Wednesday Oct 29, 2014

Commerce Anywhere Video Scribe Series – Two More Added!

We have added two more video scribes to our Commerce Anywhere series - now available to view are our videos on Category Management and Supply Chain! 

Commerce Anywhere: Making The Right Assortment Decisions with Advanced Retail Science details the importance of assortment in regards to consumers' decisions on where to shop. Retailers need to be able to cater for the broad selection of products consumers demand - however be able to identify the best items to hold on to or discontinue when reviewing stock. 

Commerce Anywhere: Meet Customers' Flexible Fulfilment Needs highlights the importance of delivering a seamless experience for customers, allowing them to engage with retailers at the touchpoints that they find convenient. As Amazon announce the introduction of same-day delivery, retailers need to examine how they fulfil shoppers' orders.

Monday Sep 08, 2014

Commerce Anywhere: Cross-Channel Merchandising Supports Consumer Journeys

The second video scribe in our Commerce Anywhere series is now live!

Commerce Anywhere: Cross-Channel Merchandising Supports Consumer Journeys explains why merchandise operations management (MOM) is the foundation for commerce anywhere. MOM manages retail operations from start to finish, or in other words: from foundation management to financial control.

Today’s consumers no longer think in terms of individual channels and isolated interactions – they think in terms of their experience with the brand. Retailers need a global, cross-channel merchandising system that supports their unique business and the individual journeys of their customers – giving them access to endless aisles.

Monday Sep 01, 2014

Commerce Anywhere: Meaningful Interactions With Consumers

What is Commerce Anywhere really? And more importantly, how do you implement true Commerce Anywhere in your retail business? 

Today's retailers need to blur the lines between their physical and digital presence and support modern shoppers by offering insights that transcend shopping channels. 

The first in our series of video scribes - Commerce Anywhere: Meaningful Interactions With Consumers - takes you through the retail journey of today's consumer. Learn what you as a retailer need to consider if you want to offer your customer the best experience possible, and why it is so important to make sure your systems are aligned so your customer's experience is seamless.

Monday Aug 18, 2014

New Quiz! Is Your Business Set Up For Commerce Anywhere?

We have a fun new quiz available that allows you to test whether your retail business truly delivers commerce anywhere!

(How do we define commerce anywhere, you ask? Have a look!)

The quiz assesses how your retail business is set up across the four pillars we believe are essential in providing your customers the shopping experience they require. It will allow you to understand how you need to align your systems in order to succeed at commerce anywhere.

A few questions we ask: Do you individualize the shopping experience for each customer? Do you empower your business users with the right tools and insight, so they in turn can serve your customers better? Is your platform flexible and does it, for example, support both B2C and B2B business models from a single solution?

Take the quiz now and find out!

Monday May 12, 2014

The Oracle Retail Reference Library, by David Dorf

In order to aid the implementation process, Oracle offers access to the Oracle Retail Reference Library, a collection of detailed implementation information for partners and customers, which includes business process models, architectural diagrams and other useful resources.

Key benefits are:

  • Helping IT and business users collaborate better
  • Maximisation of the value derived from Oracle’s products
  • Accelerated implementations

At the NRF BIG Show in New York in January 2014, David Dorf, Senior Director of Technology Solution Management, discussed the three components of the Retail Reference Library and how it benefits retailers in their implementations.

Access a data sheet on the Retail Reference Library here.

For more from David Dorf, read his “Commerce Anywhere” blog.

Tuesday Feb 11, 2014

ORIF Europe 2013 Presentation Video: Frank Lord, Oracle Retail

Frank Lord, Vice President at Oracle Retail, presented ‘Enabling Commerce Anywhere’ at the Oracle Retail Industry Forum 2013 in London. The modern consumer wants to shop any time and any place, through multiple channels, and retailers need to facilitate this to offer the customer experience that is being demanded.

In his session, Frank Lord reviewed current market trends, looking at expected future growth and what this means for retailers. He then discussed requirements for the delivery of Commerce Anywhere in terms of the technology solutions retailers have in place, and how these must work as one through real-time integration to provide a seamless customer experience.

The session closed with a look at Oracle commitment to innovation, demonstrated recently by the launch of Oracle Retail 14, which was announced at the NRF Big Show in New York, in January.

Monday Jan 13, 2014

Oracle Retail Exchange 2014 Kicks Off in New York

94 retailers from 17 countries, reaching as far as Japan, Australia and the Middle East, have gathered in New York to kick off the 2014 Oracle Retail Exchange at the Hudson Hotel – making this a truly global event. Delegates are coming together to network from their industry peers, and hear how Oracle is supporting retailers to develop their business across the world.

We also have exciting news to share: Mike Webster, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Oracle Retail, is welcoming delegates this evening and introducing Oracle Retail Version 14 – Oracle’s largest ever release of solutions designed to facilitate the provision of Commerce Anywhere.

Consumers are now asking for a customer experience that allows them to purchase anytime, anyplace and through any channel. To respond to this challenge, retailers are working to remove the lines between channels making inventory readily available at the right time and the right place.

Oracle Retail Version 14 supports retailers in providing the Commerce Anywhere environment demanded by the modern consumer.

To learn more about the Oracle Retail Version 14 release, please visit or read the press release available here.

Wednesday Nov 20, 2013

Showroom Your Way

We have come a long way from the 2008 Oxford English Word of the year “credit crunch” and last year’s “omni-shambles”. While “selfie” was crowned the 2013 winner yesterday, “showrooming” was a top contender.

This represents changing consumer behaviour and the role of technology in our retail experience.

Showrooming is a new shopping behaviour. 2013 is the year where a more confident, connected consumer is placing him or herself at the heart of the retail machine. People who may once have been considered “window shoppers” are now, armed with their smart phone, making the journey to the stores to look at goods while researching best prices online. Some retailers might view this as a problem, but it’s not something to fear.

Having confident consumers empowered by information on price and availability will require a re-engineering of some retail businesses. But an empowered, confident consumer operating across all retail channels is a better problem to have than a credit crunch. For retailers, this means showrooming your products your way, using the best available science to build your business in a confident way.

A Mobile Social Connected Experience

The selfie “trend” signals the strength of social media and technology in society and its mainstream prevalence.

2013 is the year that worldwide sales of smartphones exceeded those of regular phones. As of July 18, 2013, 90 percent of global handset sales are attributed to the purchase of Android and iPhone smartphones.

Taking selfies and showrooming are now entirely mainstream activities. According to a new eMarketer report, “Worldwide Social Network Users: 2013 Forecast and Comparative Estimates,” nearly one in four people worldwide will use social networks in 2013. The number of social network users around the world will rise from 1.47 billion in 2012 to 1.73 billion this year, an 18% increase. By 2017, the global social network audience will total 2.55 billion.

So what do retailers need to know about showrooming?

1. Enable and provide Commerce Anywhere

You need a digitally integrated marketing and delivery strategy. Once a consumer is engaged in showrooming they are engaged with your channel and you can only delight them. Innovations like click and collect are becoming standard – the next phase will be about delivering Commerce Anywhere, supporting every permutation of a customer journey, in real time.

2. Focus on cross channel availability

It is right to focus on price when your customer is focused on price. However, availability is just as important when it comes to showrooming. Offering reliable inventory availability across multi-channels in real time is something few retailers can offer yet because it challenges the integration of the channels and the systems. To benefit from showrooming you need to be opening up accurate inventory information to the shopper 24/7. This is something you need to get right as no customer will forgive an “omni shambles”. If you say an item is available now – it needs to be available for the customer now.

3. Assume every individual shopper carries their individual internet in their pocket

Your customer wants as much information about the product as is available. Jumping onto a mobile devices is reassuring, when we want to see my internet, my social media streams, my personalised experience. Once a customer is engaged across channels you can be strengthening their decision making using powerful science. We help people to build consumer decision trees, capitalise on search data and get the right product placement for the individual.

4. Differentiate the offer

If your in-store team are as wise as the internet, you can engage with customers in new and differentiated ways.

Today’s consumer needs Commerce Anywhere - you have to embrace the digital channels that are available on mobile devices. Retailers now need to deliver what the modern customer expects through powerful science, systems and social experiences.

Showroom your way, show your customers the best ways to engage with your brand and you will be heading for success.

Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

Argos announce ‘click and collect’ collaboration with eBay

UK retailer Argos has today announced their collaboration with eBay, the online marketplace with a global customer base of 233 million (18 million in the UK), in providing a ‘click and collect’ service to eBay customers. The agreement means that around 50 eBay merchants will allow customers to purchase goods on eBay, and collect their products at one of 150 UK Argos stores.

This news reflects the ongoing push in the industry to provide Commerce Anywhere to consumers, who wish to shop at a time and via a method that is ‘good for them’, having products delivered when and where they choose. Whilst eBay merchants have traditionally offered home delivery, the tie-up with Argos will allow the e-commerce company to offer an alternative, tackling issues of consumers not being at the delivery location when an item arrives.

‘Click and collect’ is a growing trend, with an increasing number of retailers now offering the delivery mechanism. Consumers are able to select a location that is close to them, and collect the item at a time that is convenient. Growth in such services is a result of the increasing range of fulfilment options for consumers, with retailers looking to deliver a customer experience that is ‘good for me’.

The deal between eBay and Argos is for an initial six month pilot period.

Monday Sep 23, 2013

European Fashion Retailer ERAM to Join ORIF Europe Speaker Programme

Marie-Aurore Canton, Head of Customer Marketing and Digital at Groupe ERAM will be joining the speaker programme for ORIF Europe 2013, adding to an agenda featuring speakers from GDR Creative Intelligence, Wm. Morrisons and Mr Price Group.

Delegates at ORIF Europe will hear her presentation on 'Building an omni-channel platform for Fashion'. Marie-Aurore will introduce the 1.7 billion Euros French retailing group's next level e-commerce strategy, which will deliver personalised, relevant and connected experiences to its multi-channel customers.

Groupe ERAM is a major European fashion retailer with brands focused on clothing and footwear for men, women and children. It owns and operates three footwear manufacturing sites in France and distributes its products via stores and brands including Gémo, Eram, Tati, Texto, TBS, Heyraud, Mellow Yellow, France Arno, Bocage, Fabio Lucci and Giga Store. The group has 1575 shops and an online presence. It employs 12,000 people and owns more than 170,000 square meters of storage space.

ORIF is aimed at over 150 retail and e-commerce delegates and addresses the current challenges facing modern retailers across Europe. The event will focus on The Evolution of Experience Retailing and Commerce Anywhere.

For details of the event, and to register for the conference program, including an exclusive visit to the John Lewis Oxford Street store, please visit the ORIF Europe website.

Thursday Aug 08, 2013

IDC Retail Insights Reviews Oracle CrossTalk 2013: “Most Comprehensive Set of Products for Retailers”

Worldwide advisory services and market research firm IDC Retail Insights released a perspective report on Oracle Retail’s premier event CrossTalk, which this year took place from June 25th to 27th in Chicago. The annual event is invitation-only and targets top business and IT executives from leading cross-channel, specialty, grocery, hardline, department and discount stores from around the world. CrossTalk highlights success stories from leading retail customers, who share key strategies and best practices that have transformed the industry.

Clear vision

The IDC Retail Insights article discusses the clear presentation of Oracle Retail’s Commerce Anywhere vision delivered in CrossTalk’s keynote – which articulated how the retail portfolio, a mixture of borrowed (from the broader Oracle portfolio), bought, and built products – came together to deliver actionable insight, optimized operations, and connected interactions to a retail industry in the midst of a historic transformation to omnichannel customer experiences.

Most comprehensive set of products

“Oracle may have the most comprehensive set of products for retailers today”, writes Robert Parker, Group Vice President at IDC Retail Insights. “That breadth gives Oracle two value propositions: as a vendor of best-of-breed technologies (e.g., in narrow e-commerce, core merchandise, item planning, inventory optimization, replenishment, and allocation projects) and as a platform for major transformations by leveraging the whole product set, including back-office capabilities.”

R&D budget strength

Oracle Retail executives at the event stated that Oracle Retail enjoys a healthy amount of the Oracle R&D budget, more than the revenue of some of their best-of breed competition. “Oracle understands the importance of lowering integration costs but not at the risk of becoming a monolithic platform unable to compete on smaller-scope commerce or retail analytic projects,” writes Parker.

For access to the full document, click here.

Monday Jul 29, 2013

Morrisons Joins Speaker Programme at Oracle Retail Industry Forum Europe

Following the recent ORIF 2013 speaker announcement of Kate Ancketill, CEO and Founder of GDR Creative Intelligence, we are delighted to announce that John Elliott, Head of Applications and Development at Wm. Morrisons Supermarkets, has also been confirmed as an event speaker.

Morrisons is the 4th largest grocery retailer in the UK, with annual sales in excess of £18bn. John Elliot leads a team of over 100 who run and maintain systems that support Morrisons Stores, Commercial, Supply Chain and Logistics functions.

The Oracle Retail Industry Forum (ORIF) Europe 2013 addresses the current challenges facing retailers across Europe, with a focus on the Evolution of Experience Retailing and Commerce Anywhere.

The event provides Oracle Retail customers and prospects with the opportunity to connect with peers and Oracle solutions experts in an informative networking environment, and will explore how Oracle can support retailers in tackling modern challenges with more effective and integrated business processes and connected consumer interactions.

To find out more and register, please visit the ORIF Europe website.

A video entitled “Retail Showcase: Morrisons”, which looks at Morrisons use of Oracle Retail solutions across the organisations’ end-to-end supply chain, is available on the Oracle Media Network.

Monday Jul 15, 2013

UK’s River Island Selects Oracle Retail Planning

River Island, a leading UK-based fashion retailer, has selected Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization solutions to support its strategy for Commerce Anywhere and international expansion.

River Island will use Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning, Oracle Retail Assortment Planning and Oracle Retail Item Planning to establish more consistent and accurate planning processes that manage its current and future planning and life-cycle requirements.

River Island, which has a global portfolio of over 300 stores with multiple web, franchise and wholesale operations wanted to improve planning across all channels to better support its growing business.

By capitalizing on Commerce Anywhere and cross-organizational collaboration capabilities, River Island expects to better understand merchandise performance throughout the business, using this insight to drive more profitable inventory investment decisions and improve the customer experience.

With a consolidated view of planning, River Island can reconcile all merchandise, financial, item and assortment plans to business targets, improve accuracy and optimize in-season inventory, sales and margin performance, including exception management.

River Island has recognised Oracle Retail solutions as being highly flexible and scalable, and as built on deep fashion retail expertise. Oracle Retail solutions support the needs of River Island’s growing Commerce Anywhere international fashion retail business across its various operational models.

The press release announcing this news can be found on the Oracle website.


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