influence loyalty.

It became clear in the presentations, that by working to align their operations and integrating previously siloed functions, retailers can transcend individual channels into a more connected experience that meets expectations and needs.

I shall be looking to explore these themes in more detail over the next few months within this blog and also at the Oracle Retail Customer Forum in Berlin on October 4-5, where delving into the customer experience theme, and exploring with European retailers how they can gain actionable insight, optimise their operations and  connect all their customer interactions to create a connected customer experience. For more information on the Oracle Retail Industry Forum, please click here.

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